Audi kicks off Q6 e-tron quattro sales in the UK

The new Audi Q6 e-tron quattro is now available in the UK. Prices start at  £68,975 for the twin-motor version, available at launch. A rear-wheel drive variant will follow later this year.

Image: Audi

The price for the latter will be significantly less, as the basic version will sell for 59,975 pounds. The performance variant will be available from 63,475 pounds. Audi also opened the order books for the SQ6 SUV e-tron quattro, available from 92,950 pounds.

The all-electric SUV is Audi’s first PPE model. We took a look at all the technical data in this previous article. But a quick recap: Both the Q6 SUV e-tron quattro and the SQ6 SUV e-tron quattro are fitted with a 100-kWh battery (94.9 kWh net) and offer a range of 613 and 576 km. Audi stated ranges of 625 and 598 kilometres for the premiere. However, the DC charging capacity of 270 kW remains unchanged.

The top speed for the two models is 130 mph (Q6 e-tron) and 142 mph (SQ6 e-tron), while the EVs can sprint from zero to 62 mph in 5.9 and 4.3 seconds, respectively.

The Q6 SUV e-tron quattro is available with a choice of Sport, S line or Edition 1 specification options from launch, while the more powerful SQ6 SUV e-tron quattro will only be sold the Edition 1 for now.”The Audi Q6 e-tron represents the true embodiment of Vorsprung durch Technik as we take the next step in our transformation into a provider of premium electric mobility,” commented Andrew Doyle, Director Audi UK. “Its arrival not only brings huge advancements in battery recharging, on-board technology, and driving dynamics, but also signals the start of Audi’s most ambitious product initiative in history.”


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Stuart Whitehead
06.05.2024 um 13:22
Don’t be fooled by the marketing spin re the range, I bought a new Q8 Etron Sportback last year, driven like a district nurse, the real world distance is about 70% of that advertised. If you use the power, expect 55-60% of range.Very disappointing and very misleading.
06.05.2024 um 21:58
Yeah this is what's putting me off electric because I like to boot it where as I don't mine in petrol as I can refill in like 10 mins or whatever it takes I cba having to charge it waiting around this is why I'm thinking maybe if had two electric cars then atleast one is always charging but then that only works if you coming back home what about if you staying somewhere then you need to find a hotel with a charger and that will probably be taken by someone else unless I tow a diesel generator then I may as well just get a diesel car lol
08.05.2024 um 13:34
Marcus, don't be put off by all the media negative comments. I've driven over 100,000 in mine and no issues. I guess the issue comes down to the car you buy and the way they are built EV first v designed as a regular car with a battery option

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