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Sep 23, 2015 - 07:46 am

Nissan, UPS, Cenntro, Stuttgart.

Complimentary charging: Nissan has partnered with Fastned in the Netherlands. Buyers of the Leaf receive the ‘EV carefree package’ that allows for free charging free at all Dutch Fastned EV charging stations for two years.

Electric delivery: UPS has started a year-long trial of its first range-extended electric delivery vehicle in London. There, it will cover 100 – 150 km a day. The EV has been developed in collaboration with TEVVA Motors since 2014 and is equipped with geo-fencing technology.

Electric mail delivery: The University of Dayton, Ohio, has received two EVs as gifts from Cenntro Motors, maker of electric commercial vehicles. The Cenntro vans will deliver mail across campus and are designed to capture the students’ attention.

Leading by example: Soon, all of Stuttgart’s city officials, home to Daimler and Porsche, will roam partially electric. They await delivery of the new Mercedes E-class diesel-hybrid, scheduled for January of next year. The PHEV has a said electric range of 30 km, enough for most official trips with city borders. The city’s Lord Mayor (Green party), however, will stick with his electric Smart ED.
stuttgarter-nachrichten.de (in German)

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