Smart #5 will be a 4.7 metre long electric SUV

A number of technical specifications for the series version of the Smart #5 have been finalised following the application for approval in China. The electric mid-size SUV will therefore be launched on the market in four drive configurations. With a length of 4.7 metres, it represents the final departure from Smart's former focus on small cars.

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Following the unveiling of the Smart Concept #5 at Auto China in April, things are moving at a rapid pace: the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is now publishing the approval documents for the Smart #5 – which always promises the first key data on the production model. As Car News China, among others, writes, the e-SUV will be available in four drive variants and four colour options. The first images have also been released.

According to the new information, the Smart #5 measures 4,705 x 1,920 x 1,705 mm with a wheelbase of 2,900 mm. There is a choice of two rear-wheel drive models with 250 or 267 kW and two all-wheel drive models with 432 or 475 kW system output. The front engine always delivers 165 kW in the twin-engine variants, while the rear unit makes the difference: in the top model it contributes 310 kW, in the other case 267 kW. According to the licence application, an LFP battery is combined with the single-engine variants of the five-door model, while an NMC battery is standard for the all-wheel drive models. However, there is no information yet on the capacities of the energy storage systems.

However, at Auto China in April, Smart already revealed that the vehicle would have 800-volt technology and a battery with a nominal capacity of “100+ kWh”. The maximum charging capacity was not mentioned, but is likely to be quite high or the charging curve very flat: according to the information at the time, charging from ten to 80 per cent should only take 15 minutes under optimum conditions. A range of more than 550 kilometres according to WLTP was mentioned at the trade fair.

Again from the new registration application comes the information that the top speed of the five-seater is 200 kph – only the top model is slightly faster at 210 kph. There is a choice of 18 to 21-inch wheels. The kerb weight of the top model is 2.45 tonnes.

On the way from the concept to the production model, Smart has slimmed down a little in terms of appearance. The market-ready #5 is noticeably more angular. In terms of the interior, the main focus at the Beijing Motor Show in April was on the operating concepts that are likely to make it into series production. Two integrated OLED screens in the cockpit are powered by an AMD V2000 chip and offer access to numerous functions. This also includes artificial intelligence, specifically from the generative AI specialist Cerence. The AI tool should enable the driver and passengers to engage the virtual assistant in the vehicle in “entertaining conversations”.

The #5 is the third model from the relaunched brand, following the #1 compact SUV and the related #3 SUV coupé. Car News China expects the model to be launched in the fourth quarter. As is well known, Smart is now a joint venture between the Geely Group and Mercedes-Benz – and has based manufacturing operations in China.

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about „Smart #5 will be a 4.7 metre long electric SUV“
14.06.2024 um 20:19
I wonder how long before 50% Smart owner Mercedes moves the EQA & EQB onto this platform. The #5 is nearly identical in size to the GLB while the #3 is the size of the GLA. This is also ideal for the Volvo EX40 since the EX30 is already on the same platform.

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