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May 13, 2016 - 08:57 am

Ego Power, ICNC2016, Canadian Plug-In Electric Vehicle Study.

Video tip: Summer is coming. And to prepare, Jeff Benjamin tries the Ego Power – a full-size battery-electric lawnmower that apparently puts the fun without the fumes back into gardening.
youtube.com via electrek.co

icnc2016Click tip: Our live blog from the intercharge network conference in Berlin. It is one of the most important conferences about interoperability and roaming in the world of electric mobility charging. The room was packed as Hubject laid out its plans for the future and members talked about the importance of cooperation. We were all ears and reported live from the conference too keep you up to date. Read what you missed here: electrive.com

Research tip: The Canadian Plug-In Electric Vehicle Study by the Simon Fraser University found that one reason why Canadians shy away from electric cars that are unsure about what a PEV is. Another factor is (of course) cost. Differing incentive programmes in different provinces further impede national EV uptake.
rem-main.rem.sfu.ca (study as pdf) via theglobeandmail.com

May 10, 2016 - 05:58 pm

Live Blog Intercharge Network Conference 2016.

As media partner, we are live at the intercharge network conference this Thursday in Berlin. It is one of the most important conferences for interconnection, digitalisation and innovation for electric mobility. We will keep you up to date (live!) on what the experts have to say about interoperatibilty and the future of borderless charging. Take […]

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