Lunaz Group completely shuts down production

UK vehicle electrification specialist Lunaz Group has halted its operations entirely and has announced that it will appoint administrators to undergo a restructuring process.

Image: Lunaz

The Silverstone-based group is comprised of two separate companies: the commercial vehicle electrifier Lunaz Applied Technologies (LAT) and the classic car electrifier Lunaz Design. Lunaz Applied Technologies recently had to enter administration proceedings, announcing the move to fire around 40 employees. At the time, the Lunaz Group said that its passenger car operation would continue.

Now this process has taken another step with plans to restructure the entire business. “The Lunaz Group is currently restructuring to adjust its business and operations in response to shifting market dynamics. These are caused by delays to the legislative requirement for fleets to transition to zero-emissions vehicles,” a spokesperson explained. “All operating entities of the company have stopped operations with an intent to restart under a new structure to meet current and future demand for the company’s passenger and commercial vehicle products.”

The next steps in the schedule are not fully set yet, however, as the spokesperson added: “An announcement on the long-term future of the business will be made in due course.”,


about „Lunaz Group completely shuts down production“
John Michael Coombs
24.03.2024 um 18:44
So what happens with customer cars that are being converted?. All staff laid off, most of those have not received any pay for the last few weeks. The company really did the dirty on all the staff.
Brian Currie
25.03.2024 um 22:24
Somebody with egg on there face at Biffa as they partnered to convert trucks.always check who your dealing with for the long term not easy to start a buisness like this,get going and more important be profitable,invest in development whilst looking for long term buisness.BC

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