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Dec 10, 2015 - 09:07 am

Aaqius, Nissan, XG Sciences & Boston-Power, Tesla.

Aaqius-Stor-HH2 in cans: Swiss Aaqius presented a hydrogen cartridge system for vehicles dubbed STOR-H at the COP 21 in Paris and equipped an electric scooter and a hybrid car with it. The hydrogen in cans could be sold in dispensers and Aaqius aims at a worldwide market launch by 2017.
blick.ch (in German), voitureelectrique.eu (in French), youtube.com (without words)

What is the fuel station of the future? Electric and wireless, Nissan suggests. The Japanese carmaker plans to introduce its inductive charging technology at the Geneva auto show next year.
autocar.co.uk, youtube.com

Battery partnership: XG Sciences and Boston-Power announced to jointly transform XG Sciences’ silicon-graphene anode materials for use in Boston-Power’s lithium-ion battery cells. The programme aims to improve performance as well as production technique.

Taming of Tesla: The Autopilot v7.1 is being tested by selected Model S drivers. The new version includes improved self-parking ability and UI but restricts the Autosteer function to highway driving.

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Most clicked link on Wednesday were more than 1,600 open job positions at Tesla Motors.

Mar 12, 2015 - 09:55 am

Visio.M, BMW, Infineon & Panasonic, XG Sciences.

Open to vision: The Visio.M that has been developed by researches of TU Munich features a two-tier IT system that reduces the complexity of the EVs information architecture. Now the ‘Automotive Service Bus’ has been put under an open-source license. Developers are invited to use it for their own research.

BMW i3 REx gets software update: When Consumer Reports tested the BMW i3 REx, it found a sudden loss of power (we reported). BMW promised to fix the problem and is now offering a software update addressing this very same issue.


German-Japanese cooperation: German Infineon and Japanese Panasonic have agreed to jointly develop gallium nitride devices. They will be based on Panasonic’s GaN on silicon transistor structure while being integrated into Infineon’s surface-mounted device (SMD) packages.
nasdaq.com, semiconductor-today.com

Quadrupled capacity? XG Sciences says its new silicon graphene anode materials for lithium-ion batteries show full battery cell cycle stability through more than 400 charge/discharge cycles with a charge storage capacity of 600 mAh/g, up to 4 times more than today’s typical anodes.
greencarcongress.com, prweb.com

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the “Lamborghini-inspired” all-electric Lishidedidong Urban Supercar from China.

Feb 3, 2014 - 09:54 am

Hino, DENSO, Ballard, Celgard, LG Chem, Samsung, Greenline Hybrid.

Hino-Cool-HybridHybrid refrigerator truck: Jointly developed by Hino Motors and Denso Corp., the ‘Hino Profia’ heavy duty truck uses energy from its hybrid system solely to power its refrigeration system. The power is generated while driving or regenerated from the hybrid unit. The refrigerator truck comes with a stand-by unit that can be plugged in to keep the fridge running when the motor is turned off.
greencarcongress.com, densomediacenter.com

Fuel cell range extender: Ballard Power Systems will supply its FCvelocity-HD7 fuel cell module to Solaris Bus & Coach from Poland. The fuel cells will charge the batteries of Solaris’ electric buses to be deployed to Hamburg, Germany later this year.
greencarcongress.com, ballard.com

Turbulences in the battery industry: Polypore’s subsidy Celgard filed a complaint against LG Chem, alleging a patent infringement of Celgard’s separators for high-energy li-ion batteries. At the same time, Celgard announced a long-term supply agreement with Samsung, which will use Celgard separators for the EV batteries. Samsung also recently invested in XG Sciences, a graphene manufacturer.
greencarcongress.com (Celgard vs LG Chem), greencarcongress.com (Celgard & Samsung), greencarcongress.com (Samsung & XG Sciences)

Diesel-hybrid boat: Slovenian company Greenline Hybrid just presented its latest addition to its ‘Greenline’ series of hybrid yachts. Greenline 48 is the largest in the range. Its electric motor offers 20 nautic miles of range at four knots (4.6 mph). The 46 kWh battery can be supplemented with solar panels on deck.

Found on electrive.com
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