Huawei to build HPC network with over 100,000 charging stations in China

Huawei is setting up a massive charging infrastructure push in China: according to a media report, Huawei wants to set up 100,000 fast charging stations this year together with partners at locations such as shops and motorway service stations.

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Huawei, which is mainly known around the globe for its smartphones, is not necessarily associated with charging infrastructure for electric cars. It has been clear since 2021 that the Chinese company is entering the electric car business and wants to invest primarily in technologies for automated electric cars. Since then, collaborations with Chinese OEMs such as Changan and Chery have been publicised.

Now Huawei is apparently also looking to gain a foothold in the charging business. A report by Nikkei Asia states that the fast charging network planned by the Chinese company will grow to the aforementioned 100,000 units as early as 2024 and will include both 250 kW chargers and stations with up to 600 kW of power. According to Nikkei, the latter were developed by the Huawei subsidiary Huawei Digital Power, founded in 2021 and based in Shenzhen, which is said to have recently changed its business from manufacturing individual components for chargers to producing complete stations.

The Chinese news agency Yicai reported on the major project back in December, pointing out that fast-charging stations are to be set up in more than 340 Chinese cities in a joint endeavour with customers and business partners. The agency referred to a statement by Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei Digital Power.

Another high-ranking manager at the Huawei subsidiary is quoted by Nikkei Asia as saying: “We need 1 km-per-second charging in order to give drivers the same experience as refueling.” The charging stations in the HPC network should be compatible with all electric vehicles. According to the report, Huawei guarantees a high charging power of up to 600 kW with a cooling system based on a liquid coolant. Huawei will initially focus on the domestic market but has not ruled out expansion abroad.

In a press release issued at the end of January, Huawei officially outlined its ideas for a future charging network. The company made it clear that it expects more and more fast-charging cars: “With the maturity of third-generation power semiconductors and high-C-rate traction batteries that use materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride, EVs are steering toward the high-voltage ultra-fast charging domain. It is predicted that high-voltage ultra-fast charging vehicle models will account for more than 60% of the total vehicle models in 2028.” (paywall) via,


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