Yana Fayer appointed Electrify America CFO

Electrify America announced the appointment of Yana Fayer to the position of chief financial officer. Fayer has over 15 years of finance and accounting experience across energy, asset management, retail, and construction industries.

Image: Electrify America

In the new role of chief financial officer (CFO) of Electrify America, Yana Fayer will lead all financial activities in support of strategic business growth and fiscal responsibility for the charging infrastructure subsidiary of Volkswagen in North America, and its subsidiaries.

Last year in July, Giovanni Palazzo, the former CEO of Electrify America, left the position to take charge of the Volkswagen Group’s global charging infrastructure and energy business. Palazzo was suceeded by Robert Barrosa.

“We are excited to have Yana join Electrify America as we continue to advance within a fast-paced and dynamic industry,” said Robert Barrosa, president and CEO, Electrify America. “Her financial expertise and extensive forecasting and analysis background will further enhance Electrify America’s future growth and evolution.”

Fayer previously held the position of vice president of finance at CPower Energy Management where she oversaw all financial operations of the company. Before this position, the executive manager held audit and advisory related positions with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and SC&H Group.

“I am thrilled to join Electrify America during this historic shift to zero-emissions transportation,” said Fayer, chief financial officer, Electrify America. “I look forward to contributing to Electrify America’s strategic vision, as well as the broader electric vehicle industry transformation.”

With its partners, Volkswagen intends to establish more than 43,000 fast charging points in Europe, China and North America by 2025. In North America alone, the fast-charging network under the direction of Electrify America is to double to 8,000 charging points by the same year.


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David Giles
03.02.2024 um 17:37
Her number one priority needs to be to fix the horrendous reliability of EA DC fast chargers!

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