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May 4, 2017 - 09:11 am

Citroën, Karma, Tesla, Mahindra, Workhorse, Moke.

Expect a new electric Citroën by 2020 but it will not be a dedicated model. The group will instead leave it to consumers to make the sensible choice or opt for a gasoline version of the same make. Which model that will be is undisclosed but after the C-Zero und e-Mehari, Citroën will stay within the (sub-) compact segment with PSA’s planned platform e-CMP. It lays the foundation for up to 450 km range and is being developed together with PSA’s partner in China, Dongfeng.

Karma comeback: Former Fisker, Karma Automotive started deliveries of the Karma successor Revero this month and marks the occasion with a new TV spot. The firm hopes to send about 1,000 PHEVs on their way this year, each costing 130,000 dollars at least for an electric range of 80 km.
video, electrek.co, insideevs.com

Meanwhile the Model 3 has made a new appearance and this time all in white. The pictures were taken in California and truly look like spy shots, queer angles and “agents” included. Indulge.
electrek.co (Design), electrek.co (supercharging)

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Mahindra’s Brexit: The Indian carmaker has ceased sales of its e2o in the United Kingdom due to meagre demand. Mahindra will thus wind up all its British operations in fact, although it initially hoped to use the Isles as a gateway to European markets like the Nordics and the Netherlands.

Workhorse electric: This is the first time, the planned electric pick-up truck by Workhorse can be seen. The 338 kW strong W-15 lasts for 130 electric kilometres but also carries a range extender. Workhorse says it has received more than 2,000 pre-orders already and wants to produce from 2018.

Make the Moke great again by giving the odd Mini beach buggy a new life as electric vehicle. Note that this e-Moke is not a Mini as it used to be but by a company called Moke America. The remake claims a 40 mile range at a top speed of 25 mph. Enough to shift some sand, surely and available now.
geeky-gadgets.com, autoblog.com

Oct 28, 2016 - 08:21 am

Karma, UltraCap, Ningbo, Immotor Go.

Karma-2016Karma build up: Karma Automotive opened its Technical center in Troy, Michigan. At the moment it has 36 employees but the workforce is to grow to 150 until 2020. Karma Automotive now accepts orders for its Revero premium plug-in hybrid.

Lightweight solid-state: British UltraCap are creating a prototype solid state battery that they believe will only weigh 20 kilo but shall deliver five hours of driving. The UltraCapacitor’s clue is a ceramic-based capacitator that is eco-friendly as it is chemical-free.
send2press.com, ultracapacitor.info

Stable solid-state: Researchers from Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering in China have developed ultrastable solid-state lithium batteries with high energy and power densities. The team designed an interfacial architecture and say their design approach can be used as a generic route for synthesising sulfide-based all-solid-state lithium batteries.

Cheap last mile: The Immotor Go is a mini three-wheel electric scooter said to come with a “super battery” to swap. It tops out at 20 mph and has a range of 20 miles. Control is via app that also serves as a key. Price is set at 399 dollars with shipping scheduled for March 2017.

Sep 12, 2016 - 08:44 am

BMW, Porsche, Karma, China, Jaguar, Electra Meccanica.

Two new BMW i by 2019? The Bavarians apparently want to push their EV portfolio, which is why the board won’t attend the Paris Auto Show. Instead, they will sit down to decide on their next move. Both an electric Mini and an electric SUV are on the table. Meanwhile, BMW is ready to invest in battery production and will build a factory for high voltage batteries in Shenyang in China.
reuters.com , chinadaily.com (battery production)

Panamera plug-in premiere: The second and most technical advanced version of the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid will officially be unveiled in Paris at the end of the month. It will go on sale in April 2017, starting at 107,533 euros. The second generation features a 14.1 instead of a 9.4 kWh battery and has a range of 50 km.
autocar.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com

Karma returns: Following Fisker’s bankruptcy and a takeover by Wanxiang, the pioneering EV model returns almost unchanged. The Karma Revero boasts 301 kW, has a slightly larger 21.4 kWh battery pack and a range extender, allowing the car to go 480 km on one charge. The EV will at first only be available in the U.S. – from 130,000 dollars.
autocar.co.uk, autoblog.com

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ecomobiel_NissanParticipate in Ecomobiel 2016 – the platform for sustainable innovation in mobility: Ecomobiel is the largest and most complete trade show in the Benelux for mobility professionals and business end users, 4 & 5 October 2016 in Den Bosch. Ecomobiel is a co-location with the trade show “Energie” which focusses on energy transition in buildings & industry. The combined events attracted last edition over 15.000 B2B visitors. www.ecomobiel.nl/Exhibitor_on_ecomobiel

Misuse of funds: China is accusing a total of 25 carmakers of cheating in the country’s subsidies programme for electric vehicles. On the list of offenders is also JAC, with whom VW is in talks about a possible joint venture. Nissan, Hyundai and Geely don’t seem to have a spotless record either. China spend 4.5bn dollars in subsidies for electrification last year alone.

Electric Jag before 2017 According to Autocar, the British manufacturer could present its electric SUV by the end of the year. It could be based on the same platform as the larger Range Rover Evoque-e, which was unveiled last year. The latter is not expected to launch before 2019. autocar.co.uk

Electric trike ready to launch: Canadian manufacturer Electra Meccanica now unveiled the serial production version of its electric trike Solo. Due to its low weight, the 16.1 kWh battery suffices for 160 km of range. Deliveries in Canada will kick off next year.
electrek.co, electriccarsreport.com, insideevs.com


Aug 9, 2016 - 07:41 am

Karma, Porsche, BAIC, Faraday Future, Kandi.

fiskerSerious Karma production: Wanxiang wants to build electric cars in China and is to invest 375m dollars in a new facility in Hangzhou. The factory could roll out 11,000 Karma (formerly Fisker) vehicles, including those with range extender, and 39,000 Atlantic models. A production date is not yet set.
electriccarsreport.com, bloomberg.com

Electric Porsche SUV? Spy shots of a Porsche test coupe led Car Magazine to suggest that what we are seeing is the sequel to an electric crossover similar to Audi’s upcoming electric SUV. If it is true, the electric Porsche would fight for market segments with the Model X or Jaguar.

BAIC is to build an EV factory for 50,000 units as well. It is planned next to the border with Myanmar in the city of Ruili. Production is to start by 2019 and would one year later be doubled to hit an annual capacity of 100,000 electric cars.

EV1 engineer to lead Faraday: The electric car start-up has hired former GM engineer Peter Savagian. He signed responsible for the ingenious EV1 that was killed prematurely. For Faraday Future, the engineer will take over the the electric drive as VP for engineering.
autoblog.com, electrek.co

Kandi EVs: The Chinese firm launched its latest electric model, the Global Hawk K17A in China. Prices start at 12,000 dollars after subsidies and the range is given at 150 km. For developing its next electric car, the governmennt of Hainan province just granted Kandi 300m yuan (about 45m USD).
globenewswire.com (Global Hawk), nasdaq.com (grant)

Mar 31, 2016 - 07:45 am

Netherlands, China, Mercedes, Karma, BMW, Energica.

All electric Netherlands: A motion in the Netherlands passed earlier this week to ensure that only all-electric cars will be sold from 2025. The cabinet is now creating an action plan. This development seems to be the result of an energy agreement signed in 2013, as well as a pledge made at the Paris UN Conference on Climate Change.

China cutting subsidies: Bloomberg quotes inside sources confirming that the Chinese government intends to cut the amount of electric bus subsidies, and also impose a price ceiling on qualifying passenger vehicles. Electric bus incentives will be cut by an average of 32 percent, and passenger vehicles priced at more than 53,800 dollars will no longer qualify for subsidies.

Electric B-Class: The new Mercedes B-Class will be coming to market in 2017, while the electric version will only follow in 2019. The company is replacing the Tesla powertrain of the last B-Class with their own recently developed technology. No hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions will be made available.
auto-motor-und-sports.de (in German)

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With COP21 as a guideline and Europe as the most important case speakers and visitors will discuss and accelerate the transition from fossil to electric mobility during the Avere E-mobility Conference.

Good Karma: Luxury automotive Karma will be back in production by the end of the year. The company formerly known as Fisker Automotive is currently setting up a factory in Costa Mesa, California. New electric cells will be used for the battery pack, but the electric system and basic design will remain the same as the 2012 Karma. Only 100 to 150 units will be produced.

BMW X1 spotted: The new generation of the X1 SUV has been spotted while testing in northern Europe. The car will borrow its PHEV powertrain from the 225xe Active Tourer and will be formally introduced later this year.

Eva Roadster: Italian electric bike manufacturer Energica is taking pre-orders for their new Eva roadster. The bike is a more practical incarnation of their original Ego superbike. The 2016 Eva will be equipped for fast charging, requiring some 30 minutes to reach 85 percent. Retail price starts at 34,544 dollars. Delivery dates have not yet been announced.

Nevs deal: The National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) has signed a deal with the Chinese State Grid Electric Vehicle Service. It outlines intentions to cooperate on research and develop and a non-specific agreement for Nevs to supply their partner with electric cars. Electric minibuses and other special vehicles will likely be supplied by New Long Ma.

Oct 2, 2015 - 08:21 am

GM, Honda, Karma, ZAP, Jonway, Formula E.

Chevy-Volt-2016Launching the Volt: The first units of the new-generation Chevrolet Volt will be delivered to customers in the U.S. this week. Video adverts will underline the launch and GM aims to pitch the Volt openly against the Nissan Leaf – less range – and Toyota’s Prius using “old” NiMH batteries.
insideevs.com, hybridcars.com, adage.com

Japanese hybrid coupé: Honda’s roadster S2000 might soon see a hybrid successor. Apparently, the new coupé could feature a 300-hp hybrid system coupling an electric drive and fuel-saving turbo by 2018, Auto Express reports. Pricing is believed to be around 75,000 dollars.

Fisker becomes Karma: Fisker is now called Karma Automotive. The name change comes complete with a new logo and website. While it makes sense to move away from past owners and notions of failure attached to it, we wonder what the new Fisker Karma due by 2016 will actually be called – Karma Karma?
insideevs.com, autoblog.com, karmaautomotive.com (new website)

Honda update: The Japanese just unveiled the design of the Neowing Concept (we reported yesterday) ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. On top of the hybrid trike, Honda will also have the electric scooter EV-Cub at its booth. A first picture has just been released.

New city EV for China: ZAP and Jonway Auto launched its new model E-3D SUV at a dealership meeting. “3D” stands for the compact SUV’s three doors. Range is estimated at 200 km. While primarily designed for the Chinese market, European type approval is underway already.

Formula E updated: The new rules regarding driver changes, admission and more have ultimately been approved. Additionally, the season calendar has been updated and Michelin will continue to be the sole tire supplier for the electric race cars until the end of season 5 (2018/19).


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