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Jun 10, 2015 - 08:09 am

Battery vs Fuel Cell, AlphaElectric.

Reading tip: In what is popularly dubbed the “Battle of zero-emissions cars” the BBC takes a look at the future of mobility. Quite literally, as Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports on the Toyota Mirai from Tokyo but also includes the Leaf in his probing.
bbc.co.uk (with videos)

Video tip: AlphaElectric has released a video explaining its core business to its main customers and to encourage others to follow. So why should you really start thinking about electrifying your fleet? Because it pays off if you know how.

May 15, 2014 - 08:20 am

Tesla Model S cartoon, Car technologies.

Click tip: A Model S review that lovingly describes the Tesla as a “spaceboat of light and wonder” got to be different – it is actually a cartoon. The cartoonist behind the Oatmeal blog does not stop at the love for his car but wants to show his gratuity to the “greatest geek who ever lived” (no, not Elon) and is currently looking for funding to build a Nikola Tesla museum. Will Elon Musk give the full 8 million dollars needed?
theoatmeal.com (Model S review), green.autoblog.com (Tesla museum)

Reading tip: Head over to BBC to learn about how evolving technologies have changed the way we drive, use and think about the car. Also, the article gives an quick outlook on what driving a car will be like in the future.

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