First iCAR is coming – not from Apple, but from Chery

There will be no iCar from Apple, but the Chinese car manufacturer Chery is now launching the first model of its new electric car brand iCAR. The first model is a compact, angular electric off-road vehicle, which is not powered by sodium-ion batteries as expected, but by LFP batteries.

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The small electric SUV goes by the name of iCAR 03 and is available in China with immediate effect at prices starting from 109,800 yuan (approx. 14,000 euros). It is 4,406 mm long and 1,715 mm wide (excluding wing mirrors) – with a wheelbase of 2,715 mm. It is therefore a compact car. In terms of motorisation, buyers can choose between three single-engine and three twin-motor variants. CATL supplies the battery pack with lithium iron phosphate chemistry and, depending on the energy content, is said to offer 401, 472 or 501 kilometres according to the Chinese test cycle.

According to the CN EV Post, the single-motor versions of the iCAR 03 have a rear-wheel drive with a maximum output of 135 kW and a peak torque of 184 Nm. The all-wheel drive versions have a maximum total output of 205 kW and a maximum torque of 279 Nm.

Chery launched the iCAR brand in April 2023 and accompanied it with the statement that iCAR’s products will primarily be sedans and SUVs with a price range of 150,000 to 300,000 yuan (around 19,000 to 38,000 euros) and are aimed primarily at younger buyers. The media also reported in spring 2023 that battery giant CATL was planning to debut its new sodium-ion energy storage systems in the first model of the Chery brand iCAR. At the time, the fourth quarter of 2023 was mentioned. CATL had already officially confirmed Chery as the launch customer for its sodium-ion batteries shortly beforehand, but without providing any details.

It has been confirmed that the iCAR 03 will not be equipped with Na-ion batteries at the market launch. Irrespective of this, the manufacturer is playing with the similarity of the brand name to the famous Apple electric car. This will probably never see the light of day after the recent cancellation of Apple’s electric car plans. “Don’t worry Apple fans, iCAR is made by us,” wrote the Chery brand on its Weibo channel.


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