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Jan 11, 2016 - 09:02 am

Mitsubishi, Audi, Chrysler, Chevy, BYD, Beijing.

Mitsubishi-EX-ConceptMitsubishi’s electric plans in the U.S.: The Japanese carmaker wants to launch a new crossover model there early 2018, which will be based on the all-electric eX Concept. A new and bigger Outlander (incl. a PHEV variant) is in the pipelines for 2019, and a smaller Outlander Sport for 2020. The latter is said to also be available as an all-electric car.
autoblog.com, worldcarfans.com

City EV by Audi? According to Autocar, Audi will launch a small city car in 2019 that will also be available as a pure EV. A study could already be presented at the Salon d’Automobiles in Paris in 2017.

Chrysler with plug: The U.S. manufacturer released a teaser image of its 700c Concept ahead of the American International Auto Show in Detroit, which kicks off today. It seems the study could also foreshadow the next-generation Town and Country Minivan, announced for late 2016 (we reported).

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Bolt officially priced: General Motors now confirmed the sales price of its Chevy Bolt for the U.S., pricing it at 37,500 dollars, including delivery. That means the new EV will be available for 30,000 dollars after a federal tax credit of 7,500 dollars.

EV boom: Chinese BYD expects profits to increase more than 500 percent in 2015, due to a strong demand for electric vehicles that the company says it still has difficulties to meet. And that despite its high production capacities.

Beijing doubles number of EV plates: The Chinese capital has published new guidelines for vehicle registrations. A total of 150,000 new license plates will be issued in 2016. 60,000 are reserved for EVs and PHEVs – twice as many as in 2015. Moreover, owners of the latter will no longer have to take part in the license plate lottery, but will receive them directly.

Dec 11, 2015 - 09:36 am

Beijing, Solar racer in NYC, Event.

Reading tip: Chinese capital Beijing just lifted the 3-day red alert due to high smog levels. According to Reuters, Chinese car dealers are already noticing an increase in demand for electric cars.

Video tip: Ars Technica got to take a trip in the Schulich Delta solar racecar through the shady street of Manhattan. Still, the solar-powered car built by the University of Calgary had nearly unlimited range. Conclusion: the technology “seems usable by a regular person.”
youtube.com via autoblog.com

Upcoming event: FIA Formula E, Round 3 (Dec 19; Punta del Este, Uruguay)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Dec 10, 2015 - 09:08 am

Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Beijing, Caocao, Tesla.

VW-E-BulliDawn of the Era at VW: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that during the keynote address of Volkswagen’s Chairman of Passenger Cars Dr. Herbert Diess at the upcoming CES 2016, he will unveil a new all-electric concept car. According to Autocar, it will be a close preview to the planned production version of the all-electric Microbus. In Europe, the electrification strategy may visibly kick off in German Dresden. From 2016, the electric Golf and Up could be produced in the so-called Transparent Factory before the E-Phaeton takes its place in line by 2019.
businesswire.com, autocar.co.uk, handelsblatt.com (Transparent Factory, in German)

Range-extended Nissan Juke? The Gripz concept is a preview of Nissan’s next compact SUV, the Juke, Motoring alleges. First shown at the IAA earlier this year, the electric prototype is the firm’s first EV with a range extender. The electrified Juke might already be unveiled in early 2016.

New Prius on-sale: The fourth generation of Toyota’s bestselling hybrid arrived at Japanese dealerships. North America is next in January before the Prius goes to Europe a month later. Toyota expects to sell 12,000 units a month in Japan and projects up to 350,000 sales annually worldwide.

Red alert: Beijing has issued a red smog alert resulting in a complete shut down of factories, schools and half the traffic for the first time. The warning is based on air pollution levels more than 10 times higher than the level at which WHO recommends to take cautious measures.
chinabusinessnews.com, forbes.com, autonews.gasgoo.com

Geely Uber: Caocao is a new ride hailing and rental service to be set up by a Geely subsidiary that will also include electric cars. Different from Uber, the service aims to be more upmarket as it includes translators, drivers or simply rental cars.

Model S 70D review: John Howell stays down to earth in his description of the entry level Tesla that comes with AWD. The latter helps it “to get its power down with stunning efficiency” Howell says before describing the “bizarre” feeling of trusting the Autopilot.


Dec 9, 2015 - 09:07 am

Beijing, Ontario, Renault & Eneco, Paris.

Electric bus charging depot: Up to 30 electric transit buses can fast charge at the same time at Xiaoying Terminal in Beijing. Built by China State Grid, the facility spans 26,500 m2 and hosts 25 chargers at 360 kW and 5 chargers at 90 kW. More EV charging stations and depots are planned to electrify further transit routes.

20m dollars for infrastructure will be invested by the Ontario province in Canada. The government will provide the money in grants to the private and public sector. Announced at COP21 in Paris, details of the programme will follow later this month. Ontario aims to reduce emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.
winnipegfreepress.com, thestar.com, news.ontario.ca

Eco charge via app: Renault and Eneco subsidiary Jedlix will jointly adapt an existing smart charging app to the Zoe EV. Users will then be able to charge their electric car with energy from renewable sources when tariffs are most favourable. A pilot in the Netherlands led to cost savings of up to 15 percent.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

BlueTram in Paris: An electric streetcar runs up and down the Champs-Élysées. The BlueTram by Bolloré can be used free of charge until mid January. The 20 passenger vehicle runs with supercaps and needs neither cables nor tracks to move along (we reported).
leparisien.fr, lefigaro.fr, youtube.com (all in French)

Oct 23, 2015 - 08:41 am

Germany, Chargemaster, Nissan & Ecotricity, Honda, Beijing, CEC.

10,000 EV chargers for Germany? German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt is considering to support electric vehicles more strongly. German daily Rheinische Post reports, the ministry is assessing a proposal that could see 10,000 new EV charging stations be erected. Cost are estimated at 100m euros and would require public as well as private investment.
uk.news.yahoo.com, rp-online.de (original source in German)

Formula E has appointed Chargemaster as its official infrastructure provider. Its task is to keep all electric vehicles involved energised, also inductively. The partners plan to leave a mark that goes beyond the race as at least ten fast-chargers shall be erected in each host city.

EV signage: Nissan and Ecotricity have asked the British government to introduce official road signs to designate charge points. While there are official signs for “migratory toad crossings” that total 140, the UK’s 9,000 charge points are much harder to find.
greencarcongress.com, evfleetworld.co.uk

Workplace charging: Honda erects 120 EV charging stations at its campus in Torrance, California. It also includes a 50kW DC fast charger open to the public. Honda says it will add another electric and a new plug-in hybrid model to its lineup by 2018.

Large-scale EV charging: Beijing builds China’s largest solar charging station and has officially started the works. When operational by the end of the year, the station will be capable to charge 80 electric cars a day at 30 fast and 20 regular charge points.

The California Energy Commission awarded 2.7 million dollars to Gardena as the city launches an electric bus demo project. Another 2m dollars go to the San Diego Community College District to be used in training for alternative vehicle technology.
ngtnews.com, energy.ca.gov

Jul 7, 2015 - 08:48 am

Specialized, Beijing, Solar Impuls 2, Ford, IND.

Specialized-LEVO-E-MTBSpecialized E-MTB: The American bike manufacturer will introduce an electric mountain bike range. The Turbo LEVO is powered by a modified 250-W Brose drive, but speed is capped at 25 kph. The battery is integrated in the down tube and includes three buttons for control instead of a display. The system communicates driving data from various hidden sensors and can be fine tuned via an app.
flowmountainbike.com, velomotion.de (in German)

On alert: Beijing is to keep up its car restriction rule based on odd and even license plates on days of heavy air pollution. As soon as alert level orange is called, half of the cars will be banned from the city centre, as will all trucks. Electric vehicles are obviously exempt from this rule.

Record flight: After weeks of waiting, the Solar Impulse II has managed to cross the Pacific Ocean. It took five days to fly from Japanese Nagoya to Hawaii on solar power alone. The 120-hour voyage thus broke the record for a nonstop flight. The next leg will take the pioneers from Honolulu to Arizona.
eco-business.com, greencarreports.com, ev.com

Ford recalls C-Max Hybrids in the U.S., due to a software malfunction that causes engines to keep running even after being turned off. Affected C-Max models were built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant between April 22nd, 2014, and June 12th, 2015.

Tuning the i-series: BMW tuner IND has developed a tuning kit to modify the BMW i3 and i8. While performance remains unchanged, the design of both cars is accentuated with blue rims, for example, while the i3 also receives a new carbon front and rear.
ecomento.tv (in German), ecomento.com


Jun 5, 2015 - 09:12 am

Finland, Beijing, Tesla & NetSol, Georgia, Mitsubishi, Honda.

Finns may cut EV taxes: A working group at the Finnish Ministry of Transport is looking at lowering or even eliminating the sales tax on electric cars, hoping to push EV sales. So far, no decision has been reached. There are currently only an estimated one thousand electric cars on the roads of Finland.

Free the road for EVs: Beijing has implemented a further incentive for electric vehicles. A rule dating back to 2008 that only either cars with odd or even numbers are allowed to drive during rush hours was lifted for electric cars as of June 1st. The acceptation will be in place until April 10th, 2016.

Tesla outsources in Germany: Tesla is working with information-technology services company NetSol Technologies to manage auto leasing for customers in Germany. The company will manage all of Tesla´s financing and leasing back-office operations in the country.

Money back: Some 825 plug-in electric vehicle owners in the U.S. state of Georgia are being notified that the state wrongly denied them a 5,000 dollar tax credit last year for owning a zero-emission due to a data entry error. The mistake will of course be rectified.

Pajero outlook: Patent drawings have emerged online, showing the design of the new Mitsubishi Pajero for the first time. It was confirmed that the vehicle will also become available as a plug-in hybrid.

Accord headed to India: Honda confirmed that it will offer its 2016 Accord in India. In addition, a hybrid version of the sedan might follow.

May 8, 2015 - 08:13 am

Swift, Georgia Power, Philippines, Beijing, Hanover.

Belgian EV fleet: Belgium-based Swift has added 21 range-extended BMW i3 to its fleet. The electric cars were leased through Alphabet and will be charged at the 21 EV charging stations operated by utility provider Electrabel. The deal also includes 19 home chargers for Swift employees.
evfleetworld.co.uk, fleeteurope.com

Company Volts: Georgia Power now has 32 branded Chevrolet Volts crossing the state as the firm’s employees carry out energy audits at homes and businesses. The electric cars underlines Georgia Power’s EV initiative that strives to promote EV use (we reported) trough education and discounts.

Follow-up: Five firms have entered their bids for providing up to 3,000 electric trikes to the Philippines (we reported). All bidders come from Asian countries. The project will be funded by the Asian Development Bank that is looking to award the project in late June or July.

Electric bus for Beijing: The first all-electric 18-metre bus with a range of 100 kilometres has gone into service in the Chinese capital. The Foton AUV Harmony City BJ6180 by TM4 features an electric motor with rotor that rotates outside the stator, allowing for a higher power density and increased reliability.

Easy Charge and Park is a new project of Hanover’s showcase region initiative. Enercity and union-boden will equip five parking garages in the German city with up to 12 EV charging stations, at which drivers can charge their car while paying via the park ticket. First garages already feature this option.
Source: info via email

Mar 31, 2015 - 09:12 am

Chevy Volt, Range Rover, Seoul Motor Show, Beijing, Gogoro.

New Chevy Volt in the making: The first units of the next generation Volt are currently being built at GM’s production site Hamtramck in Detroit. Pricing is said to be announced by the end of April and the first new Chevy Volts could hit the road by autumn.
insideevs.com, autonews.com

Luxury and hybrid: Land Rover will present the SVAutobiography at the New York Auto Show on Friday, which is probably the most luxurious Range Rover. It features a cooler compartment and powered deployable tables in the rear. A SDV6 Hybrid version option is also available.
autocar.co.uk, autoexpress.co.uk

EVs in Seoul: Power Plaza will present its electric roadster Yebbujana R at the auto show in the South Korean capital. It is said to have a range of 571 km at 60 kph. More than 40 “green” cars will be presented in Seoul, including Renault’s Ecolab, Kia’s new K5, and Detroit Electric´s SP:01.
koreatimes.co.kr (Yebbujana R), koreaherald.com

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Beijing puts emergency plan into place: If heavy pollution is forecasted for more than 72 hours, vehicles with odd and even license plate numbers will be allowed on the roads only on alternating days. Electric vehicles are of course exempted from the measure.

Gogoro takes Taiwan: The manufacturer wants to start offering its electric scooter with exchangeable batteries in Taiwan starting this summer. It marks their first rollout worldwide. Gorgoro also says it will build battery charging stations retail stores and parking spaces in Tapei and New Tapei city.

Mar 20, 2015 - 09:49 am

Cooling electric cars, Metrocab, Events.

Reading tip: Researchers show that electric cars emit significantly less heat than petrol-powered vehicles. They used Beijing in summer of 2012 to calculate that switching vehicles from gas to electricity could reduce the heat island intensity by nearly 1 degree Celsius.
phys.org, csis.msu.edu

Video tip: The Metrocab, the new electric taxi with range extender for London, seems popular with its customers. It has a complete range of 560 kilometres, allowing the driver to save 20 to 40 pounds in fuel cost per day. The vehicles have been operating in London as a test fleet since last November
youtube.com via newspress.co.uk

Events for the upcoming week: Klimamobility 2015 (Mar 26-28; Bolzano, Italy) ++ EVolution Show (Mar 29; Frome, UK)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Mar 2, 2015 - 09:41 am

Yamaha, Beijing, Peugeot Partner, Kia K-Velo EV, BMW i8.

Yamaha-Motiv-ENew player on EU market? According to Nikkei, motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha wants to get into the car business. The company aims to start making and selling two-seater commuter cars in Europe as early as 2019 and plans to offer them in both gasoline and electric versions. At the 2013 Tokyo auto show, Yamaha had already presented an all-electric city car concept named Motiv.e.
nikkei.com, wsj.com, europe.autonews.com

Beijing favours plug-ins: The Chinese city cut its licence quota for newly registered petrol-driven cars from 19,066 to 17,600 this year. Meanwhile, the license quota for new energy vehicles, meaning electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, gets doubled – from 10,000 last year to 20,000 in 2015.
cleantechnica.com, renewables.seenews.com

Peugeot follows suit: After Citroën announced a facelift for its Berlingo a few days back, Peugeot announced the same cosmetic changes for its sister model, the Partner. While the petrol and diesel engines will log better fuel efficiency, the 49 electric motor of the Partner Electric will remain unchanged.
worldcarfans.com (with video)

Kia e-bike in Geneva: The Japanese manufacturer will unveil its K-Velo EV at the Geneva motor show. The pedelec will be available as a city and mountain bike variant, each powered by a 250 kW Bosch electric motor and a 10 amp lithium-ion polymer battery pack.
autoevolution.com, worldcarfans.com

BMW i8 named car of the year: The BMW i8 has been announced as the overall winner of the 2015 UK Car of the Year award, judged by a panel of 27 of British motoring journalists. BMW’s plug-in hybrid sports car also won the title of Performance Car of the Year.
hybridcars.com, autoblog.com, express.co.uk

Feb 13, 2015 - 09:58 am

Japan, Proterra, Indianapolis, Beijing, Puget Sound.

Honda, Nissan and Toyota announced to jointly support the Japanese government’s efforts of promoting the installation and operation of hydrogen filling stations. Toyota says the specifics, including investment amount and the number of stations to be deployed, will be “determined at a later date.”
wsj.com, autoblog.com, toyota.co.jp

28 new electric Proterra buses: Six of the ten recent winners of Federal Transit Administration´s grants will use their funds to purchase 28 Proterra electric buses and seven charging stations, bringing Proterra’s total number of orders to 97 buses from 14 different transit agencies in North America.
greenvillebusinessmag.com, chargedevs.com

BlueIndy thwarted: The future of Bolloré´s electric car sharing in Indianapolis is uncertain after state regulators denied a 16 million dollars rate increase to Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) to pay for charging stations. IPL now has 20 days to accept or appeal the commission’s decision.
indystar.com, ibj.com, sunherald.com

Mobile chargers for Beijing: The Chinese capital plans to introduce portable electric car chargers in April to benefit those who find it difficult to install charging facilities in housing complexes where they live. So far, the city has built 1,500 charging stations for private users.

Home charger rebate: EV drivers in the Puget Sound region in the state of Washington can qualify for a 500-dollar rebate when installing one of the most common level 2 chargers at their home. The offer is good for the first 5,000 applicants and includes plug-in hybrids.
insideevs.com, pse.com

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Feb 12, 2015 - 09:27 am

Volkswagen, Jeju, Beijing, U.S. charging stations, Tetherow Resort.

Volkswagen charges up: Volkswagen of America will invest ten million dollars in charging infrastructure across the States until 2016. This includes the recently reported 100 fast charging stations with BMW and ChargePoint and also adds charge spots at Volkswagen dealers in America. Together with the announcement, VW urged the U.S. government to further invest into EV infrastructure.
electriccarsreport.com, greencarcongress.com

Jeju welcomes EVs: The South Korean island is to invest 300 billion won (about 270m dollars) to install charging infrastructure to feed a desired 50,000 electric vehicles by 2017. The announcement did not go unheard, as carmakers are lining up for the International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE) on Jeju this March.
koreaittimes.com, businesskorea.co.kr

Beijing to double infrastructure: There are currently about 6,800 so-called new energy vehicles (EVs and PHEVs) on the Chinese capital’s streets. To grow the EV market, the local government intends to double the number of available charge points from currently 1,425 before the year’s end.

Mapping U.S. charge posts: The DoE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center issues a detailed map listing all public and private U.S. charging stations. The map is segmented in states with California boasting the highest number of charge spots: 7,173 of a total of 36,345.
afdc.energy.gov via ecomento.com

Golf & Charge: Tetherow Resort, a luxury golf resort in Bend, has installed two Tesla fast charging stations and one 40-amp station. The stations are available to guests and members of the golf club.
bizjournals.com, ktvz.com

Jan 14, 2015 - 09:05 am

DriveNow, CHAdeMO, Beijing, Louisville, Iceland.

DriveNow set course for growth: The BMW and Sixt joint venture now has 390,000 users, most of them in Germany (365,000). This year, DriveNow will introduce the i3 in its fleet. First is London were 30 all-electric BMWs will be deployed in spring with other European cities to follow later this year.
automobilwoche.de (in German)

State of a standard: 5,010 CHAdeMO charging points can be found worldwide, CHAdeMO Association reports. 2,819 are located in Japan, another 1,327 in Europe and 810 in the States.
insideevs.com, chademo.com

Street lamp chargers in China: Beijing has started a pilot with LED street lamps turned into EV charge spots. The first eight spots are located in Changping district. The Chinese capital is to expand the program quickly as it plans to have 10,000 charge poles erected by 2017.
wantchinatimes.com, globaltimes.cn

Electric buses for Louisville: The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) is now operating ten electric buses by Proterra. They are recharged at bus stops and replace the diesel buses that were used before.
wlky.com, courier-journal.com

Iceland’s first electric car-sharing has been founded by an 21-year old entrepreneur. Starting with a Nissan Leaf on the icy island, Electric Carrental is hoping to expand its service with Teslas and other models this spring. The electric car-sharing service aims at eco tourists.
mbl.is (in Icelandic) via autorentalnews.com

Jan 8, 2015 - 09:27 am

Audi, Ford, KPMG, Beijing, VW, Inmotion.

Audi-ProloguePrologue reloaded: At CES, Audi presents an updated version of its Prologue concept. The A9 Prologue piloted driving concept now drives autonomously and is equipped with a hybrid system that delivers 687 hp and a maximum torque of 950 Nm. The Li-Ion battery holds 2.6 kWh.
worldcarfans.com, indianautosblog.com

Smart Mobility: Ford announced a series of 25 “mobility experiments” worldwide. Its “Smart Mobility” plan incorporates just two electric transport experiments. Londoners will get the chance to try car sharing with Focus Electrics. Furthermore, Ford plans to install fast chargers in Dearborn, USA.

Staying with the status quo: The leading men of the automotive industry are not particularly keen on electrification but intend to stay with optimisation of petrol engines, according to a survey by KPMG. Only a minority gives alternative drives a chance to become best-sellers within the next five years.
wiwo.de (in German)

More for scrap: Beijing is now offering drivers more money if they hand in their old car. Subsidies for scrapping vehicles were raised by an average of 2,000 yuan (322 dollars). Depending on car and age, one can get up to 8,500 yuan (1,368 dollars) with further incentives awaiting when buying a new car.

VW-Passat-GTE-PoliceVW GTE on patrol: VW has revealed a study of its Passat as a patrol car version with the GTE powertrain. The Passat is the German’s police all-time favourite car and officers might switch from the diesel to the plug-in hybrid version soon, which offers a silent approach to suspects in EV mode.
technologicvehicles.com, insideevs.com

Segway copy: Inmotion presented the third version of what it calls the Electric Unicycle at CES. What looks a bit like a hoover is a self-balancing board and can be operated with or without a handle. For 799 dollars, future Unicyclists can reach a top speed of 11 mph and go on for 30 miles at the most.

Nov 6, 2014 - 09:25 am

Electric bicycle forecast, EV charging in Beijing.

Study tip: Navigant Research predicts that the market for e-bikes will grow only slightly from 31.7 million sold worldwide this year to 40.3 million in 2023. China’s marketshare could drop from now 91 percent to 85 percent in the next decade, according to Navigant.
greencarcongress.com, navigantresearch.com

Reading tip: Bureaucracy and missing infrastructure are causing many potential EV buyers in Beijing to reconsider. There are too few possibilities to use public charging points and red tape makes installing a private charging point quite a hassle.

Oct 20, 2014 - 08:29 am

DriveNow, Amsterdam, Beijing, e8energy, MCT Engineering.

DriveNow electrification in Europe: BMW and Sixt’s carsharing offering will also start in London by early 2015 and include the BMW i3. At the launch in Vienna, it was announced that the EV will also might be added to the DriveNow fleet for the Austrian capital. With the ChargeNow card, BMW i-customers now also have cross-border access to the charging infrastructure in Germany and Austria.
fleetnews.co.uk (London), futurezone.at (Vienna, in German), bmwgroup.com (ChargeNow, in German)

BMW i3 test fleet in Amsterdam: As part of a pilot project, ING bank leased 51 BMW i3s for staff living within 45 kilometers (28 miles) of Amsterdam. They either charge the i3 at home or at a nearby public charging point – with an additional 90 charging points available at ING’s headquarters in Amsterdam.
bmwblog.com, evworld.com

Charging lights in Beijing: Berlin-based companies Ubitricity and Ebee have come up with the novel idea of turning street lights into charging points – and the idea is making waves in places as far-flung as China. Local media reveal plans by several Beijing districts to turn their street lights into power outlets for EVs as early as this year. This could see the creation of over 30,000 additional charging points.
china.org.cn, english.cri.cn

V2H solution from Hamburg: Charging infrastructure specialist e8energy has unveiled its new DIVA bi-directional rapid-charging system with CHAdeMO connector and integrated battery. It was demonstrated last week in Berlin using a Nissan Leaf.
e8energy.de (in German)

F1 supplier truly electrified: British company MCT Engineering has gone green and invested in three Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs. MCT manufactures carbon components used in a wide variety of areas including Formula One.
fleetnews.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com

Jun 27, 2014 - 08:38 am

UK, E-Bike rental systems, Jaguar, Canada, Beijing.

Domestic charging recharged: The UK government is restarting its programme for the installation of home chargers. The current scheme, which sees owners claiming up to 75% of costs for a domestic charger, runs out in June. A new initiative with grants of up to 1,000 pounds per charger is set to start in September, will make use of another 9 million pounds (15.3m dollars) government funding.
businessgreen.com, transportevolved.com

E-Bike rental systems reviewed: Alissa Walker takes a closer look at Madrid’s new BiciMAD electric bike sharing to get a global perspective on e-bike sharing and its advantages. Going from Copenhagen to the U.S., she also takes into account scooter sharing, yet wonders why not more cities have gotten into electric cycling yet.

Hear, hear: Following the latest governmental survey on the readiness of Brits to buy an electric car (we reported), Jaguar asked its buyer base what they think of EVs on the WeLoveAnyCar website. 12% of 3,896 participants said they would buy an electric Jaguar, while 26% would seriously consider it.
prweb.com, blog.weloveanycar.com

Canada the next big EV country? At least it could be, as the country’s numerous incentives from companies, government and dealerships could total more than 12,000 Canadian dollars (11,200 USD) for battery-electric cars. However, Canadians still have to jump on the EV wagon for them to become a success.
theglobeandmail.com via green.autoblog.com

Progressive Beijing: In a new plan, put up to promote the efforts towards “green energy” vehicles in China’s capital, new residential communities will be required to install EV charge points at at least 18% of their parking units. Furthermore, the scheme would require the city to install 1,000 DC fast chargers mainly at public locations by the end of this year.

Jun 2, 2014 - 08:52 am

McLaren, BMW, Rimac, Berlin, Beijing, Tesla.

McLaren electrifies: The CEO of the British sports car manufacturer, Mike Flewitt, announced that within ten years’ time, “all models will be hybrids,” and that he even plays with the thought of offering an all-electric model. Meanwhile, rumour has it that McLaren will present the P13 in Geneva 2015, an entry level sports car for about 210,000 dollars.
edmunds.com, autoblog.com

BMW all-electric in China: President of BMW China, Karsten Engel, says the i3 will go on sale in September. It will join the Zinoro E1, an all-electric car built by BMW’s Chinese joint venture Brilliance, which can only be rented at the moment. When asked about his plans for China, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer only said that the carmaker is talking about broadening the Zinoro offer.
uk.reuters.com (i3 start China), automobil-produktion.de (Reithofer, in German)

Rimac to become reality: The Croatian electric super sports car Concept One is getting closer to small scale production, as Colombian investor Frank Kanayet Yepes will be joined by three more investors from Asia. The combined investment comes to about 13 million euros (17.7m dollars)

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Berlin-Beijing connection: To commemorate the 20-year-partnership between the German and the Chinese capital, Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit visited Beijing, trying to encourage more investment. Furthermore, the two cities will work together in the field of charging infrastructure, as both strive to be exemplary in their countries.
tagesspiegel.de (e-mobility, in German), globalpost.com

BMW i8 to launch in India: The plug-in hybrid is set to enter the Indian market at the end of this year. The Bavarian carmaker sees potential for the i8 in urban centres like Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. BMW India also plans to increase its dealer network from the current 12 to a total of 50 outlets.
indianautosblog.com (i8), indianautosblog.com (dealers)

Tesla pricing for Australia: The Californian announced its prices of the Model S for Down Under. The Model S 60 starts at 91,400 Australian dollars, while the performance P85 will be available from 119,900 dollars. The midrange Model S 85 will be available starting at 103,400 dollars.

May 19, 2014 - 08:20 am

Wrightspeed, Beijing, Events.

Video tip: Maybe this electric truck will serve James Bond in one of his next films as it certainly shows some superstar potential in this video ad by Wrightspeed Powertrains.
youtube.com (video) via greencarreports.com

Reading tip: Three foreigners in Beijing decided to rent an electric car in China and were surprised by how easy and convenient it was.

Selected events for this week: eTourEurope (18 – 26 May, multiple European cities) ++ Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Asia (19 – 23 May, Kyoto, Japan) ++ ICN Summit (20 . 23 May, Copenhagen, Denmark) ++ Int. Transport Forum (21 – 23 May, Leipzig, Germany) ++ Int. Conf. on electrified transport (21 – 22 May, Gothenburg, Sweden), 6th Int. German Hydrogen Energy Congress (22 – 23 May, Berlin, Germany) ++ eMobility Summit 2014 (22 – 23 May, Berlin, Germany)
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Feb 19, 2014 - 09:35 am

Beijing, London, Brunswick, Lucerne.

Simplified EV registrations: With Beijing being the second most air-polluted city in the world, citizens have to play the lottery if they want to register a new car. Not so with EVs: the government set aside about 20,000 EV license plates easily to get a hold of but has only received 1,700 applications so far. It seems like some Chinese would rather walk than drive an electric car.

Broken dream: The deal between BYD and cab service Green Tomato Cars to bring 50 electric e6 taxis to London (we reported) has been called off mutually. The chauffeur service decided not to go ahead as it is worried about charging infrastructure not being sufficient in the British capital.

One million for e-mobility: The German county of Lower Saxony will spend 438,000 euros (665,000 dollars) to install 16 DC fast-chargers in the city of Brunswick. An additional 644,000 euros (886,000 dollars) will be invested by Brunswick itself until the end of 2015. Currently, 229 electric cars are registered in Brunswick which share five AC charging stations.
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Hybrid buses carry on: The Swiss city of Lucerne will continue its trial of hybrid buses with Volvo’s new 7900 Hybrid. The program started with six buses three years ago and since then the buses have been running for more than a million kilometres. Over the next five years, Lucerne’s public transport vbl will continue testing with just three hybrid vehicles rented from Volvo as it awaits advances in technology.
luzernerzeitung.ch (In German)

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