Nayax introduces payment terminal for charging stations

The Israeli payment processor Nayax is introducing a payment terminal for charging stations that allows customers to pay for their charging processes using a debit card or mobile wallet. The terminal can bundle the billing of several charging stations.

Image: Nayax

Nayax is a specialist in cashless payment solutions that has not yet made a major appearance on the market for charging solutions. The terminal called EV CloudPay aims to change this. According to the manufacturer, the device accepts more than 80 cashless and digital payment methods and is intended to make the handling of multiple mobile apps or charging cards, which is currently widely practised by electric car drivers, superfluous.

According to Nayax, the payment terminal is cloud-based, which means that it is able to process payments for multiple charging stations. The global OCPI protocol serves as the basis for communication. The company has not yet provided any further technical details. Yair Nechmad, CEO and Chairman of Nayax, makes more general statements: “The current payment infrastructure for charging electric cars is inefficient and cumbersome for both drivers and charging station operators. To accelerate the uptake of electric cars globally, we need to provide drivers with a convenient charging experience, including a seamless and fast way to pay for charging.”

Nayax says it has more than seven years of experience working with charging station operators and manufacturers. The company claims to have nine global offices and around 900 employees.


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