UK extends EV Chargepoint Grant to on-street parking

The UK government’s Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant, which discounts the installation of home chargers for EV drivers, has been expanded to people who use on-street parking.

Image: BT Group

Under the new rulings, EV drivers who live in cities and do not have access to their own garage will be able to access to up to 75% off the cost to buy and install a charging socket, up to a maximum of £350. There are a few conditions that do apply: First of all, the person must prove that they own or rent a residential property in which they live. Second, their local council must confirm that one has adequate on-street parking. They will also need permission from relevant third parties, such as a landlord.

The next step is for the applicant to seek “permission from your local council to install a cross-pavement charging solution between your home and the approved parking space.”

“AA surveys show that one of the main reasons why many drivers are hesitant towards switching to EVs is the perception that there are not enough charging points,” said AA president Edmund King. “To give confidence to drivers now and for the future, we need to overcome these barriers, which will help unlock cleaner, greener motoring for all. Extending grants to those without off-street parking is a step in the right direction.”,


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