First Xiaomi SUV may debut by the end 2024

Buoyed by the success of the SU7 electric sedan, Xiaomi is planning to release a pure electric SUV. The company will then expand to a wide range of electrified vehicles in the coming years, including range-extender models.

Image: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi SU7 is the Chinese tech brand’s first car and is about the size of the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. The affordable electric sedan raked in more than 75,000 confirmed orders in less than a month after its domestic launch. Buoyed by the early success, Xiaomi plans to launch its second model, an electric SUV, in quick succession.

On 29 March, a day after Xiaomi launched the SU7 at a starting price of 215,900 yuan (approx. 27,600 euros), Blue Whale Finance published a report claiming that the company may release an SUV by the end of 2024. The report was based on inside sources, however, Xiaomi hasn’t made such an announcement yet.

On 24 April, citing a source close to Xiaomi, 36 Krypton said in a report that the SU7 has some shortcomings, but the company won’t repeat them in subsequent SUV models. Recent reports suggest some customers have faced quality issues with the early production units of the SU7. An Aqua Blue unit broke down in only 39 km, Autohome reported on 5 May. According to a more recent Autohome report dated 13 May, there’s also a brake failure issue with the car.

The third Xiaomi EV will be more affordable, initially priced from around 150,000 yuan (approx. 19,200 euros), as per the 36 Krypton report. Xiaomi has much higher expectations in terms of sales from its third model. Going by the trend among Chinese EV brands these days, it wouldn’t be surprising if the third model turns out to be a mid-size model, possibly a range and efficiency-focused sedan like the Nio ET5 and Tesla Model 3.,,,,,


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