Fisker wants to sell off remaining Ocean stock

The insolvent electric car manufacturer apparently wants to sell off the stock of its Ocean e-SUV - for just 2,500 to 16,500 dollars per vehicle. Meanwhile, existing Ocean owners are seeking legal advice to keep their cars running.

Image: Fisker

Fisker wants to sell up to 3,231 Ocean to the US leasing company American Lease – for a total price of 46.25 million dollars. That is just over 14,300 dollars per vehicle on average. According to the documents submitted by the insolvent company to the US bankruptcy court in Delaware, the cheapest but partially damaged examples are even expected to change hands for just 2,500 dollars.

American Lease, based in New York, intends to lease the vehicles to drivers of chauffeur services. As reported, all ride-sharing services in New York must have switched to purely electric vehicles by 2030. For American Lease, the Fisker Ocean would be just the thing at a bargain price.

Owning and operating vehicles from an insolvent company that may soon be wound up is not without its problems, such as the future supply of spare parts. In the case of modern, software-driven vehicles such as the Fisker Ocean, there is an additional factor: without access to software and important servers, there is a risk of restrictions on the use of the vehicles – for which new customers once paid up to 70,000 dollars. This is because the Ocean will probably not only require mechanical repairs, but also work on the software.

One example: As InsideEVs reports, the Ocean will need to connect to the Fisker cloud in order to use some functions. This is not just about pure software features (which would be understandable), but also about opening and closing the sunroof or the “dog window”, i.e. the retractable rear window in the boot lid.

In the USA, the ‘Fisker Owners Association’ (FOA) was therefore founded in June. The group has already grown to 2,000 members and hopes to keep their vehicles on the road for as long as possible. The FOA has commissioned a law firm to represent the Ocean owners in Fisker’s insolvency proceedings. Among other things, the aim is to gain access to Fisker’s own diagnostic tool. (both lease deal), (FOA)


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