XCharge presents compact fast charger with up to 240 kW

XCharge has presented a "slim" version of its C7 fast charging station with a charging capacity of up to 240 kW for the first time at Power2Drive. The charging infrastructure manufacturer also had the familiar C7 with up to 400 kW and the Net Zero Series battery-supported fast charging station on show at the Power2Drive in Munich.

Image: XCharge Europe

The new C7 Slim is a compact fast-charger that can charge two EVs at the same time. XCharge specifies the maximum charging power as up to 240 kW. If two vehicles are charging simultaneously, the power can be flexibly divided into 40 kW increments to ensure an optimum charging speed for both cars through “dynamic power allocation.”

The High Power Charger is said to be particularly suitable for locations with limited space. “Due to the small footprint, charging point operators hardly need to restructure the parking lot to install the C7 Slim on site, which preserves valuable parking space,” says XCharge. The C7 Slim has a depth of 46.7 centimetres and requires a footprint of just 0.37 square metres. However, the manufacturer has not provided any more details. Not even whether an external control cabinet is required in addition to the column or what the calibration law looks like.

The Chinese also included the larger version of the C7, which now has calibration law certification. Just over a year ago, there was talk of a charging capacity of up to 420 kW for the Plug&Charge-capable charging station, but now XCharge is talking about up to 400 kW.

As the charging station only requires a base area of 80 by 90 centimetres (0.72 square metres) despite its charging capacity, it will be easy to retrofit in existing parking spaces. The C7 also fulfils all the requirements of DIN 18040-3 for barrier-free construction in public transport and open spaces.

XCharge’s third product was the Net Zero Series battery-powered rapid charging station. The Net Zero, which XCharge already presented in 2022, enables fast charging with up to 210 kW, and can also charge two EVs simultaneously. A storage unit with 233 or 466 kWh can be ordered. The fast-charger is now also sold by Swiss charging infrastructure provider Juice Technology.


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