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Jan 20, 2014 - 09:38 am

Yasa Motors, E-Force, Bugatti, SkyWhale.

Yasa Motors secures funding: The British company is in for another round of funding worth five million pounds (8.2m dollars), raised by recurring and new investors. The money is intended to increase production capacity for Yasa’s differentiated axial flux electric motors and to sharpen the company’s commercial profile.
chargedevs.com, yasamotors.com

E-FORCESwiss E-Force: Four month ago, Feldschlösschen, the biggest brewery of Switzerland has taken one all-electric E-Force into its fleet to test its performance. So far the 18-tonne lorry has proven highly reliable on its daily delivery trips in the Zurich region. On average, the E-Force covered 65 kilometres and served eleven customers loaded with 4.6 tonnes of beverages a day. The consumption of only 73 kWh per 100 km equals less than eight litres of Diesel. Before giving a final verdict, the company wants to conduct data on winter performance. Meanwhile, new drivers are being trained, to further increase the frequency of use of the e-truck.
cleanthinking.de (In German), eco-way.ch (In German)

Hybrid Bugatti super sports-car: When asked about a hybrid version of the Veyron with its already 1,200 hp, Bugatti CEO Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber simply said “Maybe.” However, he did not want to go into further details just yet. Sounds promising, does it not?!
topgear.com, electric-vehiclenews.com

Giant hybrid plane: The concept for the ‘SkyWhale’ was dreamed up by Spanish designer Oscar Viñals. His super-sized jumbo has three-storeys accommodation for 775 passengers divided by class. The airborne whale is then supposed to “swim” through the air with ‘active wings,’ powered by a hybrid electric propulsion system. It includes generators at the aircraft’s hull transforming the airstream into energy. Somehow, the SkyWhale seems too good to be true.
dailymail.co.uk, discovery.com

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