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Jan 4, 2016 - 07:25 am

Keiji Ohtsu, Sae-Hoon Kim, Filip Brabec.

Keiji-Ohtsu“China will adopt some of the world’s most stringent regulations in terms of fuel economy. In 2025, we don’t expect to be able to sell conventional internal-combustion engines, meaning we will be selling mostly hybrids including plug-in types.”

Keiji Ohtsu, chief technology strategy officer-automobile R&D at Honda, lays out the strategy for new drivetrains designed to withstand emission regulation, which he expects to be particularly strict in China.

Sae-Hoon-Kim“We will launch a dedicated vehicle, although it is not clear what vehicle type it will be based around.”

Sae-Hoon Kim, Hyundai-Kia’s head of hydrogen fuel cell research, raises expectations to see a successor of the ix35 Fuel Cell that might have a range of 500 miles. He did not give any details, however.

Filip-Brabec“We’re not looking to sell five cars in an obscure state. What we want is a car that’s marketable, that’s desirable, that people want to buy.”

Filip Brabec, director of product management for Audi of America, wants an electric Audi with mass appeal that looks like any other car and that “that people want to buy.” Styling will therefore not be out of the ordinary.

Dec 4, 2015 - 09:46 am

Sae Hoon Kim, Elon Musk, Joachim Wedler.

Sae-Hoon-Kim“The Stone Age did not end because there was no longer any stone, and the Oil Age will end before the world runs out of oil.”

Dr. Sae Hoon Kim, head of environmental R&D for Kia and Hyundai, says that the company improved the performance of its fuel cells by 40 percent since 2008 and “it will be 100 percent better by 2020, when we introduce the next-generation fuel stack.”

Elon-Musk-Twitter“The fundamental problem is the rules today incent people to create carbon; this is madness.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told students during a presentation at the Sorbonne in Paris that only a carbon tax will accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Joachim-Wedler“The NEV strategy for Audi is very clear: We now will deliver more PHEVs to the market, and then the battery technique gives the real advantage to the customer, that is the distance customers can drive in a battery electric vehicle.”

President of Audi China Joachim Wedler says that to break through Audi´s new energy vehicle strategy, “we need a complete, functional charging structure all over China.”

Nov 10, 2014 - 09:18 am

Martin Winterkorn, Sae-Hoon Kim, Elon Musk.

martin-winterkorn“Lowering the price of battery cells to 100 euros (124 dollars) per kilowatt hour would significantly increase the market potential of electric vehicles. And if we also improve reliability and battery lifespan, customer acceptance will grow fast.”

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn sees great potential for solid-state batteries, which possibly could boost EV range to as much as 700 km (435 miles). If the nickel content is increased, Li-ion batteries could also benefit from a higher energy density.

Sae-Hoon-Kim“It is under discussion about which will be the next fuel cell model, and when, but it is not true that Hyundai is the fuel-cell company while Kia is for electric vehicles.”

According to Sae-Hoon Kim, head of research and development for fuel cell vehicles at Hyundai-Kia, battery and fuel cell technologies are meant for both companies. But as long as volumes are still low, Hyundai and Kia do not want to compete.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“Part of the reason why we don’t release the monthly deliveries number is just because it varies quite a lot by region and the media tends to read all sorts of nonsense into the deliveries.”

Elon Musk explains why Tesla doesn´t publish its sales figures on a monthly basis. He had been asked during an investment call, if he ever planned to do so.


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