Hubject enters into roaming partnership with Shahin

Hubject has entered into a strategic partnership with Shahin to improve charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the United Arab Emirates. The cooperation with provider Shahin aims to establish a roaming platform in the UAE via Hubject's network.

Image: Hubject

The roaming approach will drive the “much-needed boost in accessibility and reliability to the EV charging infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the broader GCC,” Hubject writes.

How many electric cars are already on the road in the United Arab Emirates is not mentioned in the press release – only the forecast that the average growth rate will be 30 per cent per year. “Experts forecast the need for more than 70,000 public charge points by 2035 to support this burgeoning fleet. However, the current EV charging landscape in the UAE is fragmented, compelling drivers to navigate multiple platforms and maintain several accounts to access essential charging services,” says Hubject. A situation that is set to change with Hubject’s interoperability platform.

“We’re delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with Shahin and welcome them into Hubject’s intercharge network. Being part of our network not only improves the charging experience for the region’s EV drivers, but it will also makes Shahin’s charge points more visible to more drivers and will help them to grow their business,” says Hubject CEO Christian Hahn. “It’s a win-win for Shahin and its customers.”

The fact that a German company, of all companies, will help set up the roaming platform is not only due to Hubject’s globally recognised position. Shahin has had a German CTO for over a year. Philip Heumann has already worked at Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen. “Entering into this strategic partnership with Hubject has profound benefits for Shahin and the UAE. It will help us to expand our business by making our services available to more customers. But it will also play an important role in expanding and improving the EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the rapid increase in the number of EVs that we expect to see.”


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