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Big Brother is tracking you: Soon all movements of electric and hybrid vehicles in China will be monitored by the government in real time. Data collected would include position, state-of-charge, drive mode as well as driver profiles, outlines a detailed draft. Beijing claims to serve the public interest as it would use the information to determine EV hotspots and to place charging posts accordingly. Also, drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles mainly using the combustion engine would have to pay back subsidies. (in German)

Audi-Q6-etron300x150Audi to get cozy: A change of strategy is ripe at the VW brand in an effort to cut cost. New premium models will be developed together with Porsche and Bentley and also Volkswagen in the future, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said. The first joint model will be the next-gen A8, conceptualised as electric car. (in German)

Tesla look-alike: Californian-Chinese start-up Atieva plans to unveil its first electric sedan this December. On pictures, the Atvus looks a lot like a Model S but will boast similar power Atieva demonstrated in its Edna van. The search for a factory in the U.S. continues meanwhile.

NextEV found a factory in Silicon Valley. On 85,000 sqm, the EV start-up will develop software and plans to employ 400 people. NextEV has acquired a license to test autonomous driving on Californian roads and is on course to build its own electric vehicle.

Mini-series supercar: The electric sportscar Vanda Dendrobium by Singaporean Vanda Electrics and Williams Advanced Engineering will make its debut in Geneva next year. Production date is set 18 months later but no more than 20 units of the 1,100 kW EV will be made.

Prius for India: Toyota will start offering the latest version of best-selling hybrid in India in early 2017. There, it will likely launch with nickel-metal battery only and will initially serve as technology demonstrator rather than the sales driver it is in the rest of the world.” target=”_blank”>


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