400 charging points at Austrian discounter Hofer

Over 400 new charging points for electric cars will be installed at 95 locations of the discount supermarket chain Hofer in the Austrian province of Styria. In cooperation with Energie Steiermark, Hofer locations will also get HPCs with a charging capacity of up to 150 kW.

Image: Energie Steiermark

According to Energie Steiermark, the company is investing over 9.4 million euros in the charging stations at Hofer locations in Styria alone. The company is also coordinating the activities of a nationwide consortium consisting of Energie Steiermark, Energie Graz, EVN, Kelag, IKB, VKW and Linz AG.

With Hofer, 2,000 new charging points will be installed at 485 locations across Austria by 2026. That is 500 charging points more than previously planned. Depending on the location, two to six charging points with outputs between 20 and 150 kW are planned. According to Energie Steiermark board members Christian Purrer and Martin Graf, “together with our consortium partners, we are launching one of the largest expansion projects for EVs in Austria.”

As part of the sub-project in Styria, the first pilot site was commissioned at the Hofer shop in Leoben. Hofer is the Austrian branch of the discounter supermarket Aldi Süd. “Thanks to Energie Steiermark’s expansion offensive, no household in Styria is more than 15 kilometres away from the nearest EV charging station, and in the coming years, we will build around 1000 new charging points in all regions of the country,” emphasise the board members.

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