ev.energy secures multi-million-dollar grant in California

Charging software provider ev.energy announced that it has secured a 41 million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission. The goal is to create a "dynamic EV virtual power plant (VPP)."

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According to ev.energy, it will kick off the first phase of its “ChargeWise programme” in cooperation with a number of select California utilities and Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs). These include MCE, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Peninsula Clean Energy, and Southern California Edison. They will sign on thousands of EV drivers for the VPP. The second phase will begin later this year and will include 275,000 EV drivers, equivalent to five per cent of California’s fleet.

“Ultimately, the impact of this award will be that EV drivers will get access to affordable charging, and the grid will become more reliable and able to integrate renewable energy sources,” the company states in its press release.

“California’s ChargeWise program will create a global blueprint for how public and private partnerships can augment these much-needed solutions and address the inequity of affordable access to EV charging,” said ev.energy CEO and founder Nick Woolley. “As we move towards an electrified world, it’s critical for underserved communities to have joint participation in the clean energy transition.”

The grant is part of the “Responsive, Easy Charging Products With Dynamic Signals” (REDWDS) programme. According to ev.energy, select utilities and CCAs will match the CEC funding. A special focus is on disadvantaged communities as defined by the CEC. Fifty per cent of participants will come from there. That way, they “will collectively receive over 50 million dollars in incentives over the next 4 years.”

“The CEC and the state of California have a long history of making California a global leader in decarbonization,” said Melanie Biesecker, Customer Programs Manager at MCE for transportation electrification. “MCE’s partnership with ev.energy will provide EV drivers with greater access to grid-friendly charging solutions that save them money and support the clean energy transition. Most importantly, this grant will further our shared mission to improve access to simple, affordable, and green EV charging.”



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