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Riot Technologies, Texas, EU-LIVE, BMW.

Fuel cell roadster from Poland: The Premier is indeed a first as this fuel cell sports car comes from Polish Riot Technologies. The firm is a spin-off from AGH Uni of Science and Technology and the Military Uni of Technology. The prototype shown at the Moto Show in Kraków boasts four electric drives making it an AWD with 200 kW output. Nothing has been said on production plans.
thenews.pl, polskieradio.pl (in Polish)

Five-fold more energy: Lithium-air batteries may soon last five times longer with a new catalyst developed at the University of Texas in Dallas. Called dimethylphenazine, it is a soluble-type catalysts that consists of organic materials and possesses higher stability plus increased voltage efficiency.
business-standard.com, utdallas.edu

LEV development finals: The Open Design Contest of the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles) project has its winners. Both, the overall winning cityFLEX and the Smart Mobility concept in third place resemble a Twizy with added modularity. Second comes the SightSeeingTaxi offering an all round view.
eu-live.eu, eu-live.eu (the winners)

BMW 2 series with i8 technology: The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV hits the road with an AWD based on technology from the hybrid i8. The eAxle was made by GKN Driveline, that now adapted it to work in more compact cars. In the Active Tourer, it powers the rear instead of the front as in the i8.
autocar.co.uk, greencarcongress.com

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EU-LIVE, 24M Technologies, Saft, Honda.

Light vehicle development: The project EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban Light Vehicles) led by the Virtual Vehicle Research Center in Graz has kicked off. It aims at developing a comprehensive solution for the next generation of electrified light vehicles. A modular development approach will provide a complete range of different electrified powertrains and vehicle bodies with different designs that are cost-efficient and easy to produce.

24M-Battery-PrototypeNew Li-ion cells: After five years of research, the A123 spinoff 24M Technologies has presented a new battery cell design that will allegedly cut production costs in half. 24M uses a semi-solid form of electrolyte, allowing for a much simpler design. 10,000 prototype cells were built so far and 24M expects to be producing limited quantities of batteries in 2017, and to begin high-volume production in 2020.
greentechmedia.com, betaboston.com

News deal for Saft: The company will deliver two Li-ion battery systems with a capacity of 800 kWh for a new hybrid ferry in Scotland. Saft’s Seanergy system can be scaled to meet requirements of up to 750 V and are based on the company’s nickel-based Li-ion Super Phosphate (SLFP) cell chemistry.
greencarcongress.com, businesswire.com

Honda gets ready to climb: The Japanese manufacturer will take part in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with its CR-Z Hybrid. The hybrid drivetrain features Electric SH-AWD, believed to use two electric motors to power the rear of the car – similar to a technology used in supercars such as the Porsche 918 Spyder.
hybridcars.com, autoguide.com

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Most clicked link on Monday was the news that Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam will deploy 35 electric buses for passenger transportation between planes and terminals.



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