Electrify America to charge batteries to 85% only

VW subsidiary Electrify America has kicked off a pilot at ten locations in the US. There, EVs can only charge their batteries up to 85 per cent SoC. The goal is to free up the stations more quickly and serve more customers.

Image: Electrify America

The pilot, called ‘Congestion Reduction Pilot,’ is currently limited to ten sites in Southern California. There, the charging process will end automatically once the battery reaches 85 per cent state of chafe (SoC). Drivers then have ten minutes to unplug and move their vehicle or will have to pay an idle fee.

As mentioned above, the goal is to reduce congestion and free up the chargers more quickly for other EVs. For the last 20 or so per cent, the charging speed is reduced to avoid overcharging the battery for durability and safety reasons.

“The goal of the Congestion Reduction Pilot is to reduce queuing at select high utilization charging stations – thereby allowing more people to charge in a timely manner,” Electrify America says about the pilot.

Nine of the ten stations in question are located in and around Los Angeles, the tenth one in San Diego. According to Electrify America, these sites were chosen because they are highly frequented and thus ideal to observe the effects. Depending on customer feedback, the pilot could be extended to other sites.

The ‘Congestion Reduction Pilot’ kicks off in early July; an exact date is not mentioned. It is also not clear how long the pilot will continue. The CPO simply says that it “will be monitoring the pilot daily and making ongoing changes and adjustments as necessary.”

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Dan Hansson
09.07.2024 um 19:09
The consequence is that you also increases the amount of charging sequences, meaning I will have to go back more frequently. Does not sound like a good idea. It will also limit my ability to get ready for a road trip over 200 miles. What we need is more working charging stations, especially in the East Bay so that EA and VW can live up to their promises in the lease contracts.
12.07.2024 um 13:52
When you plan a roadtrip you fill it up at home the day before I reckon not half an hour before you go on the trip.And it is faster to be in your way at 85% then wait for the very slow charge up to a 100%.I think it's a good idea when you don't have a lot of charging stations. They can start with the stations that are always busy and leave the quieter ones at 100%.
10.07.2024 um 00:06
Someone mentioned the limited range of Chevy bolts. There is a bigger problem with them. They are unable to charge at high speeds and they sit for a really long time at the charger. Often, they will pick the fastest charger at the station They should be kicked out at 40% charge:=).
Rehan Zuberi
11.07.2024 um 04:54
Bolt drivers show up ready to camp at the chargers
Jeff f
10.07.2024 um 03:17
While I agree with the strategy. Let’s not forget the manufacturer part in providing free charging and enabling bad habits
10.07.2024 um 16:11
What a joke, imagine the fuel pump stopped when you had 3/4 of a tank of fuel. If you need a full charge you should be able to get one.
11.07.2024 um 12:38
They might just end up introducing the nightmare scenario of the 1970s with gas rationing, which might also encourage some to stick with gas. I remember those days, though I was a kid. The line at the gas station in northern NJ was miles and you could only buy so much gas before having to wait in line when the tank got low at another station. Gas rationing didn't save gas, people idled, car running, to buy gas more often
11.07.2024 um 03:48
I totally agree! Here’s the other problem ! I stopped at an Electrify America Charger today to charge up to 80%. This was a “Hyperfast “ station capable of up to 350kwh. Once the charging started, the output was only 42kwh. If the output on the charger is going to be limited/ monitored, where’s the gain ?? It will take just as long to charge if not longer!
10.07.2024 um 16:45
Will this also take effect if there are open stations? I tend to go to the charger late at night (11pm-2am timeframe) 90% of the time I'm the only car there. Will it still kick me off at 85% even tho I'm the only car at a 4 station location? Clearly with nobody waiting.
11.07.2024 um 07:44
Yes because the other 3 chargers are broken.
David Pape
10.07.2024 um 17:28
VW should focus on making their system more reliable and function better. It’s a shame there wasn’t a service level agreement put in place when they were sued.
10.07.2024 um 18:15
This BS....When alot of people are using these are traveling and range is of the most importance. 85.% sounds like a lot but that might add multiple stops to a trip and another reason to find other options when charging. I mean I have several friends with EV s and they tell me using a charging station outside their house is just on trips 95% of the time. The other 5% is to get a better parking spot. And these 3rd party charging station are so touch and go or off the path. Either need to be convenient or they will make the EV market fail. Automanufactures are already starting to back off and look at other sources such as hydrogen and ICE that are better long term. Solutions and very envirmentally sounds. Plus Litium is not very environmentally friendly coming out of the ground or at the end of life.
W. D
10.07.2024 um 18:29
Tempe Mills Mall has 8 Charging pods. This location is consistently "Full" . Please implement your 85% policy at Tempe Mills Mall without further explanation.
10.07.2024 um 20:20
What if you have an ev rental and they want that rental returned with a SoC above 85%?
Dean Paul
10.07.2024 um 20:28
This is another slap in the face to the consumer because EA can't get their crap together. Where's the billions of Biden money for more stations. How about improving your up time on chargers. Seems so many are down. Also, I'm now just getting text notifications for charging sessions I did in March and April. Joke. Passing along your inefficiencies to CUSTOMERS will come back to haunt you. Do your job. Provide quality, reliable stations. Step up.
Max c
10.07.2024 um 20:31
Imagine you drive in Tennessee where chargers are very spaced/rare with a nissan leaf in the winter, your can only do the next trip leg to another charger if you put more than 85% charge. How do you proceed now? For example, jackson- nashville or jackson - clarksville or heading east : bowling green- Lexington, ky... No alternative fast chargers on those routes ... (Beaver dam, ky) has a chargepoint but it s only 2 chademos/ ccs combo chargers there...)... Do they yave a solution to that? My 62 kwh leaf can only make it in the winter if i charge above 90% soc... So we r not in a good position us users.
Yo Momma
10.07.2024 um 20:51
Tesla's approach is when you plug in at a busy supercharger, it automatically sets your charge limit to 80% and pops a notification on the screen telling you that it did and why but then let's you change it to 100% if you want to. I think that's the way to do it. If you're paying attention and really need 100% you can get it, but if you're not or you don't the charge session is over more quickly and someone else can use it.
10.07.2024 um 22:02
It's true. I don't like to say the charger more than 80% because the speed dramatically decreases from 142 KW down to 18 and 20 kW. You literally was sit 20 more minutes just waiting to get to 100% where it took 30 minutes to get to 80. I think it's a good idea. Because I see people charging to 100% and it takes way too long. With that being said you really shouldn't have an electric car unless you have a garage and charge it home. It's just simply too inconvenient. At least until they get more charges out there
10.07.2024 um 22:33
The overwhelming majority would stop below 85 anyway. On long distance journeys it's quicker and more efficient to stop charging when the flow rate drops. So this could stop the few from affecting the many. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing how the pilot goes
Jim D.
10.07.2024 um 23:41
Two observations. One, maybe EA should focus first on making sure all their chargers are working. Two, without a full charge in Gallup NM we can’t make our final destination. I urge you not to do this.
Sad EV owner
11.07.2024 um 03:41
They should allowed to reserve and be in a queue by proximity so people work better their day and there are no figth at the chargers.
Calvin Jay Sabatini
11.07.2024 um 04:08
This is a long time coming. I've seen cars going 2 hours past 100% with no repercussions. It should be rolled out to every charger in California
Shaq Webster
11.07.2024 um 04:25
I think this is a good idea especially when you are busy and having to wait for others to charge to 100 is just ridiculous. BUT on the other hand if you build more than just 2-4 per location we probably wouldn’t be having this issues. And don’t even get me started with all the manufacturers that are making it an incentive for free charging at these locations if they buy EV… that has to go to…
11.07.2024 um 05:56
Great Idea. Specially at the stations where ot is being implemented. It should be 85% or 30min. whichever comes first. stop these burbank people from reconnecting after 30 min and acting as they dont know.
12.07.2024 um 05:09
Hmm! More charging stations, big YES!!! Efficient charging equipment!! YES!! Accountability from customers while and after charging. Yes!! All of these concerns are valid and due-able. Battery at 85%, maybe at busy hrs not off peak hrs. What about ATTENDANCE? Might result in passing the buck to us, the consumer. Hmm! Attendant would assist with fill up and also monitor stations. Old school.

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