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Jul 27, 2022 - 12:57 pm

The Mobility House finds new US partner in Endera

The Mobility House and Endera have made public their cooperation for managed commercial EV charging. They have already delivered electric shuttles and a smart charging solution to ACE Parking and Aladdin Airport Parking, both servicing the San Diego International Airport, California.



Jan 13, 2020 - 02:44 pm

Lime is withdrawing e-scooter sharing from 12 cities

The shared e-scooter supplier Lime is withdrawing from twelve cities due to lack of profitability. In the USA these include Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego and San Antonio, in Latin America Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and the Austrian city of Linz in Europe.

Nov 24, 2019 - 09:31 pm

San Diego proposal for 2000 more charging points

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG & E) has just submitted a proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission to install an additional 2,000 charging points for electric vehicles in condominium complexes, workplaces and apartments.



Nov 12, 2019 - 01:26 pm

San Diego approves infrastructure & EV subsidies

San Diego has recently approved two EV charging infrastructure programmes, which will install chargers at parks, beaches and schools. The city also released another funding programme providing up to $9,500 for EV acquisition.

Sep 12, 2017 - 07:07 am

Germany, Urban Supercharger, Leipzig, San Diego, BMW.

German infrastructure: Round two of funding for Germany’s fast-charging corridor is about to commence with 100m euros to be made available. The tender will officially open at this week’s end and aims for 12,000 regular and 1,000 fast-charge points.
metropolregion.de (in German)

Urban Supercharger: Tesla wants more but more slowly as it unveils a new Supercharger design made for dense cities that charges at a slower rate. The new Superchargers are easier to install and need less space while charging at 72 kW at each stall, so they effectively reach a similar charge time than other Superchargers, according to the EV maker. In the wake of the Model 3, Tesla said it would increase the number of Superchargers to 10,000 before the year’s end (we reported).
electrek.co, tesla.com

Call for free floating through Leipzig: Eastern Germany’s fastest growing city wants to start a carsharing pilot that allows cars to float freely. Up to 750 vehicles shall be deployed and at least one tenth must be electric. Manufacturers and providers are invited to apply but may provide 250 cars max. with the programme running over five years from 2018.
leipzig.de (in German)

Public servants rewarded: San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) will offer 1,000 dollar rebates to teachers and first-responders who buy electric vehicles. The utility will use 500,000 dollars of its own shareholder money to fund the scheme over the coming three years.
sandiegouniontribune.com, sdgenews.com

Manage charging: BMW’s Connected app will include new features from Q4 such as the BMW Digital Charging Service, which enables charging with renewables, or at low cost. BMW Connected already offers an overview of crucial data such as remaining range or the state-of-charge.

Feb 17, 2017 - 09:45 am

Enel, Beijing, Philadelphia, Air Liquide, San Diego.

Enel earmarks 300m for EV infrastructure: Enel plans to establish a dedicated e-mobility unit within months to oversee its network of charging stations with 300m euros in its back. The Italian utility recently embarked on the EU project EVA+ together with Renault, Nissan, VW and BMW, that plans 200 multi-standard fast-chargers in Italy and Austria.
tt.com (in German)

Go fun in Beijing: 5,000 additional electric cars shall enter EV sharing service GoFun in Beijing by 2018. A reasonable move given the capital’s ban on gas guzzlers that is unlikely to lessen. GoFun’s fleet in Beijing is 1,100 EV strong but the company ventured to three more Chinese cities already.

EV parking privilege to end? Philadelphia has secured free parking for electric cars since a decade but this programme may come to an end now. New permits are left pending as the council awaits a decision on whether to continue or to ax the scheme.

Hydrogen in NYC: Air Liquide said it will install two H2 charging station in New York. Planned in Brooklyn and Hempstead, the FCV stops shall go live in the second half of 2017.

San Diego doubles charging capacity: San Diego city completed a project that increased the number of EV charging stations at public locations to 57, while the number of ports for vehicles to plug into jumped from 32 to 68.

Jul 20, 2016 - 08:41 am

San Diego, Lightning Hybrid, Protean Electric, Cadenza.

Port electrification: San Diego will spend 8.2m dollars on its port electrification project. Efficient Drivetrains is on boards to deliver technology for electric trucks and forklifts. Also BYD and Transportation Power are part of the project. The initiative received 5.9m dollars in funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and 2.3m dollars from the harbour’s seven partner tenants.

Hydraulic Hybrid picks up: The DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have launched its second hybrid bus with Lightning Hybrids’s hydraulic hybrid system. It joins another Ford E-450 bus for shuttle services on the lab’s campus in Golden, Colorado.

Protean-Antrieb70m dollar funding for in-wheel motors have reached Protean Electric. The firm convinced three investors to help build a facility in Tianjin to bring its PD18 in-wheel electric motor to market in China. The drive fits an 18″ wheel rim and can power any vehicle from C-segment to LCV.
greencarcongress.com, prnewswire.com

Battery start-up funding: Cadenza has raised 5m dollars to commercialise its low-cost and high-performance technology platform that includes cell design and housing. The firm’s so-called jelly rolls are said to have significant packaging advantages that translate to higher Wh/L.

Feb 1, 2016 - 09:04 am

San Diego, New York, Rhode Island, Georgia, Konya.

3,500 EV charging stations: Utility San Diego Gas & Electric received approval to start a pilot programme that will see the installation of 3,500 EV charging stations in California. They will be erected at 350 sites of which 10 percent are in disadvantaged communities. The scheme seeks to encourage charging with energy from renewables through dynamic pricing.
timesofsandiego.com, greencarcongress.com, cbs8.com

NYC scales up: New York City reportedly wants to install 3,000 EV charging stations until 2018 and now added another 800 to support the Charge NY initiative. Meanwhile, the first fast-charging stations have been erected at four service areas in the Hudson Valley, where drivers can charge with up to 50 kW.
ngtnews.com, nypa.gov

New EV rebate: Rhode Island is offering 2,500 dollars to those who buy or lease a plug-in car. For starters, a pool of 200,000 dollars in state funds has been made available to boost the number of EVs from the current 450 in Rhode Island.

Return of the rebate? A lawmaker in Georgia seeks to reinstate tax credits for electric cars, which the state discontinued last year. Instead of 5,000 dollars, the proposed rebate would offer up to 3,000 dollars through 2017 and 2,000 dollars through 2019.

Turkish electric bus: The city of Konya will soon put four electric buses into regular service after a trial was successful. Built by a Turkish firm, the buses sit 25 passangers and have a range of up to 200 km. Several charging stations will be erected.

Dec 18, 2015 - 07:46 am

Plug-In Grant, San Diego, Renault-Nissan, Green Tomato Cars.

Planning security: The UK Plug-In Grant has been extended until March 2018. But instead of 5,000 pounds, buyers of cars with at least 70 miles of electric range will receive 4,500 pounds. Plug-in hybrids are eligible for 2,500 pounds if their price is below 60,000 pounds. The grant to install a home charging station has been reduced to from 700 to 500 pounds. The changes will come into force by March 2016.

Climate Action Plan: The San Diego environment committee adopted a plan that will see the city cut carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2035. This decade, half of the government fleet will be electrified, 90 percent by 2035. The plan also includes more facilities for cycling and walking in the city.

Electric shuttle summary: The 200-strong fleet of Nissan and Renault electric vehicles drove 175,000 km at COP21 in Paris, saving 18 tons of CO2 emissions and 29,000 litres of petrol. About 3,800 transfers of delegates were made in Zoe, Leaf and e-NV200 vehicles driven by volunteering employees of the carmaker alliance.

Green cabs in London: Taxi operator Green Tomato Cars adds two Toyota Mirai to its fleet and is thus the first cab company in London running on hydrogen. Another five fuel cell cabs may follow in spring. Green Tomato Cars mostly uses Toyota hybrids in its 600 vehicle fleet.
standard.co.uk (with video)

Green car club: The City Car Club is coming to West Yorkshire. About a 100 vehicles, including 20 hybrids and five electric cars, will be available to share in Bradford, Calderdale and Wakefield. The car club cooperates with public transport as annual MCard holders benefit from reduced rates.

Bank & Charge: TD bank will install EV charging stations at seven locations in British Columbia, Canada. Charging is free for customers of the self-declared first carbon neutral bank.

Jul 27, 2015 - 08:39 am

LA, San Diego, Golden Gate Transit, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Queensland.

Sharing is caring: Los Angeles will kick off a three year carsharing project featuring 100 electric and hybrid vehicles in its low income districts. It will also install more than 100 charging points. The project’s aim is to allow people with lower incomes to use carsharing instead of purchasing a vehicle. The California Air Resources Board funds the initiative with 1.6 million dollars.
nbclosangeles.com, labusinessjournal.com, greencarcongress.com

BYD EVs for San Diego: The U.S. city of San Diego has ordered 50 units of the e6 electric car from Chinese manufacturer BYD. These are intended for airport transfers.
electriccarsreport.com (San Diego)

Golden Gate Transit bets on hybrids: The company is looking to order 74 new buses, which will hit the road at the end of 2017. After looking at a score of option, Golden Gate Transit prefers to go with diesel-electric buses, due to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

More electrification in Germany: Germany’s southern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg decided on actions against fine dust and noise. It wants to therefore build up more charging infrastructure and increase the amount of electric cars in its own governmental fleet to 10 percent. It thus hopes to reach its target of 200,000 EVs on its roads by 2020.
baden-wuerttemberg.de (in German)

Electric highway: The Australian State of Queensland wants to equip the 1,600 km long “Bruce Highway” with solar-powered fast chargers for electric cars. The first such charging station will be set up in Townsville.

Jul 20, 2015 - 08:26 am

San Diego, Delaware, Budapest, Bristol.

30 charging stations is what real estate investment company Emmes Reality Services has set up in its in its public parking garage in downtown San Diego, California. The chargers can be used via the ChargePoint app and are free to use until the end of August.
sdbj.com, seasidecourier.com

Delaware incentivises: The U.S. state earmarked 2.7 million dollars for its Clean Transportation Incentive Program (CTIP). EVs and PHEVs qualify for a 2,200 dollar rebate, while the installation of a charging station will be funded with up to 500 dollars.

Budapest buys electric: The city’s public transportation company BKV wants to buy 20 electric midibuses. A tender runs until the end of next month and the buses are set to be delivered by mid-December. So far, Hungarian company Evo Pro seems to be ahead in the running to secure the bid.

Bristol goes green: Five Nissan Leaf will provide transport for Bristol’s year-long stint as Europe’s Green Capital. The EVs will be used by the Bristol Green Capital 2015 team to deliver a programme of events across the city throughout the year.
fleetnews.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com (with video)

Jun 5, 2015 - 09:07 am

San Diego, Milan, Jordan, Plug Power & Walmart, London, Wolfsburg.

SDG&E plans infrastructure extension: San Diego Gas & Electric announced a new project, working with automakers, labor representatives, environmentalists and service providers to install 10 chargers each at up to 550 business and multi-family locations throughout its service territory for a total of 5,500 separate chargers. The company will also offer special rates to encourage charging at times when electricity supply from renewable energy is plentiful and energy prices are low.

Milan adds e-bikes: The Italian city has introduced 1 000 electric bicycles to its BikeMi network, bringing the total number of public bikes in the city to 4,600. All e-bikes have a range of 55 to 65 kilometres on a single charge. Furthermore, another 70 docking stations will be set up across the city.

150 Renault Zoe for Jordan: The deal was signed during the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and is the biggest Zoe order since 2013. The cars will be delivered this year and will be completely powered by electricity from solar panels installed on royal property.

Plug Power and Walmart Canada expand partnership: Plug Power will deliver another 124 GenDrive fuel cell systems for forklift trucks to Walmart’s distribution center in Balzac, Alberta, bringing the GenDrive total to 230 units at the site. Walmart Canada will also receive a GenFuel infrastructure.
hydrogenfuelnews.com, marketwatch.com

EV charger extension in London: Transport for London seeks potential partners and suppliers to further extend EV infrastructure by building more rapid-chargers for commercially used electric vehicles. This is all in the run up to the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020.

Wolfsburg gets e-sharing: The hometown of Volkswagen got its first electric sharing scheme, featuring 15 e-bikes and five VW e-Up, and aims to include up to 50 electric bicycles. The scheme is supported by the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ) and its partners. An “eMobility cube” is being built near the main station to provide a point of information.
innoz.de (in German)

Mar 9, 2015 - 10:36 am

London, Hamburg, Chicago, San Diego.

Taking charge: According to a new deal with Transport for London (TfL) and London boroughs of Sutton and Southwark, BluepointLondon will take over operations and maintenance of 60 charging stations from TfL as part of the Source London scheme. The goal is to have 6,000 chargers across the city by 2018.
electriccarsreport.com, puregreencars.com

Hamburg charges fast: In the coming three years, 50 rapid-chargers will be installed in the northern German city. Traffic development and locations of existing chargers will be taken into account to determine the location for the new charging points. The project “HansE” is supported by the local government, the Technical University Aachen (RWTH Aachen) and utility provider E.On. The total cost amounts to 3.4 million euros (3,7m dollars), while 1.4 million will be founded by the German government.
t-online.de, .ndr.de (articles in German)

350Green accused of fraud: Only 17 of the 280 fast-chargers promised in 2010 in the city of Chicago are up and running. Still, 350Green, the company responsible for the installation, received 3 million dollars in funding, with which they allegedly paid subcontractors and vendors. Following an FBI investigation, the president and CEO of the company have now been accused of fraud.
chicagotribune.com, greencarreports.com

Vehicle-to-Grid pilot: San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has started a V2G pilot project, using five EV fleets and local stationary energy storage systems to balance electricity supplies. Charging needs and on demand grid balancing are remotely controlled. Moreover, when agreeing to feed the grid during peak hours, fleets will be paid the marginal energy price.

Jan 30, 2015 - 09:34 am

Van Hool, Siemens & Volvo, eMio, Car2go, Georgia, San Diego.

EU supports H2 buses: Belgium bus OEM Van Hool has signed an agreement with the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), which is financing the deployment of 21 fuel cell buses. These will be powered by Ballard Ballard FCvelocity-HD7 modules.
greencarcongress.com, ballard.com

E-Buses and chargers for Sweden: Siemens and Volvo have signed a deal, saying they will work together to supply electrified bus systems to cities. In 2015, Volvo will deliver hybrid and all-electric buses to the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg, while Siemens will set up fast-chargers there with a charging capacity of up to 300 kW.

Electric scooter sharing in Berlin: Berlin-based start-up eMio will kick off its electric “Share-a-Scooter” programme in the German capital in March. Following the testing phase, 200 electric scooters will be up for sharing in the centre of Berlin. The two-wheelers can be booked per app and are free floating.
emio-sharing.de, emo-berlin.de (articles in German)

New electric Smarts for San Diego: Carsharing provider Car2go is renewing and increasing the size of its fleet in the Californian city, bringing in 400 new electric Smarts. These will replace 350 models from 2010. According to the company, it counts over 33,000 customers and over 1 million trips in San Diego since the scheme launched in 2011.
timesofsandiego.com, cnn.com

“Get Current” will be the name of a new initiative launched in Georgia, USA. Utility provider Georgia Power Co. has earmarked 12 million dollars that it will spend on erecting 50 new public charging stations, as well as on subsidies for the installation of private chargers.

San Diego wants cleaner cabs: The U.S. city launched a 360,000 dollar incentive programme to get taxi drivers to switch from petrol to hybrid. Taxi owners will receive up to 4,000 dollars for the purchase of a new hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle and will also pay reduced airport fees.

Sep 12, 2014 - 08:31 am

San Diego hits milestone.

San Diego now has 10,000 EVs on the roads in the region and this milestone was reached just in time for the Electric Vehicle Day tomorrow. The number takes into account EVs sold as well as leased.

Found on electrive.com
11.11.2022 14:45