Xiaomi’s first electric car starts at 27,600 euros

Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has launched its first electric car in China. The SU7 electric saloon can now be ordered for 215,900 yuan - making it cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 in China.

Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi unveiled the SU7 around the turn of the year, so the technical specifications have been known since January. The most important facts in brief: The saloon, which is around five metres long, offers a choice of 220 kW rear-wheel drive or 495 kW all-wheel drive. There are three battery options from different suppliers.

With the market launch now complete, the China prices of the SU7 are also known – the abbreviation “SU” in the model name stands for “Speed Ultra.” The basic version of the SU7 with rear-wheel drive and a 73.6 kWh battery with LFP cells from BYD is available from the aforementioned 215,900 yuan, or around 27,600 euros. By comparison, the cheapest Tesla Model 3 can currently be purchased in China from 245,900 yuan, even though the Model 3 is significantly smaller than the Xiaomi SU7. The CLTC range for this version is 700 kilometres, with an acceleration time of 5.3 seconds from zero to 100 kph. The top speed is 210 kph, so even the basic model lives up to the name “Speed Ultra.” The LFP battery works with 400 volts; the other two versions are 800-volt systems.

The SU7 Pro, which will be delivered from the end of May, sits above the basic model. The Pro is the rear-wheel drive model with an NMC battery from CATL and an energy content of 94.3 kWh – to be precise, it is the Shenxing battery from CATL. This will be enough for 830 kilometres, according to CLTC. The model variant starts at 245,900 yuan, the same price as a Model 3.

The top model on offer is the Xiaomi SU7 Max, which has a powerful all-wheel drive system with 495 kW and the largest battery. CATL also supplies the technology for the 101 kWh battery, but it is the Qilin battery. The current generation of cell-to-pack technology will be used to increase the energy density. The CLTC range is specified as 800 kilometres. At 299,900 yuan (38,390 euros), this version is cheaper than initially planned – the original target was more like 350,000 yuan. Like the base model, the Max will be delivered from the end of April.

A special Founders Edition will be delivered before the models mentioned above. It is limited to 5,000 units and will be offered at the same price as the standard and Max versions. However, customers will receive the first units on 3 April.



about „Xiaomi’s first electric car starts at 27,600 euros“
30.03.2024 um 02:14
Same size and price of a Toyota Camry & Honda Accord. Mid-size volume sedans, yet another segment that BEV have become cost competitive with. Looks like more top selling sedans falling down the top sellers list.
02.04.2024 um 10:07
The only thing that will save western car manufacturers now will be trade sanctions.

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