Big Bus Tours to add 40 electric buses to sightseeing fleet

Global sightseeing company Big Bus Tours has announced that it will add a further 40 electric buses to its fleet by summer 2024. That includes new buses and conversions.

Image: Big Bus Tours

This expansion of the fleet consists of 20 brand-new electric buses from the Chinese manufacturer Ankai (see image), which will be introduced in Paris and Vienna. In addition, 20 combustion buses from the existing fleet will be converted into electric buses to be used again in London. The conversion will be carried out by the specialist Equipmake, which announced the order a few months ago, as reported.

The 100 per cent electric double-decker buses with open tops will be put into operation this summer, bringing the total electric fleet of Big Bus Tours to 51 vehicles. This represents just over 10 per cent of Big Bus Tours’ global fleet. The British company is active in numerous European countries, but also in Australia, India, Malaysia and the US.

The buses have a new paintwork which, according to Big Bus Tours, emphasises the company’s commitment to a greener future. “We are thrilled to welcome these new electric buses as part of our investment in sustainability,” said Pat Waterman, Executive Chairman of Big Bus Tours. “This EV expansion is a major step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the tour experience for our customers. I look forward to seeing our guests enjoy these environmentally-friendly tours in our fantastic cities.”


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