Einride to electrify Dubai port with DP World

The Swedish electric logistics company Einride and the Arabian port operator DP World are entering into a partnership to electrify the movement of shipping containers at the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai. The aim is to save 14,600 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year.

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Jebel Ali is the tenth-largest harbour in the world. Einride technology will be used there in future: The Einride Saga software will operate a fleet of heavy electric vehicles and a charging infrastructure as well as pilot projects for autonomous driving. The collaboration will electrify the container flows between the terminals in Jebel Ali Port, thereby improving efficiency and sustainability in the port. This will be the largest deployment of electric mobility for goods in the Middle East, operating 24/7 and transforming the transport landscape in the region.

By the end of 2024, the partnership is expected to cover 1,600 container movements per day. A fleet of 100 connected electric trucks will be deployed and controlled via Einride Saga, Einride’s digital operating system for analysing, optimising and maximising the efficiency of electric and autonomous road freight transport. A pilot project for autonomous driving is planned for 2025.

“Einride and DP World are driving a paradigm shift in the landscape of freight mobility in the Middle East. Our collaboration underscores a shared dedication to sustainability and innovation, merging Einride’s expertise in electrification and autonomous technology with DP World’s global logistics leadership,” said Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride. “By reshaping container transportation in Jebel Ali Port, we aim to set a new standard for sustainable transport practices, significantly curbing CO2 emissions. This collaboration showcases the effectiveness of combining visionary ideals with decisive action, paving the way for a more resilient future.”

“DP World is committed to making trade smarter, faster and more sustainable, and our new partnership with Einride aligns perfectly with our vision,” said Abdulla Bin Damithan, CEO and Managing Director of DP World GCC. “We have already made significant progress in electrifying and automating our terminals at Jebel Ali Port, and by leveraging Einride’s cutting-edge technology, we can take that to the next level. Our partnership will drive greater operational efficiencies, further decarbonize terminal operations, and pioneer greener practices for the logistics sector.”

This collaboration is an integral part of Einride’s wider initiative with the UAE government to drive the region towards sustainable shipping. Einride’s ecosystem, which includes electric and autonomous vehicles, charging infrastructure and transformative technology, will be widely deployed across the Falcon Rise network and represent a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for shipping, the company said in a press release.



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