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Oct 5, 2016 - 09:26 am

DBT, Styria, Navya, GoDrive, Philadelphia, Québec.

150 kW charger from France: French infrastructure provider DBT presented its first 150 kW, multi-standard EV charger in Paris, offering CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 charging. The NG 150 is said to be available from spring of next year.
avere-france.org (in French)

Styria presents electric mobility strategy: The Austrian federal state introduced its electric mobility strategy from now to 2030. The goal is to have at least 200,000 charging points by then, while the region now offers a rebate of up to 5,000 euro for private individuals who buy or lease an electric vehicle.
steiermark.at, steiermark.at (in German)

New frontiers: The small autonomous bus Arma from French manufacturer Navya will also be tested in New Zealand next year. It will first be put into operation at the airport in Christchurch, but will eventually be allowed to roam the streets there.
radionz.co.nz, tvnz.co.nz

Last miles for GoDrive: The Ford carsharing pilot (we reported) will terminate at the end of the month. A total of 50 Ford had been made available to the public in London, with half the fleet consisting of the Ford Focus Electric. The carmaker will use gained data to develop new offers.

Philly police plug-in: Police in Philadelphia have taken delivery of their first Ford Fusion Energi. The PPD will add a total of 17 part-time EVs to its fleet by January, to be used by the eight police districts and two departments. Another five for municipality purposes will follow.
phillyvoice.com, 6abc.com

Fuel for all: All four regions of the Canadian province will kick off a pilot project early 2018, opening fuelling stations that offer hydrogen, natural gas and electricity. Québec wants to only install these kinds of multi-energy stations in the future.

Jun 21, 2016 - 09:03 am

Styria, Vorarlberg, Repower, Mahindra, Zhuhai.

EV offensive in Austria: The Austrian federal state of Styria is looking to financially support 24 e-carsharing projects this year. As part of the programme, a total of 79 new electric cars will hit the road and 144 new chargers will be erected. Due to high demand, 2m euros have been earmarked for the plan – twice than what originally planned.
kleinezeitung.at, politik.steiermark.at (articles in German)

Vorarlberg eyes 10,000th EV: The federal state in western Austria is also planning for growing emobility in the region. The goal is to have 10.000 EVs, 500 electric utility vehicles and 20 electric buses on the road by 2020. Municipalities have already increased their orders from 32 to 46 electric cars.
derstandard.at (in German)

Connected chargers: With Plug’n Roll, Swiss utility Repower introduced a connected charging system for electric vehicles. Charging stations provide details about their location, the types of plugs and occupancy over the internet – information that users can then view in an app.
cafe-europe.info, repower.com (articles in German)

Indian e-scooter in the U.S.: Electric scooter hiring company Scoot Networks from San Francisco now offers the GenZ 2.0 from Mahindra, making it its default model next to the current cargo bikes. Scoot says it will add 100 GenZ to its fleet per month to meet electric demand in San Francisco.
engadget.com, genze.com

EV offensive in China: Chinese city Zhuhai announced that 30 percent of all cars bought for its fleet in the coming years will be electric. It will also add more EV charging spots and reserve parking stalls for electric cars only.

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