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Sep 28, 2019 - 08:46 pm

ChargeFox reveals Australian charging network

Australian electric vehicle charging network operator Chargefox has revealed the target locations for 22 sites in the first phase of its fast-charging network and announced plans to grow to over 100 charging sites around Australia.

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Aug 21, 2019 - 12:11 pm

Australian startup presents electric cargo van ACE EV

The Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Group (ACE EV) has presented their first battery-electric vehicle at the Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide. One hundred cars are to be produced while the company acquires further funding.

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May 20, 2019 - 02:46 pm

BYD aims for Australia with Evant’s help

BYD is preparing to enter the Australian market. A letter of intent has now been signed with the Adelaide-based Evant Group to develop and produce electric cars for the Australian market starting next year.

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May 15, 2019 - 04:08 pm

ACE EV to build electric vehicles in Australia

The Australian startup ACE EV (Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Group) is building a production facility in Adelaide to manufacture electric vehicles in cooperation with truck body makers Aldom Motor from 2020. The aim is to increase production to up to 15,000 vehicles per year by 2025.

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Sep 6, 2018 - 04:56 pm

Uniti plans to manufacture BEVs in Australia

The Swedish EV startup has announced plans to begin manufacturing their compact battery-electric Uniti One in Australia in the future. An annual capacity of up to 10,000 units are expected. The two-seater will begin production in Adelaide in 2020.

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Oct 19, 2017 - 09:56 am

Balearic Islands, Shell, Trondheim, Atlanta, Adelaide.

Charging the Balearic islands: 500 fast-charging stations are destined for the Balearic islands with 300 of the chargers to go to Mallorca alone. Funding comes from the tourist tax fund that earmarked 13m euros for the charging infrastructure. There are already 150 charging stations on Mallorca.
inselradio.com (in German)

First fast-chargers at Shell stations: The petrol-chemical company has teamed up with Allego and has installed fast-charging stations at pit stops in London, Surrey, and Derby. Seven more gas stations have been selected to get EV charging opportunities before the year’s end. Shell also wants to develop fast-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and the Philippines.
theguardian.com, europe.autonews.com

Electric buses for Trondheim: Heuliez Bus has received an order for ten of its new electric city buses. Tide Buss wants to deploy the GX 437 ELEC in Norwegian Trondheim. Another 25 electric buses will come from Volvo to Trondheim thus bringing the fleet up to a total of 35 as planned.

Gotta be EV ready: In Atlanta, new commercial and single-family residential units would have to be “EV-ready,” according to an by-law introduced into the City Council. The ordinance would require developers to install the electrical infrastructure to support EV chargers.

Charging hub Down Under: The city of Adelaide and the state government have turned to Mitsubishi Australia to open a charging station with eight fast-charging spots downtown. It is the first of its kind in South Australia.


Oct 31, 2016 - 09:35 am

Tritium, Adelaide, Bangalore, BYD-ADL, Cape Town.

Tritium expands to U.S.: The Australian charging infrastructure provider is looking to expand across the United States, starting with California. Next year, Tritium will set up a first U.S. headquarter in Torrance, complete with a research and a production facility.

Plugging in Down Under: The Australian city of Adelaide wants to increase the number of EV charging stations from now four to 40 by next year, and make these available for free. Meanwhile, businesses, residents, schools and community groups still qualify for subsidies for installing solar panels, energy storage and EV chargers (we reported).
energymatters.com.au, abc.net.au

150 e-buses for Bangalore: The Indian megacity decided to purchase 150 electric buses, making it the country’s first metropole to order electrically powered buses on such a large scale.

New order for BYD and ADL: The BYD-ADL (Alexander Dennis Limited) has received its first order in the UK. Bus operator Arriva North West Merseyside wants to purchase twelve Enviro200 EV electric buses and eight charging stations.

Electric buses for Cape Town: As part of a pilot project, the South African city is adding ten electric buses to its MyCITI service from June 2017. The buses will be delivered by BYD, who won the recent tender. The Chinese manufacturer will assemble the buses locally and provide the necessary charging infrastructure.
itweb.co.za, enca.com

Mar 8, 2016 - 09:33 am

CHAdeMO, Govecs, Tesla, Smart-E, Adelaide.

European fast-charging offensive: The CHAdeMO Association announced that 532 new multi-standard chargers will be installed in 2016 as part of five EU-funded projects. That includes the Fast-E project in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia (307 chargers), as well as Mecor and Great in Denmark and Sweden (185) and Unite-E in Belgium, France, Italy and the UK (40).
insideevs.com, chademo.com (PDF)

News deal for Govecs: The Munich-based manufacturer will deliver another 250 electric scooters to Cooltra for a free-floating scooter sharing scheme in Barcelona. The Govecs Go! S1.5 features replaceable batteries, meaning a mobile service team can exchange empty batteries with full ones, so that the scooter can run continuously.

Triple the net worth: According a recent financial report, Tesla’s Supercharger network tripled in value in 2015 compared to the previous year. While 334 Superchargers with a carrying value of 107m dollars were online by the end of 2014, the number jumped to 584 stations worth 339m dollars by the end of last year.

New e-taxi fleet: Indian city Gurgaon has a new taxi service called Smart-E. The fleet consists of 50 all-electric vehicles; the company says it wants to have 1,000 EV is service by the end of the year.

Perks for EV drivers Down Under: In order to get more EVs on the road, Australian city Adelaide wants to push the development of charging infrastructure, as well as offer a “huge…positive price discrimination” and perks such as discounted parking in the city. Adelaide hopes to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Jun 25, 2015 - 08:51 am

ChargePoint, Symbio FCell, Lex Autolease, Europcar, Adelaide.

New express station from ChargePoint: The low-cost Express 100 DC charger was designed for businesses that want to offer charging to customers. The 24 kW station is for now only available with the SAE J1772 combo plug, but ChargePoint says, it wants to launch a CHAdeMO version later this year.
insideevs.com, greencarreports.com

Symbio expects sales to soar: Fuel-cell system provider Symbio FCell predicts that it will deliver 1,000 electric Renault Kangoo with fuel-cell range extenders (Kangoo ZE-H2) next year. So far, more than 50 units have been delivered, with 200 expected for the full year.

Celebrating a milestone: British Lex Autolease says it has delivered its 2,000th plug-in electric vehicle. Lex Autolease claims to be responsible for around 7% of plug-ins on UK roads, which is believed to be the largest fleet of its kind in the country.
fleetnews.co.uk, evfleetworld.co.uk

Europcar adds new EVs to offering: The company launched a new EV service featuring Nissan Leafs in Birmingham City. The car hire service is committed to electrify five percent of its British fleet by 2020.
breakingtravelnews.com, sourcewire.com

Australian city offers incentives: Adelaide City now offers businesses, residents, schools and community groups up to 5,000 dollars for installing solar panels and energy storage. Installing a charging station for electric cars will get them up to 500 dollars. It is the first place in Australia to offer these kinds of subsidies.
moneymorning.com.au, energymatters.com.au

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