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Apr 14, 2021 - 06:10 pm

Huawei confirms plans for EVs in China

The rumour that Huawei is moving into the business of electric mobility has now been officially confirmed. As Huawei CEO Eric Xu told analysts, Huawei wants to invest one billion US dollars in researching technologies for automated electric cars.



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Dec 2, 2016 - 08:58 am

Fast Storage BWII, TU Graz, Huawei, Ford.

High-energy storage cells: ZSW is developing novel coating technologies for nickel-based electrodes to be used in super caps. A first demonstration cell is ready, which enables charging and discharging times of less than three seconds, that is a c-rate of 1,200. The research is part of the ‘Fast Storage BWII’ project, that is funded by Baden-Wuerttemberg with 3m euros. The technology may be utilised in hybrid vehicles and electric fork lifts at a later stage.
zsw-bw.de (in German), zsw-bw.de (project)

Battery meets super cap: To combine the high-energy density of batteries with the high-power output of super capacitors in a single system, researchers at TU Graz experiment with a novel redox active ionic liquid that consists of an organic salt. The study is funded by the European Research Council (ERC).
tugraz.at, nature.com (paid content)


High temperature battery: Huawei presents a graphene-based Li-ion battery, said to withstand heat of up to 60 degree C and to last twice as long. Apart from graphene, the therrmal advance is aided by an additive in the electrolytes and a modified large-crystal NMC material used for the cathode.
huawei.com, youtube.com

Autonomous car testing in Europe: Ford is to start testing autonomous cars on European roads after having established its self-driving car projects in the USA. There, it will triple its fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrids by next year.

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23.04.2021 12:05