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May 27, 2021 - 11:37 am

Ford boosts e-mobility investments by $8 billion

Ford announced in an online presentation for investors that it is increasing its investment in electric mobility to more than 30 billion US dollars by 2025. This is eight billion dollars more than previously planned. The US carmaker also mentioned further product plans.

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Aug 29, 2016 - 08:03 am

Tesla, TDK, Daido Steel, Hexagon Lincoln.

Tesla-Model-S-100DTesla battery details: The new 100 kWh battery pack only weighs 4 percent more than the 90 kWh version, due to the new cells’ higher energy density levels. The Model 3 will feature the new battery module as well as improvements made to battery pack cooling technology. Considering the much lower price, Tesla’s upcoming EV will of course have a lower capacity than the Model S and X.

Powertrain inverters: Infineon Technologies is working together with TDK to develop a solution for inverters to be easily used in electric powertrains. This enables developers to quickly test and implement concepts. They have improved upon Infineon’s existing HybridPACK, using the latest IGBT3 chip and installing six DC terminals. The new tool will have both automotive and industrial applications.

Honda partner headed to the U.S.: According to Nikkei, company Daido Steel, who works with Honda on rare-earth free hybrid motors (we reported), is looking to set up a neodymium magnet factory in the U.S. The goal is to cater to a growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles there.

Daimler choses H2 cylinder supplier: Hexagon Lincoln will supply the compressed hydrogen gas (CHG) cylinders for the Mercedes GLC F-Cell, said to hit the read next year. The Type 4 CHG cylinders can store the gas at 700 bar and were developed together with Daimler subsidiary NuCellSys.
automotiveworld.com, gasworld.com

May 3, 2016 - 08:52 am

Kreisel Electric, Tesla, BIG HIT, Lidl, Hexagon Lincoln.

200 kW from 2017? Austrian specialist Kreisel Electric is working on a DC fast-charger with charging capacity of 200 kW, and which uses a battery as buffer storage. The company hopes that by cooperating with infrastructure manufacturers, its charging solution could be implemented as early as next year.
green.wiwo.de (in German)

Tesla supports Chinese standard: The California EV maker implemented the “Tesla Charging Partner Program” in China to promote the recently agreed upon Chinese charging standard. Working together with the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), the goal is implement said standard and help partners get certified.

H2 from wind: The project BIG HIT hopes to use excess wind energy from the Orkney islands in Scotland to produce hydrogen that in turn could be used to power ten electric vans with fuel cell range extenders. It is funded by the EU’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) with 5m euros.

Lidl electrifies: The supermarket chain announced that it will invest 1.2m Swiss francs in setting up charging infrastructure at its stores in Switzerland. Power could be supplied by the locations’ own solar panels and the fast-chargers will most likely be free of charge for customers. A first multi-standard ABB charger has already been installed near Zurich.
blick.ch (in German)

Possible H2 alliance: U.S.-based company Hexagon Lincoln is looking to team up with Misui & Co. from Japan. Together, they want to manufacture and sell carbon fibre reinforced high-pressure hydrogen cylinders in the Asian country; a leader in terms of hydrogen technology, says Hexagon.
hydrogenfuelnews.com, journalstar.com



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