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Nov 23, 2016 - 09:10 am

Volkswagen, Tesla, China, BYD, GenZe, SolarCity.

VW-eGolf-2017VW announces “Transform 2025+” strategy: EV boss Herbert Diess wants to make Volkswagen world market leader in terms of electric mobility. Until 2020, the manufacturer will focus first on new expertise, but plans to sell one million electric cars per year from 2025. The needed investment of 2.5bn euros will come from phasing out models and variants that are not driving in any cash. Volkswagen hopes to be especially successful in China and the U.S., where VW will also manufacture EVs under the name “Electrify America.”
bloomberg.com, volkswagenag.com

100 kWh for all? Until now, Tesla only offered its big battery pack for the top performance versions of the Model S and X ‘P100D.’ Now it seems that it will also be available for non-performance variants, as Tesla added the 100D badge to the Model S and Model X online design studios. The EVs would then hold the record for longest range.

China tests EV license plates: From December 1st, electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi and Jinan will get green license plates to help cities implement privileges and measures more easily. The undertaking will be extended to the rest of the country in the second half of next year.

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BYD sets up in South Korea: The Chinese manufacturer has opened a new headquarter on the South Korean island of Jeju. This comes just after BYD received an order for 21 of its 7-metre electric buses from the island (we reported).
yonhapnews.co.kr, chosun.com

GenZe headed to Europe: Mahindra already offers the electric scooter GenZe in the U.S. Now Peugeot will bring it in Europe starting next year. The funky two-wheeler features a 1.6 kWh li-ion battery pack, allowing it to go 30 miles (48 km) on one charge, while top speed is capped at 30 mph (48 kph).

Tesla-SolarCity merger completed: Following the green light from shareholders (we reported), the 2.6bn dollar merger has been completed. Moreover, Elon Musk announced at the shareholder meeting that he plans another Model 3 launch event in three to four months, when he will most likely present the EV’s serial production version. And it seems that Model 3 drivers will be allowed to use Superchargers for long-distance charging for free.
businessinsider.de, techcrunch.com (Übernahme), insideevs.com (Model 3)

Nov 18, 2016 - 09:04 am

Volkswagen, SolarCity, Jaguar Land Rover, Buick, Mini, Toyota.

VW-eGolf-2017Facelifted e-Golf unveiled: VW now presented the e-Golf’s overhauled design and technology. With 100 kW, the new version boasts more power and the 35.8 kWh battery pack (up from 24.2 kWh) allows for a real 200 km of range. Pricing will stay the same. Meanwhile, the carmaker confirmed that it moved EV production to the glass-walled manufacturing site in Dresden.
autocar.co.uk (e-Golf), automobil-produktion.de (Dresden; in German)

Shareholders approve SolarCity takeover: Shareholders from both companies have given the green light for the merger, worth about 2bn dollars. The deal therefore cleared the last and final hurdle and the transaction will be completed in the coming days.
businessinsider.de, marketwatch.com, techcrunch.com

JLR electrifies 50% of its fleet: Jaguar Land Rover wants to offer electric models for half of its portfolio by 2020. That includes battery-powered cars, as well as plug-in and mild hybrids. The carmaker is staying away from fuel cell technology, because of its poor energy efficiency.
autocar.co.uk, ibtimes.co.uk

First images of the Buick PHEV: The plug-in hybrid study was not supposed to be unveiled until the Guangzhou Auto Show, but first images a camouflaged Buick Velite have now been leaked. They show a striking similarity to the Opel Astra.

Mini-Countryman-Plug-in-Hybrid-2017Curtain call for plug-in Countryman: Under the long title “Cooper S E Countryman ALL4,” Mini now officially presented the brand’s first electrified model. It shares a 165 kW drivetrain with the BMW 225x and will hit the road in February. According to CEO Peter Schwarzenbach, an all-electric Mini is in the pipeline for 2019 and will be based on an existing model.
autocar.co.uk, carscoops.com (Countryman), autocar.co.uk (E-Mini)

New Toyota unit for EVs: To follow through with the recently announced fully electric addition to its portfolio, the Japanese has set up a small in-house think tank. It includes only four people – one from Toyota, and one each from Toyota Industries, Aisin Seiki and Denso. Together, they are charged with developing innovative and quick solutions.
reuters.com, toyota.co.jp


Oct 31, 2016 - 09:38 am

Tesla, Solarcity, Skoda, China, UK, Audi, Faraday Future.

Tesla-Solarcity-SolardachTesla presents solar roof and Powerwall 2.0: The newly unveiled and rather subtle solar roof tiles from Tesla and SolarCity not only collect sunlight, but are said to outlast, provide better insulation and cost less than regular shingles. They will be available from summer 2017 (after the merger?). Meanwhile, the new Tesla Powerwall 2.0 offers 13.5 kWh of storage – almost double the capacity than the previous version – and will be available for 5,500 dollars incl. the inverter from December.
insideevs.com, techcrunch.com, youtube.com (presentation video)

E-Skoda in 2019: Skoda wants to launch its electric SUV in 2019, Autocar reports – one year earlier than previously planned. Also, a PHEV variant of the Suberb will become available in 2019, while plug-in versions of the Octavia and Kodiaq are also in the pipelines.

China bets on HEVs: After pushing electric and plug-in hybrid cars, the Chinese government is increasingly promoting pure hybrids as well. They are said to make up 8 percent of sales by 2020 and 25 % by 2030, Bloomberg reports, citing a government strategy paper.

UK expands subsidies: The British government increased funding available for electrified utility vehicles to 4m pounds. So far, subsidies had only been available for electric and plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes. Now, even heavy trucks qualify for up to 20,000 pounds in funding.
edie.net, fleetworld.co.uk, gov.uk

Audi A6 get plug: Audi kicked off production of its A6 in China. The new model is being manufactured at the FAW-Volkswagen plant in Changchun in the north-east of the country. It is Audi’s first PHEV made in China.

Troubles to launch? Six top managers allegedly left Faraday Future in the past months, while doubts about the start-up’s solvency continue to be raised. FF meanwhile teased its first series model (camouflaged) in a new video.
jalopnik.com (managers), latimes.com (solvency), youtube.com (teaser video)

Sep 27, 2016 - 08:21 am

VW e-Bulli has arrived!

Hammacher issued an EV that took inspiration from the iconic Volkswagen Bulli. This version has a top speed of 4 kph, can run for full 90 minutes on one charge and costs only 250 dollar. It also only sits one person and one that is small. No driver’s licence is required.

Sep 26, 2016 - 08:39 am

SolarCity, Electric GT World Series.

Reading tip: Forbes explains, why shareholders should support Tesla’s takeover of SolarCity instead of taking the issue to court. The author compares it to the conundrum that no one wanted to make colour TV because there were no programmes and the other way around. But when one makes both, the chicken or egg question could be a thing of the past.

Click tip: Tesla now presented a modified Model S P85+ for the first ‘Electric GT World Series’ (we reported). While the drivetrain remains the same as for the road, the vehicle has shed some weight.
electrek.co (with video)


Sep 21, 2016 - 08:02 am

Renault, Chevy, LeEco, Qiantu Motor, SolarCity.

Extra range from Renault? At its local show in Paris, the French carmaker will present an improved Zoe, BFM TV reports. The new version is to double its range to 320 kilometres. Furthermore, Renault speaks of a novel electric concept, which will debut at the motor show also.
bfmtv.com (in French) via goingelectric.de; renault.com (electric concept, in French)

Chevy Bolt pricing: GM has issued the U.S. price for the Chevy Bolt EV. The economy electric car starts at 37,495 dollars before grants, meaning with all incentives applied it will be below 30,000 dollars. Those that require fast DC-charging will have to factor in another 750 bucks.
electrek.co, insideevs.com, greencarcongress.com

LeEco financing: 1.08bn dollars were collected in a new round of funding for the Chinese electric transport venture. Only recently, LeEco had announced an 1.8bn dollar investment in a new facitlity. There, up to 400,000 electric vehicles could be produced annually.

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One out of ten: Qiantu Motor, a start-up owned by CH-Auto, has secured a production license for electric cars in China, Bloomberg learned. The Government in Beijing has reportedly limited the number of such allowances to only ten in the People’s Republic.

Tesla and SolarCity may not merge as quickly as planned. The EV maker faces four lawsuits from different investors. The first hearing is set for October, 18 and is thus likely to delay the merger.
electrek.co, teslarati.com

Aug 29, 2016 - 08:05 am

GM, LG, SolarCity, Karma Automotive, Volkswagen.

GM unveils electrification strategy for China: The Americans will introduce their Chevrolet Malibu XL Hybrid, the Buick LaCrosse Hybrid and Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid there before the end of the year. And it wants to fully localise battery production by investing in the SAIC-GM joint venture Shanghai assembly plant.
greencarcongress.com, gm.com

Chevy-Bolt-ProductionLG parts for the Chevy Bolt: LG has finished setting up a new production line at its plant in Incheon, South Korea, where it will produce components for the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt. The supplier will be responsible for ten key parts, including for the drivetrain and displays.

Green light for SolarCity takeover: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given the go ahead for Tesla to buy solar panel maker SolarCity for 2.6bn dollars. Following the end of the “go shop” period on September 14th, Tesla will still need the final blessing of stakeholders of both companies and the States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
digitaltrends.com, electrek.co

Karma news: Karma Automotive will move its headquarters to Irvine, California, before the end of the year; the same place, where the manufacturer will also open its first shop. Autocar meanwhile reports, that the Karma Revero won’t arrive in Europe before 2018.
ocregister.com (Irvine), autocar.co.uk (Revero)

Images of VW Crossblue leaked: The seven-seater will look similar to a concept first shown in 2013, while the production car is said to the sit between the Tiguan and Touareg. The Diesel-hybrid will most likely feature two electric motors (one in the front, one in the rear) and a 9.8 kWh battery. It is still not certain when the Crossblue will officially be revealed.

Aug 2, 2016 - 08:37 am

SolarCity, Sono Motors, Daimler, Kia, GAC Motor, BMW.

SolarCity-Tesla merger gets green light: As announced, Elon Musk will combine his two co-founded companies under one roof and will pay 2.6bn dollars for SolarCity in an all-stock transaction. The merger will be completed before the end of the year, and save the companies 150m dollars in costs in the first full year after closing.

Sion-Motor-300x150Sono presents electric minivan: The Munich-based start-up took the wraps off its promising electric vehicle – a minivan that seats six and will sell for 16,000 euros. Range is given at 250 km. On top of a 30 kWh battery pack, the EV is fitted with a solar roof for an extra 30 km of range and comes with fast-charging capabilities. Sono wants to finance crash tests and test drives with crowdfunding and kick off production in 2018.
sonomotors.com, youtube.com (video presentation)

Is Daimler planning an electric sprinter? For the next generation of transporters, the manufacturer apparently wants to add an all-electric variant to its portfolio, trucks.com reports. The model is thus in early stages of planning, but could hit the road before the end of the decade.

Kia Niro Hybrid a hit: According to Thomas Oh, COO of Kia Motors, the Niro Hybrid is already selling better in South Korea than anticipated. The carmaker expects to sell some 40,000 units in the U.S. and 20,000 in Europe in the coming year and confirmed that an all-electric version is in the pipeline.

Plug-in for China: Chinese carmaker GAC Motor has introduced its GA3S PHEV sedan to its home market. The liquid-cooled battery allows for an all-electric range of up to 70 km. Moreover, GAC will open a new plant with a yearly production capacity of 150,000 units in Guangzhou in August; it could also harbour the production of electric and hybrid vehicles.

BMW i3 94Ah reviewed: The car’s first major upgrade is said to give it considerably much more range, though its test drivers make no mention of whether or not they were able to achieve the 124 miles on one charge promised by BMW. They also had a little trouble with the strong regenerative breaking, which does take some getting used to.

Aug 2, 2016 - 08:34 am

Stafan Knirsch, SolarCity, Erik Lindbergh.

Stefan-Knirsch_100x100px“We are ready, but the infrastructure is still not there, and the relationship between pure electric and hydrogen cars is not clear.”

Stefan Knirsch, Audi’s head of technical development, says that a FCV racer for Le Mans “is possible,” but that the carmaker will only show it, if the technology can make it to production. But at this point, there is still too much uncertainty.

anonym“Now is the right time to bring our two companies together: Tesla is getting ready to scale our Powerwall and Powerpack stationary storage products and SolarCity is getting ready to offer next-generation differentiated solar solutions.”

In a statement on its blog, SolarCity explains why the merger with Tesla makes sense. It says that combining its solar-power know-how with Tesla’s storage products will “improve the way that energy is generated, stored and consumed.”

anonym“The Holy Grail is vertical take-off and landing quiet enough that it doesn’t piss off your neighbours.”

Erik Lindbergh, grandson to pioneer Charles Lindbergh, wants to push electrification of airplanes. For him, especially the noise level is an aspect that needs changing.

Jun 2, 2015 - 09:09 am

Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX subsidies.

A total of 4.9 billion dollars is what the Los Angeles Times says Elon Musk received in government support for his companies Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX. The incentives included grants, tax breaks, discounted loans as well as tax credits and rebates to buyers of solar panels and electric cars.

May 8, 2015 - 08:16 am

Norway, Tesla, BMW, SolarCity, Kia, Nissan.

Norway to cut EV privileges: The Norwegian government has decided to successively slash EV incentives because of the high costs. From January 2018, EV owners will have to pay half of the yearly road license fee and the full rate as of 2020. Furthermore, a VAT exemption will be discontinued but might be replaced with a (capped) subsidy. And local governments can from now on decide whether to permit EVs to use the bus lanes or park for free.
telegraph.co.uk, nrk.no (in Norwegian)

Tesla keeps writing losses: The first quarterly earnings are in and while Tesla turned over 893.3 million dollars, it lost 154.2 million. Production stood at 11,160 Model S with 10,045 delivered. The Californian is sure it will reach 55,000 units this year, with the Model X scheduled for Q3. The Model 3 will be produced from late 2017, while the Gigafactory will open its doors sometime in 2016.
autoblog.com, insideevs.com, teslamotors.com (letter to shareholders, pdf)

Details of the BMW 3 PHEV: Following a recent facelift of the 3-series, BMW revealed a little more about the plug-in hybrid scheduled for 2016. The 330e will have a system output of 252 hp and an electric range of 35 kilometres.
greencarcongress.com, bmwblog.com

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SolarCity is taking orders for the Tesla Powerwall, charging 5,000 dollars for a nine-year lease of a 10 kWh unit including the installation, maintenance, and the electrical converter and control systems. The same energy-storage system can be bought outright for 7,140 dollars.
insideevs.com, bloomberg.com

EV-aluation: James Fossdyke pitched the Nissan Leaf against a Kia Soul EV since they are both affordable cars. From the exterior, neither car really convinced him, but from the interior, he preferred the Kia. In terms of driving performance, the Leaf scores due to better handling even though the Soul is more powerful.

Sep 30, 2014 - 08:34 am

SolarCity funding.

Elon Musk scores again as he gets 750 million dollars from the state of New York to build a new plant for SolarCity. Unlike Musk’s EV business, SolarCity failed to be profitable so far. Therefore, this renewed government assistance that includes free housing and manufacturing equipment will be most welcome.

Found on electrive.com
24.06.2018 17:00