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Aug 19, 2015 - 08:16 am

Nissan, eVADER, Tesla, LG Chem, Panasonic, MIT, Samsung.

Nissan-Pedestrian-AlertEVs to attract attention: Nissan has teamed up with ten other consortium members in the European Commission-led project eVADER to create an alert system for EVs, which produces audible cues to alert pedestrians and other road users to the presence of an electric vehicle, whilst having as little impact as possible on ambient noise levels. The research and results collated from this project could be utilised to shape future EU legislation on EV pedestrian alert sounds.

Tesla kicks off Autopilot testing: The carmaker has begun uploading the latest version of its Autopilot software to a select group of its Model S electric cars with the drivers acting as beta testers, according to a report from IEEE Spectrum. If all goes well, Tesla could roll out the technology later this year.

EV battery market: LG Chem could overtake EV battery leader Panasonic in 2020, if it can accelerate sales of plug-in hybrids with German manufacturers and win over Nissan, according to Lux Research. The analysts expect that the market will reach a volume of 30 billion dollars by the end of the decade.

EV battery research: Researchers at MIT and Samsung consider solid-state electrolytes to be the crucial element for significantly better EV batteries. The scientists say that solid electrolytes allow for higher power density, work well in cold weather and are not flammable.

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Most clicked Link on Tuesday was our short circuit about a baby stroller that brakes and keeps distance automatically.

Aug 7, 2015 - 08:23 am

Tesla, Panasonic, JCV, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota.

Tesla-Supercharger1Tesla figures: Tesla sold 11,532 EVs in the second quarter of this year; more than ever before. The company’s earnings rose nearly 25 percent to 955 million dollars, while losses nearly tripled due to Tesla’s increased investments. Moreover, the EV maker adjusted its sales target from 55,000 to “50,000 to 55,000” units, since there could be a shortage and production delay once the Model X hits the shelves.
insideevs.com, greencarcongress.com, teslamotors.com (shareholder letter)

Panasonic takes the crown: According to SNE Research, Panasonic produced the most Li-ion cells worldwide in the first half of 2015. With a total of 576.2 million cells sold, the Japanese hold 20.5 percent of the market share. Some 285 cells were delivered to Tesla alone.
pv-magazine.com (in German)

Tesla takes the lead: According to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Tesla holds 80 percent of the country’s “new energy” vehicle market. 2,147 of the 2,645 green vehicles imported to and sold in China in the first half of 2015 were from California.

New China JV: South Korean manufacturer Leo Motors has entered into a joint venture with Fushun Jinyuan Technology Machinery Manufacturing (JTY) in the Chinese city of Fushun. The new company called JCV is said to develop, build and sell electric cars – they will also be available outside of China.

Audi and VW priced: The Audi A3 e-tron will start from 37,900 dollars when it becomes available in the United States in at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf will start at 29,815 dollars, including destination charges. That makes it 55 dollars cheaper than the current Nissan Leaf.
carscoops.com, autospies.com (Audi), reuters.com (e-Golf)

Big discounts: In the San Francisco area, dealerships are selling the Toyota Prius V 4,000 dollars below sticker price. The whole model range has been benefiting from rebates across the country, as the line-up is ageing but remains attractive due to high gas prices.

Jun 22, 2015 - 08:23 am

Tesla, Panasonic, Drive eO, Chevrolet, Moto Pogo.

Different outlooks on battery sales: While Tesla predicts a 50% annual sales growth over the next four years, its battery supplier Panasonic has publicized a more cautious outlook of just 16.5% for its automotive battery business in the same period. Despite the promised introduction of the Tesla Model X this year, Panasonic only forecasts an 11% growth in the next 12 months.

Drive-eO-PP03Sneak peak at the PP03: Drive eO’s 1020 kW electric race car will take a shot at first place at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb next weekend, challenging the Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One. The Drive eO PP03 features 2160 Nm of peak torque and a top speed of 260 km/h.

Chevy slims down: The 2016 model of the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid will weigh 136 kilos less than its predecessor. About 54 kilos were saved using a stronger body structure and lighter components on both the in- and outside. The new 1.5-litre turbo engine also shed about 39 kilos.

New electric one-wheeler: Even though the all-electric scooter Moto Pogo only has one wheel, the driver can take a seat and move forward by pushing the handlebars, as they would with a Segway. The 500 watt motor allows for a top speed of 25 kph, while the scooter has a range of up to 30 km. Entrepreneur Carl Dagenais is currently collecting funds for production on Kickstarter.
gizmag.com, kickstarter.com

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Jun 9, 2015 - 07:54 am

Panasonic, FMC, Albemarle, Ballard, XL Hybrids.

The Gigafactory will be set in motion by “hundreds” of Panasonic employees from Japan this autumn. They are there to help to start the production of lithium-ion batteries at what is to become the biggest battery plant to date. In the wake of the expected boom in lithium demand, Albemarle and FMC are considering to set up dedicated factories for lithium production for the Gigafactory.
reuters.com (Panasonic), detroitnews.com (FMC, Albemarle)

Ballard Systems closed deals over 10 million dollars with Chinese Nantong Zehe New Energy Technology and Guangdong Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology. Ballard is to deliver its fuel cell technology for 33 buses which will be deployed in Rugao and Yunfu by 2016.
greencarcongress.com, prnewswire.com

XL Hybrids expands: The company now introduced the GM Cutaway/Cab Chassis into the product lineup and is thus able to retrofit the Ford E350and the new Ford Transit passenger van among others with its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System. The XL3 can be installed as a retrofit or a new upfit.

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Most clicked link on Monday was Zero Motorcycles announcing that more than 50 police departments across the States are now using the company’s electric motorcycles for patrols.

Jun 3, 2015 - 09:07 am

Solarwatt, Panasonic, Fraunhofer, Toyota, TRINA.

Battery boom: Solarwatt will presents its home energy storage system “MyReserve” at the Intersolar Europe next week. It is said to be the Tesla fighter among batteries and will be available starting at 5,499 euros (4,4 kWh). Panasonic, too, has its own stationary battery and has just signed delivery deals with three Australian utilities. Just a few days ago, Daimler had announced it was also entering the market for stationary energy storage.
presseportal.de (Solarwatt, in German); reneweconomy.com.au (Panasonic)

Quick charge to go: Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute and partners have developed a technical solutions for electric buses to charge while in service, using contact systems mounted to the roof of the bus. They system has already been tested in Dresden since November and recent tests along a new 20 km route were also successful.
greencarcongress.com, phys.org

New Prius even more efficient: The next generation Prius is said to be even more fuel efficient as the petrol engine will reach a thermal efficiency of 40 percent. That is 1.5 percent more than the current model and allegedly the world’s highest for a mass-produced gasoline engine.

Electrolyte for magnesium batteries: Researchers at the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA) say they have made significant progress in the field of magnesium batteries. They developed an electrolyte which possesses high anodic stability and is non-corrosive.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was our “Short Circuit” showing the Bike Balls – the world’s most overconfident bicycle light.

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:43 am

Volkswagen, Route 66, Seattle, Winnipeg, 360 Eco-Loop, Panasonic.

The Charge & Fuel card is a new initiative by Volkswagen. Together with an app, customers of VW and Audi will be able to charge their hybrids or EVs at more than 1,200 German charging stations by RWE, EnBW, and Ladenetz.de and to refuel them at around 10,800 stations in the network of UTA. Payments are taken at the end of the month while charging will be free in the first six months.

Route 66 to be electrified: Charging stations will be installed along parts of the Mother Road. Eight cities in Illinois, namely Plainfield, Dwight, Pontiac, Normal, Lincoln, Springfield, Carlinville and Edwardsville will install at least one fast charger each. Time for Harley’s LiveWire to hit the road…
daily-chronicle.com, myjournalcourier.com

Seattle is to follow California’s lead on promoting the use of EVs, as Governor Jay Inslee voices his ideas to explore tax breaks and the use of car pool lanes. Furthermore, Seattle is to get more EV charging stations and developers will be encouraged to include EV fast charge points in their planning.
thestate.com, khq.com

First e-bus in Winnipeg: The Canadian town has started its regular electric bus service on a 40-km route. A total of four New Flyer Xcelsior electric buses will be operated by Winnipeg Transit for a four year test period and charged via a roof mounted pantograph at the Winnipeg Richardson Airport.
newswiretoday.com, winnipegfreepress.com

Philippine electric shuttles: Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprise (EVEEI) and Filinvest Land launched the ‘360 Eco-Loop’ in Filinvest City, a commercial business district in southern Metro Manila. Ten EVs stop at 26 pick-up points every ten minutes. By the end of next year, the shuttle service is to expand to include 40 so-called e-Jeepneys.
gmanetwork.com, mb.com.ph, manilastandardtoday.com

Panasonic opens Smart City: The ‘Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town’ at the outskirts of Tokyo is designed to generate its own energy, also used to power various EVs and e-bikes. Due for completion by 2018, the city will include the ‘Car Life Lab’ where EVs can be test driven as early as this month.
news.panasonic.com, panasonic.net


Nov 7, 2014 - 09:27 am

Neutrino, Advanced Propulsion Centre, Celgard & Panasonic, GKN.

Future or faux? Neutrino Inc. announces that it has developed a battery, allowing an EV to go as far as 2,ooo km on one charge. Moreover, it is said to recharge itself (no plug needed), due to a combination of Neutrino and nano technology. More details are being kept under lock and key due to patent issues, but will be revealed in the coming weeks. The battery itself could become available in 2016 or 2017.
focus.de (in German), neutrino-inc.com

New research centre in the UK: The Advanced Propulsion Centre at the University of Warwick has opened for business. It was financed by British government, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, BMW, Ford and Nissan (we reported), and will also serve as a production site for electric motors.
businessgreen.com, home.bt.com

Celgard – Panasonic agreement: The two companies have signed a letter of intent to work together in developing the next generation of Li-ion battery Celgard seperators. If the project is successful, the companies could sign a long-term agreement.
greencarcongress.com, japantimes.co.jp

GKN ramps up Gyrodrive production: GKN Land Systems has announced that it is increasing production of its Gyrodrive flywheel hybrid system.The reason, the company says, is that recent trials in i.e. London have proven that the technology is the first “to make economic sense” for bus operators.
transportengineer.org.uk, greencarcongress.com

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the new Piaggio electric bike project that was recently revealed at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Oct 13, 2014 - 08:18 am

Panasonic, BMW, PCT & NEI, Ziehl-Abegg.

Tesla-GigafactoryGigafactory update: Tesla’s primary partner for its Gigafactory, Panasonic has created a new company called Panasonic Energy Corp. of North America. It will be based at the soon to be built Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada and entirely focus on Tesla battery production.

Sudden loss of power: Consumer Reports said it has discovered an acceleration problem with the BMW i3 REx. As one of its drivers attempted to pass a vehicle after almost depleting the main battery, the i3 with range extender suddenly began to lose power without warning. BMW is reportedly working on a fix for the issue, that will be available next spring.

New Li-ion collaboration: PneumatiCoat Technologies (PCT) and NEI Corporation (NEI) have initiated a collaboration. The partnership intends to jointly develop, produce, and market new coated battery materials – cathodes, anodes, and solid electrolytes.

New ZAwheel revealed: German electric motor manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg has shown the second generation of its in-wheel hub motor ZAwheel. The gearless electric drive for city buses now offers more power up from 99 to 113 kW per wheel, while torque has increased from 2,100 to 2,700 Nm.

Sep 12, 2014 - 08:29 am

ELEVATE, Proterra & Toshiba, Gazelle & Panasonic, Kobe Steel.

British research funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grants two new low carbon research projects six million pounds. ELEVATE (ELEctrochemical Vehicle Advanced Technology) is funded to develop new materials for batteries and supercapacitors as well as fuel cell diagnostics.
greencarcongress.com, epsrc.ac.uk

Proterra powered by Toshiba: The American manufacturer will use Toshiba’s SCiB cells in its electric buses in the future. The Li-ion batteries are said to have a high-rate performance and high durability. The density of the prismatic SCiB cell is at 90 Wh/kg and 177 Wh/L.

Gazelle and Panasonic have developed a front-wheel drive for pedelecs. It will be employed in both the Orange and Chamonix models. The Dutch manufacturer believes that the front hub drive is “often the best choice for flat terrain.” The Panasonic driven bikes will be available this month.

New composite materials for FCVs: Japanese Kobe Steel is working on lightweight materials that are mixed from steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and composite resins for hydrogen tanks. The steel maker has created a new segment within the firm and hopes to bring the products to market by 2025.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the overview of electric car milestones since the year 1828.

Aug 1, 2014 - 08:29 am

Tesla, Panasonic, Audi, Mercedes, China, Honda, Infiniti.

Tesla and Panasonic announced the details of the Gigafactory deal: Tesla will be responsible for the premises, whereas Panasonic will invest in the equipment required to manufacture battery cells and will occupy one half of the facility to do so. The other half will be used by suppliers to prepare cell production and by Tesla to assemble battery backs. No details have been made public on the sums to be invested.
teslamotors.com, transportevolved.com, green.autoblog.com

Further updates on Tesla were published in the latest letter addressed to Tesla’s shareholders. According to it, Model S production is on track to reach 1,000 cars a month in the fourth quarter and achieve the 35,000 vehicle delivery target set for 2014. In the second quarter, Tesla was able to set a new production record with 8,763 cars, an 16% increase over Q1. In terms of the Gigafactory, ground was broken in Reno, NV, but four other states are also still in the running: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Model X production will commence in Spring 2015.
forbes.com (Reno), greencarreports.com (Q2), files.shareholder.com (Shareholder Letter)

Audi-A3-etron-300Plug-in orders open: In Europe, the Audi A3 E-tron can now be pre-ordered from 37,900 euros (50,740 dollars). By December, it will be available in 410 stores and Audi promised to install at least one charge station at every dealership. For home charging, the carmaker offers an installation service and ‘Audi Energy’.

Ready to order, too, is the Mercedes S500 plug-in, which is set to arrive at European dealerships in September. Pricing starts at 108,944 euros (146,000 dollars) and includes a six-year warranty on all components of the plug-in hybrid drive. The new S500 is Daimler’s third hybrid S-Class after the S400 Hybrid and S300 Bluetec Hybrid, but the first with a plug.
greencarcongress.com, hybridcars.com

China to subsidise EV charging: China announced it would bring down energy prices for charging EVs to the level of heavy industry use and also exempt them from basic fees until 2020. Furthermore, the National Development and Reform Commission urged local governments to facilitate the installation of charging infrastructure.
shanghaidaily.com, chinadaily.com.cn, ecns.cn

Another death of an electric car: Honda has now confirmed that it will kill the Fit EV. The production in the States will stop already this autumn, Edmunds reports with reference to a Honda spokesperson. The hybrid Honda Insight will be ceased by the end of this year (we reported).

Electric Infiniti by 2017? While the company has not set a date for the introduction of its electric Infiniti LE, Automotive News said it learned that the e limousine will be ready by 2017 or latest 2018. It will then feature a next-gen battery with a longer range than the usual 90 miles.
autonews.com, insideevs.com

May 15, 2014 - 08:23 am

Chevrolet, Veloschmitt, Lightning Motorcycles, Celgard/Pansonic.

Chevy-Spark-EVMeet the new E-Spark: The 2015 Chevy Spark EV will get a new battery pack solely produced at GM’s Brownstown facility. The new system is said to be 39 kilos lighter and features an overall storage capacity of 19 kWh using 192 lithium ion cells by LG Chem. The range of the Spark will remain at an EPA-rated 82 miles.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

Mini-car turned e-bike: The legendary Messerschmitt has been reborn as ‘Veloschmitt’ – now a pedal-assisted e-trike. The two-seater comes with a 250 W pedelec drive and will sell for 5,200 euros. According to its German designers, motors with up to 1,500 watts might be made available soon.

Lightning fast and strong as a thunderstorm, yet legal, is what Lightning Motorcycles strives its electric superbike to be. So far, only a teaser image has been presented of the LS-218, which is supposed to come with the power of 136 kW and 228 Nm of torque.

Separator cooperation: Polypore International’s Celgard subsidiary and Panasonic have announced a five-year supply agreement. Panasonic will purchase Celgard brand separators for its EV lithium-ion batteries. As the companies have been working together in the past, the agreement now is its a formalisation.

May 7, 2014 - 08:44 am

EM Safety, Daymak, Panasonic, Johnson Controls.

EM Safety: In an EU-funded study led by Scandinavian research institute SINTEF, researchers from seven different countries found that there is no danger from magnetic fields in electric cars. In fact, field intensity is well below the recommendations set by international standards.
sciencedaily.com, greencarcongress.com

Daymak-BeastSolar electric bike: Canadian Daymak announced the launch of its electric bike called The Beast. The bike has a 15 W solar battery case and according to the manufacturer, good to recharge 10 km of range per 8 hours at ambience light. Full production of the bike is planned for this summer.
prweb.com, daymak.com

Batteries are more than tripling for automotive applications over the last three years. According to Lux Research, in 2013, Panasonic held the biggest share of the market with 39%, followed by NEC (27%) and LG Chem (9%). Top-three demand came from Toyota (28%), Tesla Motors (24%) and Renault-Nissan (21%).
finanznachrichten.de, luxresearchinc.com

Joint battery lab: The new Johnson Controls Advanced Systems Test Lab will be established between the battery manufacturer and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The research will focus on systems for vehicle as well as stationary applications and complete the existing UW-Milwaukee partnership.

Found on electrive.com
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