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Jun 9, 2015 - 07:52 am

China, Japan, Rajarhat New Town, LAX, Abu Dhabi.

China charges up: According to Beijing’s Economic Observer, the Chinese government plans to install uo to 400,000 charge points already this year. In order to do so, a new incentive programme promises business installing charging stations subsidies of up to 40 percent of the installation cost.

Electric post in Japan: The Toyota Auto Body Co. has delivered four of its so-called Coms to the Japanese post. The Toyota subsidiary’s single-seat EVs reach a maximum speed of 60 kph and can run about 50 kilometers between charges. If the trial that will run until March 2016 is successful, the electric mail delivery service might be expanded.

Township gone green: Electric buses are to connect the New Town in Rajarhat with Kolkata, India. Hidco and Coal India Ltd. have agreed on the initiative and the three buses will be operated by Hidco. Furthermore, the New Town Development Authority is trying to introduce e-rickshaws.

Electric shuttle: Phoenix Cars supplied an electric shuttle bus to a parking company at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Another of the so-called ZEUS vehicles is to go to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, where it will transport up to 14 passengers and visitors.
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Aug 13, 2014 - 08:21 am

Singapore, South Korea, Newcastle University, LAX, CarCharging.

BMW i charging in Singapore: Greenlots is the partner of choice for BMW in the Asian city state. The provider will install wallboxes for customers of the i3 and is also supposed to erect public charging infrastructure. 30 charging stations are said to be service in Singapore by the end of this year.
chargedevs.com, greencarcongress.com

South Korea’s ministry of environment has erected six fast charging stations along three of the the country’s motorways. By 2017, 600 charging stations shall be available to Korean EV drivers. The government’s goal is to have 200,000 electric cars on on the roads by 2020, however, only 1,871 have been registered to date.

Electric food supply: The event caterer of Newcastle University will now deliver the buffet using its newly acquired Ligier Flex L3. The electric compact quad comes with a payload of 400 kilos and has a top speed of 25 mph with a range of 35 miles per charge.

Charge & fly: At Los Angeles airport (LAX) another 14 EV charging points have been installed bringing up the total number to 52. While charging is free, regular parking rates apply. The stations have been funded by the “Charge UP L.A.!” programme.

Less amps for home charging: CarCharging, which acquired the Blink network in Florida, is decreasing the current output of its domestic level 2 charging stations from 30 amps to 24 amps. The move serves to address safety concerns due to the possibility of overheating charge cords. Replacement parts will be made available but at the cost of the owners.


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