BMW to release new drive options for the i5 & iX2

From March, BMW will be offering an additional drive variant for both the all-electric i5 and iX2 models. In the case of the i5, this is the new i5 xDrive40 with all-wheel drive, while the iX2 range will be supplemented by a front-wheel drive model.

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The i5 was launched last October with a 250 kW rear-wheel drive model called the i5 eDrive40 and a powerful all-wheel drive model (442 kW) as the i5 M60 xDrive. The i5 eDrive40 costs at least 70,200 euros, while the M60 is listed at a five-digit price of 99,500 euros in its native Germany.

The new i5 xDrive40, which is already listed in the BMW configurator, is more in line with the familiar base model in terms of price and performance, but is slightly higher in both cases. The all-wheel drive model with one engine on the front axle and one on the rear axle will mobilise a system output of up to 290 kW, with a maximum torque of 590 Nm. This drive variant starts at 75,600 euros.

Unsurprisingly, the third all-electric model variant of the 5 Series saloon uses the same type of battery as the two familiar versions. The net energy content is 81.2 kWh, which should provide a WLTP range of 463 to 538 kilometres, depending on the equipment. The DC charging capacity here is also 205 kW at the peak. An 11 kW onboard charger is installed ex works for AC charging, with 22 kW also available as an option.

BMW also announced a new basic version of the iX2 for March. The new iX2 eDrive20 comes as little surprise, as BMW also launched its sister model, the iX1, with the xDrive30 all-wheel drive and later added the front-wheel drive iX1 eDrive20. In the case of the iX2, the eDrive20 is 7,100 euros cheaper than the all-wheel drive model, starting at 49,400 euros in the configurator. This means that the price difference is the same as for the iX1.

In terms of technology, there are no differences between the new iX2 derivative and the front-wheel drive iX1: The electric motor on the front axle – a current-excited synchronous machine, as is currently standard at BMW – delivers 150 kW and is supplied by a battery with a usable energy content of 64.78 kWh. The battery can be charged at DC charging points with up to 130 kW – just like the all-wheel drive model. An 11 kW charger for AC charging is also installed here ex works, with 22 kW also available as an option – which would charge the iX2’s battery in around three hours. According to BMW, the range of the iX2 eDrive20 is 439 to 478 kilometres according to the WLTP. The 230 kW all-wheel drive vehicle has a maximum range of 449 kilometres.

BMW is also adding additional paint options for both models for spring 2024. For the i5, these are the BMW Individual Frozen Portimao Blue metallic and BMW Individual Malachite Green metallic variants. The Frozen Black metallic variant will be available for the iX2 from March. There are also updates in the area of digital services: “These include more convenient use of the Siri voice assistant when integrating the Apple iPhone in vehicles equipped with BMW Operating System 9 and an optimised display of charging station ratings for fully electric and plug-in hybrid models from BMW,” says the manufacturer.


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