Ford Pro sells 1,000 Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning trucks

Ecolab wants to convert its North American fleet to EVs by 2030. The water and hygiene services provider relies on Ford Pro and has ordered over a thousand top-of-the-line models from the carmaker's commercial division.

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Ford Pro says it received orders for more than 1,000 units of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck and Mustang Mach-E cars from Ecolab. The company specialises in water treatment and cleaning services. The new fleet will serve in California for Ecolab’s sales and services divisions.

Ford Pro will also provide charging and telematics software. The division launched Ford Pro Charging to manage commercial EV fleets in late 2021 after acquiring specialists Electriphi. Nowadays, the software manages multiple charges, tracks vehicle performance and provides fleet managers with insights into consumption, charge speed and remaining range to optimize the total cost of ownership and maximise the use.

Ford Pro estimates that Ecolab could save roughly 50% in annual fuel costs per F-150 Lightning Pro truck, approximately $1,400 per vehicle per year. Ecolab also expects that it can lower overall costs, with internal financial models forecasting a lower TCO over the life of the cars compared to ICE vehicles.

It is also not the first time the companies have collaborated. The business relationship started in 1925 when Ecolab helped reduce and reuse water in Ford manufacturing plants. Today, Ecolab has over 10,000 light-duty vehicles in its North American fleet, 95% of which are Ford vehicles.

The company called the move to electrify one-tenth of the fleet a crucial step in achieving net-zero emissions globally by 2050.  

“Ford and Ecolab have worked closely for almost 100 years, from water conservation at Ford now to electrification at Ecolab,” said Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis. “Together, we’re showing that sustainability is good for the bottom line and the environment.”

Christophe Beck, chairman and CEO of Ecolab, added, “This next phase of our relationship (with Ford) will help us move quickly and at scale with the goal of improving profits through renewable energy and EV solutions for the betterment of our employees, business and the environment.” 

On a side note – the order is also significant for Ford in the current market environment. The carmaker cut F-150 Lightning production in Dearborn last week and will run only one shift from April, down from three. Ford still expects further growth in global electric car sales in 2024 – “albeit less than expected”.

Ecolab and Ford Pro have not disclosed the value of the transaction. Both are eager to create one of the largest all-electric sales and service fleet in California.,


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