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Jul 15, 2018 - 01:00 pm

Tesla sets up new R&D center in Beijing

Tesla has built a new research and development center in Beijing, which they are calling the Beijing Technology Innovation Center. The registration for the facility with the local government goes back to October 2017.

Jul 8, 2018 - 02:50 pm

China: Beijing Electric Vehicle bets on battery-swap

BJEV is launching a battery-swap service to get ahead in China’s competitive market. They will install the first 100 battery changing station in Beijing this year as an add on to their EV300 model. Moreover, this symbolises a comeback of battery swapping only this time with more refined business models.



May 17, 2018 - 01:04 pm

BMW teasing iNEXT and wants to expand in China

BMW has revealed a teaser image of the upcoming iNEXT. While the image allows for a very limited glimpse of their upcoming electric model only, it precedes what BMW calls its Vision Vehicle, that can be expected this year.

Mar 1, 2018 - 12:50 pm

BJEV setting up subsidiary to produce electric powertrains

The BAIC subsidiary Beijing Electic Vehicle (BJEV) is planning to found another subsidiary to produce electric powertrains for their vehicles, which will be named the Blue Valley Power Company. The initial step of the new power company will be to set up an annual production capacity of 100,000 electric vehicle driving system sets.



Jun 12, 2017 - 07:55 am

Tesla, PSA, Beijing, JLR, Honda, GM.

Tesla-Model3-300Model 3 debut with limited choice: Tesla will activate the online configurator for the Model 3 by the end of July. Design choices will be limited however to a choice of colour and wheel size as the firm wants to avoid problems it had with the Model X debut. At the time, the Californians had difficulties to quickly reach large quantities, due to a lot of configuration possibilities.
teslarati.com, electrek.co, tesla.com (video of shareholder meeting)

PSA to invest in China: 500m euros will flow into the China JV between the French car manufacturer and its partner Changan this year. Their target is to launch one new DS model per year in China starting in 2018, and to offer both PHEV and EV versions of their luxury label from 2019.
europe.autonews.com, businesswire.com

Beijing has used up its NEV quota for the private sector this year already. Local government had limited the number of licence plates to 51,000 in 2017 and with all of those gone, it looks like new buyers must be patient until 2018 – if the city government does not readjust the quota in the meantime.

Jaguar to electrify extensively: Each and every Jaguar Land Rover will be offered as both EV and PHEV by 2025, Hanno Kirner, responsible for the company’s strategy, revealed to German Tagesspiegel. Starting with the I-Pace due in 2018 for a price of around 80,000 euros, Jaguar wants to get half way through the electrification of it main line-up within three years. Kirner further pointed to the Formula E as both a platform for learning and audience engagement. For JLR it is the first season with Team Panasonic Jaguar Racing.
pressreader.com(in German)

Nothing but electric for Honda’s NSX? According to Honda’s head of R&D Sekino Yosuke, the next-gen hybrid sports car NSX could come equipped with four electric motors. Honda is just testing fitting tech in the 1,000 bhp Pikes Peak race car, the NSX-inspired Acura EV concept.

Chevy Bolt now U.S.-wide: General Motors slightly accelerates market entry of its all-electric Bolt in the States as it opens the order books nationwide. The Bolt will now arrive in the newly included states in August, one month earlier than originally planned.
insideevs.com, electrek.co

Mar 14, 2017 - 10:42 am

COUP, Nissan, Brampton, Beijing, California.

1,000 e-scooter fleet in Berlin: COUP is Bosch’s subsidiary responsible for electric scooter sharing in the German capital that started with 200 two-wheelers last year. Now, the service is to about to expand with 800 more e-scooter that shall be ready by April and become available in more districts. Berlin will see an entire electric scooter swarm this summer it seems as local Emmy (formerly eMio) had also announced to grow its fleet recently.
i13.mnm.is (pdf)

Royal Navy drives Nissan EVs: 48 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans have arrived at Portsmouth Naval Base, where they will serve the Royal Navy’s transport operations. 26 charging points and 28 parking bays for electric vehicles are being installed.
autovolt-magazine.com, upi.com

Cooperative e-bus project: The Canadian city of Brampton, Ontario will purchase up to 10 electric buses and four overhead EV charging stations as part of the Pan-Ontario Electric Bus Demonstration and Integration Trial. The charge stops will be installed by ABB and Siemens, while New Flyer and Nova Bus will supply the buses, which could run from spring 2018.

Battery swap at BAIC: 200 battery changing stations are to be set up in Beijing by Chinese manufacturer BAIC this year. They mainly serve electric cabs and join an existing bunch of 50 such swapping stations in China’s capital. The whole exchange takes less than three minutes.

27 electric trucks have arrived in California as expected. The BYD EVs are destined for freight and rail yards in three disadvantaged communities in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Fontana.

Feb 24, 2017 - 09:43 am

UK, Czech Republic, Tesla, EVGo, Beijing.

EV boost in UK: The Department for Transport introduced the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, which calls for more electric cars. Charging infrastructure was identified as the main issue and may be solved by forcing motorway services to provide EV charge points and hydrogen refuelling stations. Also, EV drivers shall have easier access to information on availability of charge stops.
businessgreen.com, parliament.uk (the bill)

Charging the Czech Republic: More than a billion krona or 37m euros have been earmerked by the government in Prague to install 1,200 EV charging stations across the Czech Republic before the decade’s end. The plan is also driven by VW’s Czech brand Skoda, that will electrify by 2019.
ee-portal.eu (in German), radio.cz (in Czech)

Tesla will double the number of Superchargers in America before the Model 3 will hit the market this year. At the moment, 373 such fast-chargers stand in the States but Tesla operates 805 Supercharger stations worldwide. New customers will be charged a small fee for their use.

EVGo charges for Bolt free: The infrastructure provider EVGo has teamed up with car sharer Maven and Lyft to offer fast-charging at no cost for drivers of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Additionally, EVgo is extending its 30-minute charge time limit to an hour for Bolt EV drivers.

Beijing cabs to go all electric? 71,000 taxis run in the Chinese capital and 94 percent of them drive with gas. This is to change as the city plans to only allow electric, hybrid, or LPG vehicles to replace old cabs or to be newly registered. The plan might come to pass already this year.

Feb 17, 2017 - 09:48 am

Peugeot, Beijing, BMW, Toyota, Tesla, Trumpchi.

Peugeot-Partner-Tepee-electricTeepee for all: Peugeot takes his electric utility vehicle to mass market, starting in Geneva. The Partner Tepee Electric has turned five-seater and drives 170 km on a charge. On-sale date is September.

Enough: Beijing has had it with shrouds of smog around its skyscrapers. The government banned the most polluting vehicles from the capital this week. Fines await those that drive a car that fails to meet China’s Emission Standard III on weekdays. Beijing also ponders to restrict industrial activity in the region although cars are estimated to be responsible for 80% of the carbon monoxide in China’s air.

The BMW i8 Spyder is real and not just wishful thinking. Spy shots emerged and show the hybrid racer in camouflage but with larger window fronts and revamped buttresses. It may even be a convertible.

Good news: Toyota lowered the price of the Prius PHEV in UK. Cost stand at 31,695 pounds before the plug-in car grant. That is 3,200 GBP less than announced initially. Deliveries will begin in March.

Tesla expands: The EV maker received approval to sell its electric cars in Korea starting this May. Meanwhile, Tesla partnered with Australia’s largest department store chain to set-up pop-up stores at its outlets. The model resembles the Californian’s cooperation with Nordstrom in the USA.
joins.com (Korea), electrek.co, smh.com.au (Australia)

EV headed for China and USA: GAC brand Trumpchi will present its latest electric crossover, the GE3 at the Shanghai Auto Show this April. First images appeared along with a few details like a 300 km range. The EV is to launch first in China but may later make it to U.S. shores.

Feb 17, 2017 - 09:45 am

Enel, Beijing, Philadelphia, Air Liquide, San Diego.

Enel earmarks 300m for EV infrastructure: Enel plans to establish a dedicated e-mobility unit within months to oversee its network of charging stations with 300m euros in its back. The Italian utility recently embarked on the EU project EVA+ together with Renault, Nissan, VW and BMW, that plans 200 multi-standard fast-chargers in Italy and Austria.
tt.com (in German)

Go fun in Beijing: 5,000 additional electric cars shall enter EV sharing service GoFun in Beijing by 2018. A reasonable move given the capital’s ban on gas guzzlers that is unlikely to lessen. GoFun’s fleet in Beijing is 1,100 EV strong but the company ventured to three more Chinese cities already.

EV parking privilege to end? Philadelphia has secured free parking for electric cars since a decade but this programme may come to an end now. New permits are left pending as the council awaits a decision on whether to continue or to ax the scheme.

Hydrogen in NYC: Air Liquide said it will install two H2 charging station in New York. Planned in Brooklyn and Hempstead, the FCV stops shall go live in the second half of 2017.

San Diego doubles charging capacity: San Diego city completed a project that increased the number of EV charging stations at public locations to 57, while the number of ports for vehicles to plug into jumped from 32 to 68.

Feb 7, 2017 - 11:04 am

Nissan, Toyota + Suzuki, Tesla, Hero Electric, Beijing.

Nissan-Leaf-30-kWhNissan gears to expand EV range: The Volt’s 24 kWh battery pack phases out successively. In the USA, no 2017 Leaf has the smaller battery as an option anymore and nor do those in France. More countries are likely to follow. Meanwhile, Nissan beats other paths into electrification. The Note e-Power with a price of about 14,500 euros is 40 percent cheaper than the Leaf and range-extended, making it what Nissan calls a “near-electric” hybrid much like GM’s Volt. The smaller battery is charged by a gasoline engine but so far the Note is only available in Japan.
insideevs.com (Leaf), reuters.com (Note e-Power)

Toyota and Suzuki fix their partnership first aired last October. They do indeed want to work together on green and safe technology as well as IT and to supply each other products and components. This looks like it may lead to shared electric mobility innovations in the future.
sunherald.com, greencarcongress.com

Elon of Arabia: Tesla is to enter the United Arab Emirates, where it will host a launch event a week from today. It will take place in the world’s tallest building in Dubai. Dubai is also the location for the first service centre in the region and Tesla is now looking for a manager and technicians there.
electrek.co, tesla.com (job listing)

Hero Flash: There is a new e-bike in town as Hero Electric launches the Flash. A lead-acid battery with 960 Wh powers a 250 W motor up to a speed of 25 kph. Range is given at 65 km. While the chemistry is worrying, it helps to keep the price at an all time low of 19,990 rupees, about 280 euros after subsidies.

Beijing pushed back hard on subsidy cheating as it stroke seven carmakers off the list of electric cars eligible for incentives. Officials claim their models were either unfinished or used wrong battery cells. This leaves SAIC Bus and Zhengzhou Nissan Auto among others with two months to rectify the problems.

Dec 16, 2016 - 09:14 am

Hubject, carsharing, EVgo, Portland, North Carolina, Beijing.

VW joins Hubject : The German automaker officially joined the e-roaming platform, buying a single-digit million euro stake in the company. BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Bosch, EnBW, and innogy are also part of the consortium.
volkswagen-media-services.com, reuters.com

DriveNow and car2go to join forces? According to German Manager Magazin, BMW and Daimler want to merge their carsharing businesses. Others like BMW’s charging infrastructure subsidy ChargeNow or Daimler’s MyTaxi could later join in. DriveNow stakeholder Sixxt would, however, leave the group. A reason for the merger is i.e. growing competition from Uber, etc.
manager-magazin.de (in German), reuters.com (Sixxt)

First 350 kW charger being built: EVgo kicked off the installation of the U.S.’s first 350 kW charging station. It has four ultra-fast connectors, as well as CCS and CHAdeMO outlets. The station will be commissioned in June. The road for the energy hungry Porsche Mission E has been paved.

Portland pushes electrification: The city in Oregon and surrounding Multnomah County have passes and emobility strategy that will see the replacement of at least 10,000 diesel and petrol-cars with electric ones by 2020. Portland itself will get 60 EVs. Moreover, the number of chargers in the county will be doubled.
bizjournals.com, portlandoregon.gov

Charging North Carolina: Duke Energy will install 200 new EV chargers across North Carolina. A list of exact locations has now been made public. The utility earmarked 1.4m dollars for the undertaking. The investment is part of a lawsuit settlement with the state, which accused the utility of illicit smokestack pollution (we reported).

Smart streetlight: 20 intelligent streetlights offering WiFi have been installed in Beijing. 18 of which also include a place for EVs to plug in. The city plans to install another 100 units.

Sep 1, 2016 - 08:19 am

Tesla, Baidu, Mercedes, e-rickshaws, Beijing.

Show Tesla the money: Another round of financing is needed if the Model 3 and Gigafactory are to go ahead as planned. Tesla says, it intends to raise additional funds by the years’ end “through potential equity or debt offerings.” The merger with SolarCity plays a role as well. Apart from risks, Tesla also offers new securities. ‘InsureMyTesla’ is the firm’s first insurance product and will be available in Australia and Hongkong with QBE Insurance and AXA General Insurance as partners.
electrek.co, sec.gov, usatoday.com, electrek.co (insurance)

Autonomous EV by Baidu: The Chinese equivalent to Google has started testing its self-driving technology with an all-electric Chery EQ. Previously, Baidu used a modified BMW 3-series. The company plans to put its technology to public shuttle duties by 2018.

Hybrid AMG racer: Mercedes’ tuning arm AMG will presumably celebrate its 50th jubilee with a special edition. The rumours may take on production form already by 2017, Top Gear learned. Three electric motors coupled with an extra strong F1 engine would make for a fine 700 hp hybrid.

has to be_beENERGISED_var2_EN

Free e-rickshaws: India has liberated electric carts and rikshaws from requiring any permits to allow them to hit the roads freely. Restrictions can still be imposed for driving in specified areas or streets.
indiatvnews.com, business-standard.com

LEV ban in China: Beijing has banned segways and electric scooters from Chinese roads. Security issues like illegal speeds over 20 mph, missing lights, and weak brakes are behind the move. Drivers being caught face a fine of 10 yuan (1.5 dollars).

Aug 23, 2016 - 08:24 am

Beijing, South Australia, Gogoro, India.

Cleaning China: Beijing is about to exchange 45 percent of its fleet of sanitation vehicles with electric ones. Already by the end of this year, 791 specially made vehicles by BYD will be sweeping the streets or collecting garbage. By the end of next year, the Chinese capital is to be cleaned by a fully electric fleet consisting of various models.

South Australia to go green: The states plans a push for electrification as it seeks to switch 30 percent of its fleet to plug-in vehicles. In numbers that is to grow the electrified fleet from 161 to 2,000 units over the next three years. South Australia’s capital Adelaide aspires to become a carbon neutral city.
evtalk.co.nz, premier.sa.gov.au, wardsauto.com

Gogoro expands: Another 100 charging stations for the rental electric scooters shall be installed at businesses in Taiwan. Gogoro says it sold more than 10,000 electric two-wheelers and set up 225 battery swapping stops in six Taiwanese cities.

India’s first electric motorcycle comes from Tork Motorcycles. The T6X said range is above 100 km with a top speed of 95 kph. Before its launch in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad in 2017, Tork is to set up a 100 charging stations in each city.

Jul 7, 2016 - 08:24 am

Munich, India, Beijing, Norway, Tesla, Hyundai.

BMW-Vehicular-CrowdCellAutonomous EVs in Munich? According to German Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Bavarian city is working with BMW, Siemens and UPS to test new mobility concepts. BMW will i.e. look at autonomous driving in e-carsharing schemes, while UPS wants to set up distribution containers from where messengers can pick up parcels to deliver on electric cargo bikes.
sueddeutsche.de (in German)

India rids itself of smelly cars: India’s environmental minister Prakash Javadekar announced a specialty tariff for diesel cars and SUVs. Diesel cars will be subject to a 2.5 percent tax on top of the buying price, while SUV prices will even increase 4%. The goal is to have 7m EVs on the road by 2020.
automobil-produktion.de, wiwo.de (articles in German)

Beijing brings ICVs to a halt: The Chinese capital has published its transport plan until 2020. It says that the number of motor vehicles will be kept under six million by the end of 2017 and under 6.3 million by 2020 – meaning only 100,000 new motor vehicles will be allowed on the road each year. The share of electric buses is meanwhile said to increase from 35 to 65 percent by 2020.

EV figures from Norway: A total of 38.7 percent of all newly registered cars there in the first half year of 2016 had an electric motor on board. The number of EVs and hybrids grew to 30,107 units (up from 22,478 in 2015), while plug-in hybrids are definitely the new trend.

New base Tesla for China: Tesla now offers its Model X 75D as base version in China. Due to taxes and tariffs, the price starts at around 125,000 dollars. Deliveries of the Model X have already kicked off. However, only 11 cars have been handed over so far.

New markets for the Ioniq: Hyundai confirmed that it wants to offer its newest family member in the Middle East before the end of the year, as well as in selected African countries. First up will be countries of the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC), while the focus will be on the Ioniq hybrid variant.

May 30, 2016 - 07:55 am

PSA, Beijing, Philadelphia, Tesla, Avista.

PSA goes CCS: It seems PSA brands Peugeot and Citroën will be switching to the Combined Charging System for their upcoming models, due to hit the read in about three years. The group’s rebranded versions of Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, the Peugeot Partner Electric and Citroen Berlingo had all featured CHAdeMO DC fast-charging.

Congestion in China: Legislation is expected to pass in Beijing this year incorporating i.e. congestion-based charges and restricted driving days, giving special privileges to EV owners. Still, electric vehicle uptake in Beijing has been low. Almost half of EV license plates issued in October were not used by their expiry date in April.

Buses in Philly: The city of Philadelphia has purchased 525 diesel-electric hybrid buses as part of a 411.8m dollar five-year contract with New Flyer of America. Once they hit the road, 95% of the area’s bus fleet will be made up of hybrid vehicles.

All Teslas lead to Rome: The newly erected Tesla Supercharger in Magliano means drivers can now reach Rome from almost anywhere in Europe. It is the EV maker’s 12th Supercharger location in Italy.

Avista chargers in Washington: The utility has gotten the green light to install seven fast-charging stations across eastern part of the U.S. state of Washington. Moreover, it will set up a corridor from north of Spokane to the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, erecting 50 level-2 charging stations ant workplaces and another 30 in public locations. The initiative will also include 120 in-home chargers for EV owners.

Apr 26, 2016 - 08:18 am

Tesla, Beijing, CCSplus, Utah, Ohio.

Destination Europe: Tesla has officially launched their Destination Charging programme in Europe, starting with 150 new chargers. Locations are listed on their website. Tesla is also accepting applications from other businesses at convenient locations that could receive two chargers free or heavily discounted.
electrek.co, teslamotors.com

Beijing upgrades: To accommodate the requirement that taxi drivers must use alternative energy vehicles by 2020, Beijing will be setting up 435,000 EV chargers. The electric vehicle market in the Chinese capital is expected to reach 600,000 units by 2020, and the city hopes to have “one post per one vehicle” in private the private sector.

Rapid charging: Phoenix Contact is presenting the rapid charging system CCSplus at the Hanover Fair this week. The system includes an integrated cooling system that could achieve up t0 350kW. They hope to reach a charging time of 3-5 minutes for 100 km in the future.
voltumim.de (in German)

Utah Transit Authority: UTA and the University of Utah are using 5.4m dollars from the Low-No grant to purchase five New Flyer electric buses. They will include an electric-powered air compressor, as well as electric conditioning and heating systems. For especially cold conditions, the passenger cabin can be warmed with a small amount of renewable bio-diesel.

Drink up: Ohio’s first hydrogen bus showed consumers that the vehicle’s energy was so clean, they could drink it (and they did). A second bus is on its way, and eight more will be delivered in the next two years. They hope the programme will encourage fuel cell research and production.
insidedevs.com (with video), cleveland.com

Apr 7, 2016 - 08:45 am

Tesla, Ford, Beijing, Lexus, Audi.

Tesla-Model3-300French Tesla facility? If France’s Energy Minister Segolene Royal gets her will, an old nuclear energy plant could become the first Tesla production plant in Europe. The Fessenheim nuclear plant in the Alsace region near the German border is due to close at the end of the year. Talks with Tesla management are to take place in a few days. That is what we call true energy turnaround.
reuters.com, theverge.com, jalopnik.com

Mexican Ford facility: The carmaker will build a plant for small cars in Mexico for 1.6bn dollars. Set to go into operation in 2018, the Ford facility will also produce a Focus-based hybrid described as “Prius-fighter,” according to Reuters‘ sources.

Crackdown continues: After Shenzhen, Beijing takes a tough approach to unregulated e-bike traffic, banning electric scooters from ten main roads because of safety reasons. There are about 4m e-bikes in China’s capita, most of which resemble electric motorcycles, but claim the freedom of bicycles.

800 hp hybrid? Lexus plans a LFA successor, which will debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese Response reports. However, so far these are only rumours and Lexus has not commented on the undertaking.

A3 facelift: Audi updates its A3 this summer and reveals sharper and brighter lights, as well as new colours. The A3 e-tron will be continued, but the facelift does not concern the plug-in hybrid’s drivetrain.
carscoops.com, worldcarfans.com

Mar 9, 2016 - 09:49 am

BMW, Vienna, Beijing, Bangkok, Fukushima.

Solar home charging: BMW partners with Loxone to introduce solar charging stations with smart home integration in the DACH region, as well as the UK, the Netherlands and Czech Republic. The so-called E-Mobility Starter Kit is said to be open to any EV manufacturer and costs 599 euros with solar charging already installed. The Wallbox Pro will cost an additional 2,200 euros.
wiwo.de (in German)

Zero-emission delivery: Austria’s postal service is adding more electric vehicles to its 1,111 strong fleet, bringing the number to 1,300. In Vienna alone, 90 EVs will be added to enable a 100 percent emission free delivery of mail and newspapers by the end of the year.
ots.at (in German)

6,000 EV charging stations will be erected in Beijing this year. The 5,880 smaller EV charging stations will supply urban areas while another 14 large stations will go up at service stops along highways, utility Beijing Electric Power announced.

Electric bus in Bangkok: An electric bus by BYD is to serve in the Thai capital during a three month trial. If successful, Bangkok will replace 200 of its 3,183 conventional buses with electric ones, and plans to eventually electrify the whole fleet.

H2 for Fukushima: The nuclearly devastated Japanese prefecture turns to hydrogen production from renewable sources. The ‘Fukushima new energy society initiative’ will produce enough energy to power about 10,000 fuel cell vehicles, which will also be used during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
the-japan-news.com, japantimes.co.jp

Jan 21, 2016 - 09:51 am

London, Beijing, Hamburg, Supercharger, Envision Solar.

Smart city: London borough of Greenwich will introduce an electric bike sharing together with 300 smart parking bays and the Thames will serve as renewable energy source. The trial is part of the ‘Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse’ programme funded with 25m euros, which are shared between the British capital, Milan, Lisbon, Warsaw, Bordeaux, and Burgas.
techweekeurope.co.uk, fleetworld.co.uk

Another smart city: Beijing intends to build another 5,000 charging stations. The Chinese capital now counts 5,008 public and 12,000 private charge points that serve its 35,800 plug-in vehicles. EV drivers will be able to check location and availability online.

Responsible sourcing: The city of Hamburg issued new guidelines for its purchasing department, designed to decrease the carbon footprint. In accordance with the new measures, the city intends to electrify half of its fleet by 2020. Currently, 24 percent of Hamburg’s 315 cars are electric.
klimaretter.info (in German)

European expansion: Tesla looks to solidify Supercharger coverage in Europe, a map of planned stations shows. Eastern and southern Europe in particular will see the opening of new Tesla charging stations. So maybe soon, Model S drivers will be able to drive from Lisbon to Moscow.
teslarati.com, autoblog.com

Close Chinese ties: Envision Solar has found two organisations in Fujian Province, who will take care of brokerage and sales. Both have close connections to the local authorities and believe Envisions charging stations, which can operate without grid connection, are ideal for the Chinese market.

Jan 11, 2016 - 09:02 am

Mitsubishi, Audi, Chrysler, Chevy, BYD, Beijing.

Mitsubishi-EX-ConceptMitsubishi’s electric plans in the U.S.: The Japanese carmaker wants to launch a new crossover model there early 2018, which will be based on the all-electric eX Concept. A new and bigger Outlander (incl. a PHEV variant) is in the pipelines for 2019, and a smaller Outlander Sport for 2020. The latter is said to also be available as an all-electric car.
autoblog.com, worldcarfans.com

City EV by Audi? According to Autocar, Audi will launch a small city car in 2019 that will also be available as a pure EV. A study could already be presented at the Salon d’Automobiles in Paris in 2017.

Chrysler with plug: The U.S. manufacturer released a teaser image of its 700c Concept ahead of the American International Auto Show in Detroit, which kicks off today. It seems the study could also foreshadow the next-generation Town and Country Minivan, announced for late 2016 (we reported).

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Bolt officially priced: General Motors now confirmed the sales price of its Chevy Bolt for the U.S., pricing it at 37,500 dollars, including delivery. That means the new EV will be available for 30,000 dollars after a federal tax credit of 7,500 dollars.

EV boom: Chinese BYD expects profits to increase more than 500 percent in 2015, due to a strong demand for electric vehicles that the company says it still has difficulties to meet. And that despite its high production capacities.

Beijing doubles number of EV plates: The Chinese capital has published new guidelines for vehicle registrations. A total of 150,000 new license plates will be issued in 2016. 60,000 are reserved for EVs and PHEVs – twice as many as in 2015. Moreover, owners of the latter will no longer have to take part in the license plate lottery, but will receive them directly.

Dec 11, 2015 - 09:36 am

Beijing, Solar racer in NYC, Event.

Reading tip: Chinese capital Beijing just lifted the 3-day red alert due to high smog levels. According to Reuters, Chinese car dealers are already noticing an increase in demand for electric cars.

Video tip: Ars Technica got to take a trip in the Schulich Delta solar racecar through the shady street of Manhattan. Still, the solar-powered car built by the University of Calgary had nearly unlimited range. Conclusion: the technology “seems usable by a regular person.”
youtube.com via autoblog.com

Upcoming event: FIA Formula E, Round 3 (Dec 19; Punta del Este, Uruguay)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Dec 10, 2015 - 09:08 am

Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Beijing, Caocao, Tesla.

VW-E-BulliDawn of the Era at VW: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that during the keynote address of Volkswagen’s Chairman of Passenger Cars Dr. Herbert Diess at the upcoming CES 2016, he will unveil a new all-electric concept car. According to Autocar, it will be a close preview to the planned production version of the all-electric Microbus. In Europe, the electrification strategy may visibly kick off in German Dresden. From 2016, the electric Golf and Up could be produced in the so-called Transparent Factory before the E-Phaeton takes its place in line by 2019.
businesswire.com, autocar.co.uk, handelsblatt.com (Transparent Factory, in German)

Range-extended Nissan Juke? The Gripz concept is a preview of Nissan’s next compact SUV, the Juke, Motoring alleges. First shown at the IAA earlier this year, the electric prototype is the firm’s first EV with a range extender. The electrified Juke might already be unveiled in early 2016.

New Prius on-sale: The fourth generation of Toyota’s bestselling hybrid arrived at Japanese dealerships. North America is next in January before the Prius goes to Europe a month later. Toyota expects to sell 12,000 units a month in Japan and projects up to 350,000 sales annually worldwide.

Red alert: Beijing has issued a red smog alert resulting in a complete shut down of factories, schools and half the traffic for the first time. The warning is based on air pollution levels more than 10 times higher than the level at which WHO recommends to take cautious measures.
chinabusinessnews.com, forbes.com, autonews.gasgoo.com

Geely Uber: Caocao is a new ride hailing and rental service to be set up by a Geely subsidiary that will also include electric cars. Different from Uber, the service aims to be more upmarket as it includes translators, drivers or simply rental cars.

Model S 70D review: John Howell stays down to earth in his description of the entry level Tesla that comes with AWD. The latter helps it “to get its power down with stunning efficiency” Howell says before describing the “bizarre” feeling of trusting the Autopilot.

Dec 9, 2015 - 09:07 am

Beijing, Ontario, Renault & Eneco, Paris.

Electric bus charging depot: Up to 30 electric transit buses can fast charge at the same time at Xiaoying Terminal in Beijing. Built by China State Grid, the facility spans 26,500 m2 and hosts 25 chargers at 360 kW and 5 chargers at 90 kW. More EV charging stations and depots are planned to electrify further transit routes.

20m dollars for infrastructure will be invested by the Ontario province in Canada. The government will provide the money in grants to the private and public sector. Announced at COP21 in Paris, details of the programme will follow later this month. Ontario aims to reduce emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.
winnipegfreepress.com, thestar.com, news.ontario.ca

Eco charge via app: Renault and Eneco subsidiary Jedlix will jointly adapt an existing smart charging app to the Zoe EV. Users will then be able to charge their electric car with energy from renewable sources when tariffs are most favourable. A pilot in the Netherlands led to cost savings of up to 15 percent.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

BlueTram in Paris: An electric streetcar runs up and down the Champs-Élysées. The BlueTram by Bolloré can be used free of charge until mid January. The 20 passenger vehicle runs with supercaps and needs neither cables nor tracks to move along (we reported).
leparisien.fr, lefigaro.fr, youtube.com (all in French)

Oct 23, 2015 - 08:41 am

Germany, Chargemaster, Nissan & Ecotricity, Honda, Beijing, CEC.

10,000 EV chargers for Germany? German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt is considering to support electric vehicles more strongly. German daily Rheinische Post reports, the ministry is assessing a proposal that could see 10,000 new EV charging stations be erected. Cost are estimated at 100m euros and would require public as well as private investment.
uk.news.yahoo.com, rp-online.de (original source in German)

Formula E has appointed Chargemaster as its official infrastructure provider. Its task is to keep all electric vehicles involved energised, also inductively. The partners plan to leave a mark that goes beyond the race as at least ten fast-chargers shall be erected in each host city.

EV signage: Nissan and Ecotricity have asked the British government to introduce official road signs to designate charge points. While there are official signs for “migratory toad crossings” that total 140, the UK’s 9,000 charge points are much harder to find.
greencarcongress.com, evfleetworld.co.uk

Workplace charging: Honda erects 120 EV charging stations at its campus in Torrance, California. It also includes a 50kW DC fast charger open to the public. Honda says it will add another electric and a new plug-in hybrid model to its lineup by 2018.

Large-scale EV charging: Beijing builds China’s largest solar charging station and has officially started the works. When operational by the end of the year, the station will be capable to charge 80 electric cars a day at 30 fast and 20 regular charge points.

The California Energy Commission awarded 2.7 million dollars to Gardena as the city launches an electric bus demo project. Another 2m dollars go to the San Diego Community College District to be used in training for alternative vehicle technology.
ngtnews.com, energy.ca.gov

Jul 7, 2015 - 08:48 am

Specialized, Beijing, Solar Impuls 2, Ford, IND.

Specialized-LEVO-E-MTBSpecialized E-MTB: The American bike manufacturer will introduce an electric mountain bike range. The Turbo LEVO is powered by a modified 250-W Brose drive, but speed is capped at 25 kph. The battery is integrated in the down tube and includes three buttons for control instead of a display. The system communicates driving data from various hidden sensors and can be fine tuned via an app.
flowmountainbike.com, velomotion.de (in German)

On alert: Beijing is to keep up its car restriction rule based on odd and even license plates on days of heavy air pollution. As soon as alert level orange is called, half of the cars will be banned from the city centre, as will all trucks. Electric vehicles are obviously exempt from this rule.

Record flight: After weeks of waiting, the Solar Impulse II has managed to cross the Pacific Ocean. It took five days to fly from Japanese Nagoya to Hawaii on solar power alone. The 120-hour voyage thus broke the record for a nonstop flight. The next leg will take the pioneers from Honolulu to Arizona.
eco-business.com, greencarreports.com, ev.com

Ford recalls C-Max Hybrids in the U.S., due to a software malfunction that causes engines to keep running even after being turned off. Affected C-Max models were built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant between April 22nd, 2014, and June 12th, 2015.

Tuning the i-series: BMW tuner IND has developed a tuning kit to modify the BMW i3 and i8. While performance remains unchanged, the design of both cars is accentuated with blue rims, for example, while the i3 also receives a new carbon front and rear.
ecomento.tv (in German), ecomento.com

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