GreenPower presents electric refrigerated truck

GreenPower Motor has unveiled the EV Star REEFERX, a new all-electric refrigerated medium-duty delivery truck. The offering is available for orders starting today.

The EV Star REEFERX is capable of carrying a payload of up to 5,500 pounds for various applications due to a lighter body construction, according to GreenPower Mobility. In terms of other technical specifications, the electric truck’s range stands at 150 miles. No further information was revealed regarding the battery capacity, chemistry, charging behaviour or top speed.

“The EV Star REEFERX offers customers a unique, modern and versatile all-electric commercial vehicle that boasts a higher payload capacity,” said Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower. “Through this offering, we are able to provide fleet owners a reliable way to deliver refrigerated and frozen goods on daily routes. Combining exceptional performance and efficiency, the EV Star REEFERX is purpose-built to be an electric refrigerated vehicle, making it a superior product for a wide-use of applications requiring multi-temperature zones, without the sticker shock.”

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Luimack Johnson
06.06.2024 um 15:18
Amazing GreenPower Motor and a much needed utility of an electric truck purposely built for refrigerated goods. What is the estimated cost of the refrigerated truck?

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