Siemens increases the charging capacity of the Sicharge D to 400 kW

Siemens has presented another variant of the Sicharge D fast charging solution with a maximum output of 400 kW. It enables dynamic charging of up to four vehicles simultaneously.

Image: Siemens

Siemens Smart Infrastructure had already presented its Sicharge D HPC column at the beginning of 2021, back then, with up to 300 kW charging power. Since the company already took flexibility into account during development, it can now add the 400 kW version on the same basis.

Siemens emphasises that the 400 kW at a charging point is not just a short-term peak but a “continuous, stable power output of 400 kW at 40°C ambient temperature.” Currently, no models in the European car sector can charge continuously or even briefly with 400 kW. However, such power can be applied when charging heavy commercial vehicles with correspondingly large batteries.

The concept of the Sicharge D, also in the 400 kW version, means that two additional charging points can be added to the two charging points on the column a few meters away using a so-called dispenser. The Sicharge D dispenser can supply up to four charging points, then with a lower charging capacity per charging point. For this purpose, the Sicharge D offers dynamic charging. According to Siemens, this function will optimise charging times and offer charging station operators “financial and space savings.”

Other features of the Sicharge D are known: It has a multilingual touchscreen with an intuitive user interface and cable management on both the charger and the dispenser. It makes cable handling easier and makes charging as convenient as possible for drivers. “CPOs benefit from flexibility as the touch display also offers different advertising options, and a variety of payment terminals can be integrated, matching the CPO payment partner,” Siemens writes in its press release. “Tailored services and continuous support are also available throughout the entire product life cycle – from initial installation to digital and remote services and on-site support.”

“The broad adoption of eMobility is a necessity for a more sustainable future. Reduced charging times for both eCars and eTrucks, especially en-route, will play a pivotal role in increasing convenience and acceptance of this type of transportation,” says Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

Last summer, Siemens built the 1,000th Sicharge D fast charging station at its Leipzig factory. Since then, production has been expanded – including for the 400 kW model.


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