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All electric Netherlands: A motion in the Netherlands passed earlier this week to ensure that only all-electric cars will be sold from 2025. The cabinet is now creating an action plan. This development seems to be the result of an energy agreement signed in 2013, as well as a pledge made at the Paris UN Conference on Climate Change.

China cutting subsidies: Bloomberg quotes inside sources confirming that the Chinese government intends to cut the amount of electric bus subsidies, and also impose a price ceiling on qualifying passenger vehicles. Electric bus incentives will be cut by an average of 32 percent, and passenger vehicles priced at more than 53,800 dollars will no longer qualify for subsidies.

Electric B-Class: The new Mercedes B-Class will be coming to market in 2017, while the electric version will only follow in 2019. The company is replacing the Tesla powertrain of the last B-Class with their own recently developed technology. No hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions will be made available. (in German)

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Good Karma: Luxury automotive Karma will be back in production by the end of the year. The company formerly known as Fisker Automotive is currently setting up a factory in Costa Mesa, California. New electric cells will be used for the battery pack, but the electric system and basic design will remain the same as the 2012 Karma. Only 100 to 150 units will be produced.

BMW X1 spotted: The new generation of the X1 SUV has been spotted while testing in northern Europe. The car will borrow its PHEV powertrain from the 225xe Active Tourer and will be formally introduced later this year.

Eva Roadster: Italian electric bike manufacturer Energica is taking pre-orders for their new Eva roadster. The bike is a more practical incarnation of their original Ego superbike. The 2016 Eva will be equipped for fast charging, requiring some 30 minutes to reach 85 percent. Retail price starts at 34,544 dollars. Delivery dates have not yet been announced.

Nevs deal: The National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) has signed a deal with the Chinese State Grid Electric Vehicle Service. It outlines intentions to cooperate on research and develop and a non-specific agreement for Nevs to supply their partner with electric cars. Electric minibuses and other special vehicles will likely be supplied by New Long Ma.


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