Xpeng has launched 7 supercharging stations in China

Xpeng has launched ultra-fast charging sites in five Chinese cities with its new S4 supercharging stations capable of 480 kW. XPeng currently has 1,011 charging stations in operation, including the seven with S4 supercharging columns. The company aims to add more than 500 S4 stations by 2023.

The S4 ultra-fast charging column was unveiled last month and offers a maximum charging capacity of 480 kW. The company’s latest electric car model, an electric SUV called the G9, is supposed to be able to charge at up to 400 kW, made possible through the vehicle’s 800-volt architecture.

The five cities now boasting new ultra-fast charging stations are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan. Shanghai and Guangzhou have two supercharging stations, while the other cities have one. Each of the seven stations has four S4 supercharging columns, while the Beijing site has two additional S2 supercharging columns.

By the end of this year, XPeng plans to build a total of more than 50 S4 sites in the above cities, with another 20 each in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, with Shenzhen to follow in 2023. Xpeng plans to have 2,000 ultra-fast supercharging stations by 2025.

Xpeng is expanding fast after presenting the P5 towards the end of last year in China, which proved extremely popular. The company opened sales in Europe in March this year, which were then closed in June due to high demand and supply chain problems. In May this year, the company revealed that in Q1 2022, it significantly increased its vehicle deliveries. In total, the Chinese electric car manufacturer delivered 34,561 vehicles in this period, which represents an increase of 159 per cent compared to the same quarter last year.

Xpeng opened orders for its new electric SUV the G9 in China in August this year. The rollout of the S4 supercharging stations should cater to this vehicle and others based on 800-volt architecture.



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