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Nov 5, 2019 - 06:55 pm

Germany expands hydrogen infrastructure

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and H2 Mobility have signed a declaration of intent to further expand the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. It follows on from the first phase of expansion, which is to be completed by mid-2020 with 100 hydrogen filling stations.

Jun 15, 2019 - 04:08 pm

Germany: Four H2 stations closed after Norway explosion

H2 refuelling stations manufactured by Nel have been closed for the time being as a precaution after the explosion at a hydrogen filling station in Norway four days ago. According to H2 Mobility, four stations in Germany are affected by this measure.



Oct 24, 2018 - 03:18 pm

Great Wall tackling H2 market first in Germany

One of China’s largest carmakers, Great Wall Motors (GWM), has announced an investment in H2 Mobility. The consortium that is backed by Daimler, Total or Shell, aims to install a network of hydrogen filling stations across Germany so Great Wall’s engagement comes as a bit of a surprise at first.

Jun 16, 2017 - 08:43 am

London, Gothenburg, BlueCity, H2 Mobility, Aspen.

London gets 36 electric buses: BYD and ADL (Alexander Dennis Limited) managed to get a letter of intent from transport provider RATP Dev to acquire 36 electric buses to serve on lines C1 and 70. Deliveries of the Enviro200 models are scheduled for spring 2018 and price negotiations are underway. Once concluded, the latest order will bring the number of ADL BYD electric buses in the UK capital to over 100, more than in any other major European city.
just-auto.com, alexander-dennis.com

Gothenburg too got the hang of electric buses and thus extends its ElectriCity project together with Volvo to 2020. Two more electric buses shall take over line 16, after the electrification of no. 55 has proven a success.

Slowly but surely: BlueCity dares to grow its EV sharing in London fivefold, from 10 to 50 electric cars after the Hammersmith & Fulham trial went well. Availability will include Merton and Hounslow. Bolloré has been trying to gain ground in London since 2014.
businessgreen.com, cityam.com

German H2 initiative: Hesse state has 5 hydrogen stations as the joint venture H2 Mobility Deutschland opens two new ones. The JV consists of Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde and Shell that thus expand in the Rhine-Main area, namely in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Germany now has a total of 30 H2 stations and these last two saw the federal government pour 1.6m euros into them. H2 Mobility not only got mighty shareholders but associated partners too with BMW, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen.
greencarcongress.com, the-linde-group.com

It took Aspen 18 months to decide to apply for funding for electric buses and infrastrcuture. City officials will now be asked to grant 1.5m dollars towards the acquisition of eight electric buses from New Flyer. RFTA plans to also apply to the state for a grant worth 1.7m and to the FTA for a 3.2m grant.


Jun 12, 2017 - 07:53 am

Hydrogenics, Aeroboat, H2 mobility, Loop Energy.

FC tech for 1,000 buses: Hydrogenics has gained a 50m dollar order from China. More specifically, the Canadian fuel cell specialist shall deliver enough stacks to power 1,000 H2 buses by Chinese Blue-G. The order will be fulfilled over the next two to three years.
greencarcongress.com , hydrogenics.com

Aeroboat-IIAAT-300x150Indo-Russian hybrid amphibian: The ‘aeroboat’ is a hybrid beyond sheer propulsion technology as it is said to be capable of travelling on land, water, snow and sand as well. Jointly developed by Indo-Russian partners led by IIAAT Holding, the idea was to create a vehicle able to access difficult terrain, e.g. flooded or marshy areas. Over 25 units have already been ordered by private and government buyers in India.
financialexpress.com, masterbuilder.co.in, idrw.org

U.S. funding for H2 mobility: The DOE is going to raise an additional 15.8m dollars for a total of 30 development projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell tech. The focus is on research of novel, low-cost materials for H2 production and storage and fuel cells on-board light-duty vehicles.

REx for heavy duty EVs: Vancouver-based Loop Energy was granted 760,000 dollars for its range-extending power module for heavy-duty EVs from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) board. The REx is to be integrated by an unnamed OEM.

Oct 14, 2015 - 09:59 am

H2 Mobility, ZAP Jonway, Malta, London, Slovenia.

German H2 initiative: H2 Mobility Deutschland becomes operative as a joint venture between Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total. The partners plan to accelerate the installation of hydrogen stations in Germany. H2 Mobility plans to install 400 stations by 2023.
the-linde-group.com, h2-mobility.de (Joint Venture)

EV deal for China expands: American-Sino EV maker ZAP Jonway says its plan to distribute 20,000 instead of initial 5,000 EV Minivans via Dongfeng’s dealer network next year. This number could increase to 100,000 units over the next three years.

EV boost in Malta: A new scrappage scheme will start in Malta next year. 7,000 euros are offered to those scrapping an 10-year old car to buy an EV. Hybrids are subsidised with up to 3,000 euros. Those not wanting to get rid of the old but want a new EV still get 4,000 euros.

FCV support: Transport for London will be the first customer in the UK for the Toyota Mirai. TfL ordered four Mirai models to assist with maintenance work. Toyota named the British capital as a key city for the introduction of its fuel cell car.

In Slovenia the first two of a total of 26 planned rapid-charging stations for electric cars have opened. The country intends to cover its motorway network with fast-charging opportunities standing no more than 50km away from each other before the year’s end.

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