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Dec 5, 2016 - 08:37 am

Volkswagen, VW bus.

Reading tip: The California Air Resources Board has published a list of options for VW to spend the ordered 800m dollars on electric mobility measures following the diesel scandal. On top of EV charging stations and e-carsharing, the list also includes setting up H2 station and (non-brand specific) ZEV campaigns.
autonews.com, arb.ca.gov

Click tip: This will get you dreaming about your next vacation – a family converted a ’73 VW bus, fitting it not only with an electric motor, but also a solar panel on the expandable roof. And yes, it produces enough energy to keep the battery charged.
treehugger.com, solarelectricvwbus.com

Found on electrive.com
19.12.2022 12:39