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Norway to cut EV privileges: The Norwegian government has decided to successively slash EV incentives because of the high costs. From January 2018, EV owners will have to pay half of the yearly road license fee and the full rate as of 2020. Furthermore, a VAT exemption will be discontinued but might be replaced with a (capped) subsidy. And local governments can from now on decide whether to permit EVs to use the bus lanes or park for free., (in Norwegian)

Tesla keeps writing losses: The first quarterly earnings are in and while Tesla turned over 893.3 million dollars, it lost 154.2 million. Production stood at 11,160 Model S with 10,045 delivered. The Californian is sure it will reach 55,000 units this year, with the Model X scheduled for Q3. The Model 3 will be produced from late 2017, while the Gigafactory will open its doors sometime in 2016.,, (letter to shareholders, pdf)

Details of the BMW 3 PHEV: Following a recent facelift of the 3-series, BMW revealed a little more about the plug-in hybrid scheduled for 2016. The 330e will have a system output of 252 hp and an electric range of 35 kilometres.,

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SolarCity is taking orders for the Tesla Powerwall, charging 5,000 dollars for a nine-year lease of a 10 kWh unit including the installation, maintenance, and the electrical converter and control systems. The same energy-storage system can be bought outright for 7,140 dollars.,

EV-aluation: James Fossdyke pitched the Nissan Leaf against a Kia Soul EV since they are both affordable cars. From the exterior, neither car really convinced him, but from the interior, he preferred the Kia. In terms of driving performance, the Leaf scores due to better handling even though the Soul is more powerful.


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