Atlante establishes JV to build 500 HPC stations in France

Fast-charging provider Atlante and the French financial institution Banque des Territoires are setting up a joint venture to install over 500 fast-charging stations in France. Thanks to battery-powered chargers, the network should also reach areas with a weak grid.

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Atlante and Banque des Territoires intend to provide the joint venture, named Alpis, with 40 million euros in equity. The ownership ratio is to be 51 to 49 per cent. Atlante will therefore become a narrow majority shareholder. The deal brings together a charging service provider and a financial specialist. The partners have not yet provided much information about the planned charging network itself. Thanks to battery-buffered fast chargers, coverage is expected to be high and the tariff favourable – “even in areas with limited energy availability and grid limits”, according to an accompanying press release.

Both partners are already quite familiar. Banque des Territoires recently served the EU as a realisation partner for a funding round of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF). It provided Atlante with 49.9 million euros for the construction of fast-charging stations in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. In total, Atlante plans to build 5,000 fast-charging points in these countries by 2025 and over 35,000 by 2030. The AFIR stipulates that a charging station must be installed at least every 60 kilometres on the European Union’s core road network and every 100 kilometres on the trans-European network. In addition, Atlante wants to install charging stations in car parks and in strategic urban areas.

Jacques Galvani, CEO of Atlante France, comments: “This collaboration with Banque des Territoires fits perfectly with Atlante’s DNA and objectives: to make 100% green electric mobility accessible to all, across the whole territory. We hope that the technological innovations that Atlante is pioneering in Europe, particularly in terms of the synergy between fast charging, energy storage and solar energy production, will benefit all drivers of electric vehicles and facilitate the transition to decarbonised mobility.”

“We are very proud to contribute, through our investment and our role as an implementation partner of the European CEF-T-AFIF mechanism, to the emergence of a leader in electric charging in France and, more broadly, in Southern Europe,” said Pierre Aubouin, Director of Infrastructure and Mobility at the Investment Directorate of Banque des Territoires. “By partnering with Atlante, a qualified, innovative, and committed partner in various market segments across the territory, we are strengthening our support for decarbonized mobility and reaffirming our commitment to ecological transformation.”

Atlante has recently signed several deals to develop charging infrastructure, for example with Vinci Autoroutes, Groupe Duval, Autostrade per l’Italia and Emil Frey. In the context of the cooperation with Vinci Autoroutes, the company is now also reporting initial results: According to the company, 25 fast charging stations have been inaugurated at the Saint-Léger Ouest service area on the A10 motorway. Another new development is that Atlante has joined the Plugsurfing network. This gives customers of the network roaming access to Atlante charging stations via the platform. (PDF), (Saint-Léger), (Plugsurfing)


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