Bedeo presents EV retrofit package for classic cars

British electric vehicle supplier and manufacturer Bedeo has presented a retrofit package for classic cars to convert them to electric drives. The first car converted was a classic Land Rover Defender, which is now powered by wheel hub motors.

Image: BEDEO

The programme for converting and “decarbonising” classic cars is called “Reborn Electric: Icons”. The Land Rover Defender was equipped with a 75 kWh battery and a 22 kW onboard charger (optional 50 kW DC). It achieves an estimated WLTP range of 247 kilometres. According to Bedeo, that makes it the first company in the world to offer an electric retrofit package for classic cars with wheel hub motors.

According to Bedeo, the vehicle’s weight hardly changed during the conversion. The wheel hub motors, the battery and the charging unit weigh about the same as the old diesel engine. As a result, the Land Rover Defender has lost none of “its rugged charm while embracing the advantages of electric power”. The electric powertrain was developed and designed entirely in-house by Bedeo, utilising components and unique wheel hub motor technology from Bedeo and its subsidiary Protean Electric, which Bedeo acquired from NEVS in 2021.

Osman Boyner, founder and CEO of Bedeo, emphasised the importance of this project. “The classic car community has warmly embraced the idea of converting their beloved vehicles to run on electric power through EV conversion. However, until now, none have ventured into utilising in-wheel motors to tap into the advantages of weight reduction and engineering enhancements”, he said. “Through our Reborn Electric: Icons program, we are committed to maintaining the original car’s kerb weight, charm, and driving dynamics while ensuring easy maintenance and delivering the benefits of electrification. For the Defender, and other models to come, this means zero tailpipe emissions, zero noise, and the preservation of the nostalgic, classic driving experience we all cherish, now brought into the 21st Century without sacrificing its essence or adding unnecessary, bulky weight.”

Boyner also called the retrofit system a “natural evolution for us as pioneers in sustainable mobility”, as decarbinises transport and preserves automotive heritage.

In the future, Bedeo’s Reborn Electric solutions will extend beyond the Land Rover Defender, as the company plans to include other iconic vehicles. The move aligns “with the company’s overarching mission to offer practical, sustainable solutions for fleets and individuals embracing electric and hybrid vehicles”.

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25.04.2024 um 08:29
Great, but what is the full cost of the retrofit kit and installation? Will it be available in the USA? For what vehicles will it work?

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