Battery management: Marquardt presents new Cell Module Controller

Marquardt has unveiled its new Cell Module Controller (CMC), which monitors each battery cell in real-time. The CMC is available immediately and compatible with a wide range of battery chemistries and form factors.

Image: Marquardt

The Cell Module Controller will be presented at the Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany, in mid-June. As the CMC monitors each battery cell in real-time, according to Marquardt, the higher-level control unit can “process data to optimise battery performance and protect against failure.” Although the CMC is intended for mobile use in vehicles, it can also monitor stationary battery systems.

During development, Marquardt ensured the new controller was compatible with as many battery chemistries and cell form factors as possible. The CMC is easy to integrate, offering “maximum flexibility for car, truck and cell manufacturers.” It is still a solution that is connected to the modules and cells by cable. However, Marquardt is working on wireless variants of the cell module controllers, which aim to improve the adaptability and installation efficiency of the system and offer even greater flexibility and user-friendliness in various applications.

The Cell Module Controller is not a stand-alone battery management system, but a part of it. It monitors the cells and collects data on their condition to detect imbalances such as deep discharge, overcharging and temperature peaks. In the event of a problem, the controller informs the higher-level control unit, which decides what needs to be done. According to the company, the CMC thus helps optimise the operating status, protects against overcharging and overheating, and increases the safety and longevity of the battery.


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