Harley-Davidson presents S2 Mulholland electric motorbike

Harley-Davidson has presented a new model variant of its LiveWire electric motorbike brand, the S2 Mulholland. It has a slightly different design than the S2 Del Mar but uses the same technology.

Image: LiveWire

It is the manufacturer’s second motorbike on the S2 platform. The S2 Mulholland is the cruiser version of the S2 Del Mar, and thus comes with a higher and more rearwardly positioned handlebar compared to the standard model. It allows the rider to sit more upright while riding.

LiveWire also uses sustainable materials “in key components” for the first time on the S2 Mulholland. To that end, the front and rear fenders are manufactured using CAP Hemp bio-composite. For the radiator shrouds and wiring caddies, LiveWire uses old fishing nets turned into Nylon, specifically a material called “HYLON OCEAN (PCR Nylon 6).” The bike will also be available in an “eco-friendlier unpainted Lunar White finish.”

The technology is the same as its sister model. The Mulholland has 84 horsepower and can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. It has a 10.5 kWh battery pack, allowing for a city range of up to 121 miles and up to 73 miles on the highway (at 55 mph). It can be charged using a Level 1 or a Level 2 charger, and charging from 20 to 80 per cent takes just under six hours and 78 minutes, respectively.

The S2 Mulholland is now available in the US from 15,999 dollars and in Canada from 1,999 CAD. Deliveries to other countries are planned for 2025.

livewire.com (press release), livewire.com (product website)


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Duane Nickull
29.03.2024 um 17:37
I got excited then realized it may be a type. $1,999 would indeed be a great price in Canada but I suspect you missed a digit somewhere in the middle.
Tony Monaco
04.04.2024 um 22:49

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