Jun 24, 2018 - 05:58 pm

Tesla cuts to affect large parts of its solar business

As Tesla seeks to cut down 9% of its workforce, details have emerged. Reuters quotes internal documents that show that the cuts will heavily affect the solar arm of Tesla, formerly SolarCity, which Tesla bought two years ago.

The move had been controversial back then and appears to be laden with conflict still. The documents and sources behind Reuters extensive report say that the recent cuts at Tesla will include closing about a dozen solar installation facilities and ending a retail partnership with Home Depot.

The latter had been made clear already in Elon Musk original email titled “Reorg update“. Current and former employees of SolarCity say though that the Home Depot partnership accounted for half of their sales. For Tesla, the move underlines their strategy to include solar products into their own Tesla stores.

Tesla declined to comment but said the cuts of its solar workforce were in line with planned redundancies on the site of their energy and battery business. Closing installation facilities though may point to more structural problems of the former SolarCity business.



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